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  1. I’ve gone decades in my life without considering that Scooby is probably named after the snack, and not the other way around.
  2. Everything will interchange except for width differences such as doors, shelves. Slide out, harnesses everything is identical.
  3. Multiple motors running is either wires touching each other or ground, bad computer board, bad motor(s). I have a pile of good boards here if you need one.
  4. The first picture is a Crane 180 Merchant-4. The second is a Crane 186 Media Keypad with integrated card reader, bill acceptor, and custom printed display pill.
  5. Sensit 1s need a $450 upgrade because the boards and vend sensors are no longer available.
  6. In my life I’ve bought at least 10 pairs of nail clippers because I lost the last pair, but I never take them out of my house meaning there’s at least 9 places I haven’t seen in my own house.
  7. I wish there was a way to be naked but also have pockets.
  8. Battery is held in place with hot glue. It is a standard CR2032 available literally anywhere batteries are sold.
  9. In the lead..............
  10. It's not possible for a dragon to blow out its birthday candles.