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  1. What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what its all about??
  2. I don't use it on refurbed machines. I use it sometimes to cover paint damage if the rest of a machine looks good. If I need it I order it from Cardinal distributing, they are a Northwestern Distributor.
  3. A fool and his money are soon parted
  4. Cancel, cancel, cancel, run away as fast as you can.
  5. Acorn caps work just fine. The gotcha wheel is adjustable
  6. Yes you need them they go between the globe and the brush off, if they are missing the wheel will rise up and the coin mech won't engage right,
  7. High school near makes a big difference, Light ups are great, superballs good too,
  8. C stores in the right neighborhood can make you some money. Right neighborhood being poor with lots of walk up trade. The items you are selling will not sell in that place, ever. The machine you are using wouldn't hold up in the right place. The best set up would be two Northwesterns bolted (use lock tite) on a welded together pipe stand chained to the wall, 850 gum and 1.1 capped jewelry at fifty cents. If you can talk them out of the space a small rack will do okay. In the right place.
  9. Cardinal distributing
  10. Just tell them what you want it for. The skin is basically custom printed contact paper,
  11. Yes I have done it. There are millions of free graphics. Most cooy shops already have extensive libraries. I have also had skins made for equipment using a locations logo. Easy to do.easy to put on.
  12. A good copy shop can make new skins, they are expensive but will revitalize worn looking machines. Youcsn get rope light at a lot of big box home improvement stores. Installation varies machine to machine but is not that hard to do,
  13. Waste of time and money for bulk.
  14. You may or may not find bulk vending to your liking. Before you spend any money or effort on business licensing, taxes, etc. put out ten machines, run them awhile and really see if this is what you want. Just do everything cash and under the radar. If you like bulk vending then get into the process of setting up bookkeeping, taxes, licenses, insurance etc
  15. A NW 60 or Oak vista with a cab back, properly set will have around $70 in them when empty. $70 is a lot of boon in the bottom of one of these, there is no reason what so ever to have separate keys. You are in fact doubling your service cost making two trips to the same machine. You will not survive in business this way.