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    Finalized the deal on the route I've been working. Added 90 locations, consisting of: 49 5-way racks 1 7-way rack 43 triples 5 singles Also includes spare machines and parts: 35 5-way racks 38 triples 1 single Also he included all remaining inventory. 1" and 2" toys and a few boxes of candy and gumballs. Not to mention about 60-70 locations are ready to be serviced and collected.
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    Yes it is. You have to get on your knees to read the card reader.
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    Lol, yea I suppose adding 90 at once isn't so slow. Yea this is the same one. After looking over all of the route sheets, I shouldn't have any issue with stretching the locations to 9 weeks. That might be the best part and I left it out. The seller is allowing me to make payments.
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    I was not attacking you, I was simply telling you that if you repeated the information as it was given to you then you are dealing with someone who doesn't understand what they are selling. It all adds up to big red flags. I'm trying to save you money and heartache in case you are giving money to someone who is promising the moon and then doesn't deliver. The issue of not addressing what you asked is that you didn't ask a question that could be answered due to incorrect terminology. I can't read your mind so I had to attempt to interpret what you asked. That led me to the conclusion that you might be dealing with a scam company only interested in selling overpriced machines to someone who doesn't understand vending. I still don't know what you asked nor if my or Southeast Treats answers helped you. Your post here still doesn't even tell us what you "specifically asked." I will also defend my comment about using the search function to find information. You have no idea the quantity of valuable knowledge that's in this forum and available to you with a simple search.
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    Desk-job workers are part of the category of "snobby white collar" workers. Basically, practically anyone who works at a desk is "white collar" from a vending standpoint. These people, regardless of what they make, often aren't that hungry, worry too much about calories and their diets, and believe that the vending machines should be of the latest models and highest qualities, all while offering the lowest prices because they feel entitled to it. These types of workers GENERALLY complain about anything and everything.. and the ones that complain the most about your machines are the ones that don't even use them. These people will request things and never buy it, or request things that are already in the machines because they never actually look. These people will complain about paying $0.75 for a soda and $1.00 for a candy bar while paying $4.00 for a coffee from starbucks and $10.00 for a sandwich, chips, and drinks from Panera bread. Then they'll rant about how good their $7.00 Panera sandwich was, and how you should put in a food vending machine in too, that way they can stare at it and complain about how everything is always expired and doesn't look good.
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    This company does our truck wraps and our machine fronts. https://www.graphicsthatpop.com/
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    This one is gone. A member picked it up! Good Luck with it guys.
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    Yes, that is a good machine and will serve you well as it holds tons of product. It will be expensive so get your checkbook out.
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    Weekly update: 217 locations: Grossed $1,379.00 Avg; $18.15 shortage ran 10%, serviced 76 boxes
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    The forum is a small local news forum based in Tuscaloosa, AL where I moved here from. Since I was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, I very well know that you can only buy winter grade blinker fluid year around and should only change it when you lube your muffler bearings. I learned that the hard way on a '57 Chevy Mustang Hemi.
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    If you're not using the DEX file, you have to use the column mapping routine.
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    Weekly update: Now at 211 locations. Grossed $1,348.00 Avg: $18.45 per box. Theft ran 12%, serviced 73 boxes.
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    When people tell me “You’re gonna regret that in the morning.” I sleep until noon because I’m a problem solver.
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    Bev 2/3 machines aren't much good as-is, but we have developed a detailed upgrade video, and a complete upgrade kit if you decide to go that route. It gives the machine all the functionality of a BevMax 4. http://stores.vendorstech.com/dixie-narco-bevmax-2-3-upgrade-to-bevmax-4-kit/
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    Sounds like the programming is set to multi-vend, it allows the credit to be held for a second purchase unless the customer ends the transaction by pushing the coin return. Customers never understand it. Check your programming menu and set to single vend.
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    If some one feels like spreading the word, AcuCount is offering a discount for "Vendiscuss" of 40.00 good till 4/30/2017 Use coupon code VD-$40.00off at www.acucount.com
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    Just thought with over a year gone now I would update this thread. I wasn't very motivated with resiting machines, but have slowly been picking up new sites. I have repainted the three AMS machines and they are all out on sites again. One site didn't like my refurb and wanted a new machine, which was a drama to get, but the site is doing well and that machine is now also on another site. I think we are back to where we were in terms on income with not as many machines out and closer to home, so a bit more manageable. We haven't been drawing any wage yet, so have been working for free all this time. We've had some big expenses recently with upgrading note acceptors and telemetry because of two factors: 1) Introduction of new bank notes and 2) major telecom carrier shutting down 2G network. These have costs maybe $15-20 grand in upgrades. If I could, I would sell my full line arm to focus on my amusements business, which has taken a back seat of late, and to pursue a possible employment opportunity coming up. However, I think running the business for another year or two would allow the benefits of a lot of changes we've made to flow through to the financials to be able to command a better selling price. Oh, also, this account we lost has also been looking at changing vendors again. I was contacted by some "national" vending importers about whether I service the location. They were close to securing a national contract for all the companies sites. I'm not sure what eventually happened of it, and was unsure whether I was willing to take it on again, as it would have involved buying new and unfamiliar equipment.
