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  1. Gotcha. I thought that was going to be the case. Thanks guys.
  2. I've got an AP 6600 that was vandalized awhile back that I'm going to pick some parts from and scrap. It's the only 6600 I have but I have a few 7600s. Any parts that will interchange? Motors maybe?
  3. I worked with a lady who baked desserts and sold them at flea markets. She had labels with ingredients and calorie info on everything. I tried selling a few things for her out of a few of my machines, but nothing really sold.
  4. I haven't heard anything. Last I heard, they were running on a skeleton crew due to a few people being out of the office. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  5. If you're buying new machines, the smartest way to do so would be direct from the manufacturer. Www.nwcorp.com
  6. Funny story. Cleaned my car out yesterday and guess what I found? Yep, the missing key lol. And apparently it was a green t-002 key. Weird thing is, I don't remember ever running any routes in my car. Weird. Thanks for the offer though.
  7. Ok, that's about what I was thinking
  8. Guy is selling 6 of these, one has a broken leg. Asking for offers,so what do you guys think would be a fair price for them?
  9. What's the product they're trying to push?
  10. I have Facebook business page as well. I post on the yardsale sites occasionally. I've actually picked up 5 full-line accounts using this method. 2 home runs, 2 others were pretty good (until one of their locations was vandalized, then I pulled both locations) and the other one is okay. I tried finding bulk locations once, after I had some previous success. The only replies I was getting were about how much I wanted for the pictured machines and if I had any machines to sell lol.
  11. I believe there is a sample in the downloads section.
  12. I agree with gumball guy. It may not necessarily be bad for you, but the perception you get is dirty unmaintained equipment. Unfortunately, with vending machines, you won't be there to explain to the people seeing your machines that is basically harmless.
  13. I have one. Doesn't really help much, especially with bulk. I use it as a tool for my full-line locating and promoting. Www.quikvend.net
  14. Biz-ops will tell you everything you want to hear. Their job is to get your money, usually at any expense. Hell, give me half of what you're giving them and I'll drive 10 fully stocked machines to your front door and locate them for you.
  15. I've got about 20 uturns out on location...for now. They are a PITA when it comes to servicing. I do think there are a limited number of locations where they are ideal, I have a few that do really well every month and I couldn't get in any other equipment in the space available, they are typically overkill and you'll need spare parts out of the golpher for when things break (all the main components are plastic). When I was buying them, I never paid more than $50 USD for a machine, even the terminators. I have used Vendstars as well. Again they have their place, usually places like factory breakrooms or places you might worry about vandalism, but they will break down more often due to being completely plastic. Like zjtaylor said, I would recommend finding beaver/oak/northwestern machines. You'll have less issues/headaches.