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The featured file for April is an assortment of soda machine labels. This file, submitted by vendcobros, is one of our most popular files and includes high quality, printable labels for popular brands like Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper and more. Download It!


PVC pipe stand with plate base

PVC pipe stand with plate base

This is an idea of using some MDV board (the same kind of material used by the MegaToy machines I used to have), and some 2" or 3" pvc pipe. I even went so far as to lay out the cuts to a 4'x8' sheet, to make 6-8 stands.

    Correction. That's MDF board, not MDV.
    These look great Darryl. Have you thought about filling the pipe with concrete to sturdy it up? You mentioned they were a bit light.