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    congrats to a good man who is always nice enough to give good advice and information to myself and others on this board. wishing you sucess
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    What Southeast Treats says is correct... however... I do not opt to take such exemptions. Between the utilities, home office space, and cell phone expenses, I might be able to claim roughly $25 for the cell phone (I use it for business AND personal), practically nothing for utilities since I use hardly none for the business, and maybe $50 for office space since it's 10% of the square footage in my house. That adds up to $75/month or about $900/year to write off. To me, it's not worth the risk of getting flagged by the IRS. I'd rather just stick to the natural proven expenses such as the tens of thousands of dollars in COGs, thousands of dollars in fuel mileage, thousands of dollars in repairs, etc.. Speaking of fuel mileage, you can deduct the mileage INSTEAD of actual automotive expenses. In other words, say you spent $3,000 last year between fuel, oil changes, repairs, etc... Say you also drove 10,000 miles. You can deduct about $5,500 from the mileage rather than $3,000 in actual expenses. Of course, this only works out if your mileage deduction exceeds your actual expenses. I believe you can also deduct a healthcare policy if you are self employed but I am not 100% sure.
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    We're actually going to start making entertainment gumball machines again later in 2017 along with other products. Keep an eye on www.uniquevend.com Mark
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    Well about the only thing that I did not do was replace the wiring harness from the touch pad to the main board. I replaced it and pulled a board off of an old machine I knew to be good, Went right to working. Do not really know what got it going. I had the original board plus 2 more that I just got back from my repair company. I will not mention their name but they are a well known reputable repair shop and I have no reason to believe that they sent me 2 bad boards backs . So all I know is that it is now working. and it started working after I put a used board and a touch pad wiring harness on the machine. I retested the last board i took off of the messed up machine and it caused the test machine to go nuts. SO I really do not know why those boards where bad . Oh I also replaced the powerpack and transformer in case we had a problem with possible low voltage.
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    NW is still making new product just got a quote on some model 60's they were $85 also just ordered some parts and turn around was only a couple days. I deal with Melanie Goode all via email
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    They are probably trying to get as many vendors under their main name with the idea that they will get credit somehow while the vendors get rebates they might not be getting now. There are always strings attached with every management company. For them to maximize the rebates they will likely require you to use software that reports your product sales so they know exactly how much of every item you are selling. They will tell you it's to maximize the rebate you get but it's so they can monitor your sales against what you report - because you have to pay them a commission on your sales. Just know that the rebates are always pegged to growth. The manufacturers will set a baseline for you based on the number of machines or product facings you have. The first year is usually the best rebate return but then in every year after that they will expect you to increase your purchases. This ONLY works with growing companies so if you are not growing you will eventually not get rebates. You can sign up for rebates through your product distributors by yourself if the manufacturers still do that. There are vend product purchasing groups like USG that get you to join their ranks and you'll not necessarily get rebates but you will have lower costs due to the purchasing power of the group. You generally need to have a lot of machines to make that relationship work because they aren't looking for vendors with just a handful of machines.
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    Weekly update: 219 locations; Grossed $1,288.50 Avg $19.55 Theft ran 12%; serviced 72 boxes
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    You either have a bad motor somewhere or a wire grounding to metal. Start with the gum tray. If it's there, look underneath and look at the wires make sure nothing is touching something it shouldn't be. If no gum & mint tray, find the harness/plug. it may be touching metal. If all that checks out, pull out every tray 6" so it's unplugged from the cabinet. If gum tray is present, leave it connected. Press your door switch & test with money. If all checks out, slide in the F tray, push door switch and repeat. If the machine goes ape with just the gum tray, slide the tray out, slide tray A in and push the door switch & test. If A checks good by itself, leave it in, slide B in, press door switch & test. Continue adding trays until the machine freaks. That will be the location of your problem. Every time you change something you must press the door switch for a few seconds, you don't have to hold it. I have a beer that says it's a wire on the gum shelf.
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    Not sure that 97 rooms warrants 2 sets of machines at all. You mention it's off the interstate; if it's primarily a short stay (1 or 2 night) type of location then a single set of machines should do fine. I would not put anything by the pool but like AZ said, drink machine only if you must. Personally, I don't take on lodging properties that require multiple locations; a single vending location with better machines/ selections and cashless is better for everyone IMHO. I think PHX is on target with drink prices, for snacks $1 to 1.25 chips 1.50 candy. Strongly consider credit card readers, and maybe use that as an incentive for the property to agree to one set of machines if you provide the cashless service.
