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  1. Weekly update: 220 locations. Grossed $1,437.00 Avg $18.70 per box; theft ran 9%; serviced 80 boxes
  2. Weekly update: 219 locations; Grossed $1,288.50 Avg $19.55 Theft ran 12%; serviced 72 boxes
  3. Yeah, it's a thin line between pulling too soon and leaving too long. I give them at least 3 or 4 warnings unless it's just really bad (35% or more), but the first thing I do if it's pretty short the first time, I cut back on the candy. I usually give 5 in a small box. I cut it back to 3 the first time it's short. After that they get no candy until I get 3 services in a row of 100%.
  4. I am constantly placing and pulling. I try and do my route in 4 days, mon, tues, thurs, and fri. On those days I am swapping out boxes and pulling slow accounts. I try to place at least one for one but most of the times I try to place 2 new ones if I pull one. On Wed I just take 5 boxes out and find 5 new locations.
  5. Weekly update: 217 locations: Grossed $1,379.00 Avg; $18.15 shortage ran 10%, serviced 76 boxes
  6. Weekly update: Now at 211 locations. Grossed $1,348.00 Avg: $18.45 per box. Theft ran 12%, serviced 73 boxes.
  7. Thank you for the kind words. Let me just say that the snack box business is sooooo much more simple than the full line vending. I have nothing against full line vendors, in fact I have so much respect for them because there is a lot more competition doing that than what I do. If you decide to dive into this and have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  8. Weekly update. 206 locations. Grossed $1,147.00 Avg $16.25, theft ran 10%, serviced 69 boxes.
  9. Weekly update: 201 locations; Grossed $1,298.00; Avg $17.05 per box. Theft ran at 9%; serviced 76 boxes.
  10. Quick update, kind of stoked. Just got my 200th location. Took 1.5 years to get there. Plan on having at least 300 by the end of this year
  11. Okay, I have not technical skills at all (which is why I only have one snack machine). lol. I'm hoping someone can give me some kind of an idea of what could be wrong with my bill validator. It was working just fine yesterday and then today, there is no power to it. Everything seems to be plugged in so and the coin mech is working. Thanks in advance
  12. Weekly update: 193 locations; Grossed $1,352 Avg $19.30 per box; theft ran 5%; serviced 70 boxes.
  13. How many do you have out?
  14. Not great. I have 2 that don't do much of anything and 1 that does a little over 80.00 a week. I am looking to move the 2 to different locations as soon as I find somewhere to move them to
  15. Weekly update: 187 locations, grossed $1,194.00 Avg $15.95 per box, theft ran at 10% serviced 75 boxes.