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  1. PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Pepsi is pulling 2-liter bottles and 12-packs of its products from Philadelphia grocery store shelves over the city's new tax on sweetened drinks. The company says it wants to offer products and package sizes working families can better afford. The 1.5-cent-per-ounce tax on sweetened and diet beverages is imposed at the distributor level. If fully passed on to the consumer it amounts to $1.44 on a six-pack of 16-ounce bottles. The company's decision affects sodas including Pepsi and Mountain Dew and other sweetened drinks like Gatorade and Lipton Iced Tea. Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney's office says the industry was trending toward smaller sizes well before the tax passed. Earlier this month, Purchase, New York-based PepsiCo Inc. cited the tax when announcing layoffs of 80 to 100 workers at distribution plants serving Philadelphia. http://www.businessinsider.com/pepsi-pulls-some-soda-off-shelves-2017-3
  2. There is a movement to convert the entire internet to https protocol. This can be a good thing, making everything more secure. Although at the same time I don't think that this is a high risk website. We don't handle transactions, or have any big secrets that need to be kept. I have been looking into it. This is a managed site, so it would be a small expense to implement, and an added cost each month.
  3. And a thanks to tc vending for supporting VENDiscuss
  4. Every time I pick up a kiwi fruit, I have the urge to turn my head and cough.
  5. A thank you to arkhusker for donating to support VENDiscuss.
  6. I want to create a Twitter and Facebook accounts named The CIA, just so people receive the message: "The CIA is following you."
  7. A thank you to lacanteen for again supporting the forum. And a thank you to chkoolaid for supporting the forum.
  8. The Mariah Carey quote was taken from a web publication called Cupcake, and it was completely made up for satire. But it was reprinted in big name newspapers and magazines. (I return you to your fun, and apologize for my myth busting.)
  9. No. There is a classified section for selling items.
  10. Update, on a 2nd course of antibiotics, more codeine, (still not convinced it works any better than dextromethorphan,) and prednisone, which I think is finally getting rid of this cough I have had for like 3 weeks now. Oh yeah, down another 3 lbs, but it is fluctuating a little more since I started getting my appetite back. And I did have a flu shot. (I could swear I responded to your post lacanteen.)
  11. Do 2 normals make a paranormal?
  12. A thanks to droopi for donating to support VENDiscuss.
  13. Well, as long as it is all fat. Too often something like this can cause a loss of lean body mass, which unfortunately can slow down a metabolism. Although it doesn't take long to rebuild that muscle back up.
  14. I seem to be at the end of the Flu. It sucks, but I tend to get bronchitis every time I get sick, It usually doesn't kick in until I am starting to feel better, but this time it hit me about 2 days in. It might be because it was a flu, something that hasn't hit me for quite a while. I did a 5 day course of antibiotics, though it is supposed to be in my system for 10. My cough isn't crushing my chest anymore, and doesn't seem as common, but it is still there, along with that oh so wonderful phlegm, and my energy isn't where it was before I got sick. I feel like I'm whining though. I mean everyone's been sick. Probably half the members here have been sick in the last 2 or 3 months.