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    Where you buy your machines will greatly depend upon the type of accounts you secure. If you land a good size account you may need to buy newer equipment that;s Credit Card ready. A&M out of Georgia seems to have a pretty good selection. AMS snack and Royal GIII soda machines would be what I'd buy. If you get some smaller accounts, then Craigslist might be your best avenue. The older AP7600's are rock solid and the older Dixies are easy to find and fairly reliable. Avoid Vendo. Seaga. Gaines and Planet Antares. Depending on where you live, it might be cheaper to pay a slightly higher price to avoid excessive shipping costs. In addition, your State laws will dictate what type of licenses you'll need.
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    A NW 60 or Oak vista with a cab back, properly set will have around $70 in them when empty. $70 is a lot of boon in the bottom of one of these, there is no reason what so ever to have separate keys. You are in fact doubling your service cost making two trips to the same machine. You will not survive in business this way.
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    I just made him an offer he couldn't refuse. I might even add some Louisiana blinker fluid to the shipment.
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    Rodney placed 45 mint honor boxes for me April 2016. 15 were taken out one reason or another. Total revenue for 9 months $7500.00. By the way he replaced 5 of the 15, the others were out of warranty. You have to look at the big picture on your locations. To me this is great work.
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    As a bonus, the seller ended up throwing in his scale after all.
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    Sounds like you are doing mints, 3 for $1.00. I weigh mine. I set my scale to grams and weighed mine and made a chart, 1 to 100. I weigh to fill and weigh when I pick them up to see whats left. Grams break it down to smaller increments than ounces.
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    Do not waste your money on buying this broken crane. It is obsolete and, you will have a hard time finding spare parts. Sent from my LGMS631 using Tapatalk
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    We all decided to go into a difficult business. I know Rodney would like nothing better than to have all of his locations be profitable. I know each of you would like nothing better than to receive solid locations that make sense. You have to hang in there to support the effort, work together. So what if you gave Rodney $35 bucks and it wasn't what you had hoped. He is by far the cheapest employee you will ever have working for you. My normal fee for a location is $880 to $1150 depending on the employee size. Guess what, some of them are duds. Some are okay. Some are real winners. Rarely does anyone come back to me complaining. (Operator profile: Independent no driver- has bottler 3rd party contract) Last year this company (true) spent 880 on 7 locations and 1150 on 8 locations for a total of $15360. Which is a lot of money for any company but if you look at the cost to benefit, it works. I am told the average weekly income of those 15 spots is 1465.00 times 52 (weeks) equals $76,180. This is a very simple formula but if you carry it one step further the average commercial location stays with the vending company 3 years (NAMA report) which gives this formula a projected income $228,540.00. Now we all know this figure is adjusted with operating costs but it is a very profitable relationship for everyone. So if you have a locator/management company/expansion service/telemarketer that is really working for you, keep them. Take the long view.
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    Check thermostat would be the first order! Or just replace it after cleaning up mess. Make sure syrup didn't get to switches on motors or brakes.
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    If you're talking about soda machines, this page has some options. http://www.nbsinc.net
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    I guess the answer you are looking for is.. most of us just happen to know what kind of validators/coin mechs go in what machines. The USUAL method to determine what kind of device goes in the machine is to check the manual, but this is not always 100% reliable on every older machine as some machines have been "converted" or "upgraded" with aftermarket kits to do various things. Generally speaking, almost all dixie narco soda machines (pre-MDB) use 110v coin mechs and validators. Almost all Royals that I have come across (pre-MDB) use 110v validators and 24v coin mechs. I couldn't tell you about pre-mdb vendos.. but I think it depends entirely on the model. Most USI machines that I have operated (pre-MDB) use 24v devices, but the 3015 series can use 110v or 24v validators depending on the harness. National 145/146/147/148 and AP 4000/5000/6000/7000/110 use 110v validators and coin mechs BUT the AP 110 series can also use 24v validators with a proper harness. Once you get newer than the machines I mentioned, you should (in my opinion) always use MDB when you can. It's not that MDB mechs and validators are "better" or "newer" (although they really are lol), it's that it is SO much easier to be able to carry 2 spare MDB coin mechs and 2 spare MDB validators on hand than have something like a Coinco 9302-L for your Royal cans and USI snacks... a couple TRC-6000's for those 110v machines, a 24v Mars VN2502 and a 110v Mars VN 2501. Having most of your stuff MDB just helps with keeping your mech inventory low. This doesn't even account for the fact that newer coin mechs and validators (almost exclusively MDB) hold more change and accept higher denomination bills.
