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What's the Most Popular Items to Stock in a Vending Machine

Selling the right product to your customers is one of the most important aspects of running a good, profitable vending business. I get calls all the time from new vendors who are excited to stock their new vending machine but don’t know what items to stock it with. This blog-post will focus on the most popular and profitable vending items. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, there is not one solution that will work with every location and much testing and modifying should take place

How to Keep Your Vending Accounts Happy

There’s nothing worse than loosing a prized vending account. The only thing that compares to it is finding out that the account has allowed in your competition which undercuts your profits. So how do you prevent your competitors from sneaking in? Listed below are my top 10 ways to keep your customers happy and loyal to you:[list=1] [*]Be friendly. More than anything else, you, or your employee that services that account must be likeable; you must greet the secretaries, workers, etc, talk to the

Should I Consider a Credit Card Reader on my Vending Machine

Statistics are showing that cashless vending is on the sharp rise and there are some significant profits to be realized when Vendors use Credit/ Debit Card readers on their vending machines. A recent study showed that “cashless (purchases) represents 25% to 27% of total sales in the overall workplace market. That figure has risen sharply from 15% to 16% a few years ago”. See more at: [url="http://www.vendingtimes.com/"]http://www.vendingtimes.com[/url] Not only can sales increase with the use
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