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    Everyone has opinions on locators so I thought I would share mine If I need a telemarketing locator I use Rodney. I could tell you plenty of horror stories about bad locators (in person and telemarketers) that I have experienced over the years. He has been excellent to work with and always responded to my questions or concerns quickly. His locating results for me have been above average overall and better than any other telemarketing locator I have used in the past. I have turned down plenty of his locations and he always rolls with it pleasantly and professionally. If there is a problem he tries to make things right and for me, he has made them right. I like to self-locate when I have time and I also have a local guy that works for me who is a very good in person locator. Rodney is a great option when I need to get equipment out quickly and I’m just too busy to do it myself. The locating gig is not an easy one. I have gotten my fair share of duds from all locators including a bunch that I located myself. That is just the name of the game and if you choose to hire someone to locate for you that is the risk you take. I can tell you I have never had an in person locator ever give me a free replacement for a kick out or a slow location. When I use my “in person” guy I tell him where to go, he makes his pitch, it’s placed and if someone calls back the next day and says “we decided we don’t want the machine” that is my problem and he still got paid. It stinks but that is our deal. I know Kickstart gives some kind of replacement guarantee but everything I see on here tells me he isn’t even filling orders that were paid for months ago. I know when I call Rodney he takes care of things within the time frame he advertises and that’s all I can ask for. He honors his contracts and I don’t ask him to go beyond what he promises. I also have never seen or heard anyone say they haven’t been able to get a hold of him which I can’t say for the majority of locators out there. Finally Rodney doesn’t make you pay upfront which I believe illustrates his commitment to service and getting the job done right.
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    I agree completely. Saturation is a major issues especially trying to locate over the phone. But out of the maybe 30 or so locations from Rodney, I've only gotten maybe 2 were low earners. And even those seemed like good locations even to me, they just had other factors at play.
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    That doesn't sound like him. if you call in a certain area for a while then you really do have to either expand the area or leave it alone for awhile. Could that be the case, saturated area.
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    In my 32 years in vending I've never seen a DN machine that old and I've seen tons of old machines. The way things plug into the inner door and the motors themselves which are uniquely different make me think you should just be glad you only wasted $50 on it and junk it. You can get a much newer DN machine for $200-300 that actually works and save yourself the headaches that this one will be.
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    Agreed. He's very quick at getting locations and has been very responsive to any issues with the locations........ getting replacements for us almost always within a day. So far we've collected from only 10 of the 20 he's located for us and we are collecting about $16.50 per month or so per location. Hope to get a lot more soon.
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    I bank at a credit union that has a coin machine, so I'll deposit them that way. I rolled my last collection because I missed the deadline for the machine. They close it down one hour before the bank closes. So I had $1k in change to roll. I was using it to pay for my route I just picked up. Took me almost 2 hours, even with my royal sovereign coin counter.
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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share something with everyone regarding my business. Starting in 2006, I began working for a local company in what became a life-changing occupation. My vending experience had just begun, and I was a fresh, young kid just looking to make a buck. Having nothing going on in my life, I simply saved up money and hoped to buy a house some day so I could start a family. In 2007, I also began to work a part-time job simply because I was bored and had nothing to do on the weekends. Fast forward to 2011, I was going to college full-time, working that "part-time" job full-time, and operating my own vending business part-time. In 2013, I made the decision (after some work-related controversy) to go back to working part-time. This gave me the opportunity to focus more on my business. Finally, around September of 2014, I made the decision to finally quit that part-time job that I had had since 2007. For the next 2 years after that moment, I was supporting myself through my business alone. Now, in 2017, I can officially say that I not only support myself, but my entire family through my income alone. The financials aren't perfect, and anyone in this industry knows how unpredictable expenses can be, but I have enough accounts and enough financial flexibility to get through most hardships. I am very happy to be in the state that I am in and I am also happy for all of the help and support of my fellow members here. Despite some family and "friends" who have been nothing but naysayers and tried to discourage me from ever pursuing this, I feel as though I have really done it. I am quite confident that in the coming years, I will do nothing but keep moving onward and upward. Thank you to all of you and I hope this gives people not only motivation to keep pursuing their dreams, but also give them incite into the difficulties that come with doing such a thing. It's not easy, and it never was easy, but it's doable and rewarding when done right.
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    Is this the right size?
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    He has a bigger hammer than you do.
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    You can deduct the cost of a good accountant, and that may be the best thing you ever spend money on. Are you home based? Any space used exclusively for the business can be calculated and a portion of your utilities can be expensed. Cell phone? Internet? Do you have a company vehicle or are you using you personal vehicle for work? Don't forget depreciation on your equipment...