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The Big Move

Beach Bum Vending


Hello all,

I have been on the forum for almost 3 years now. I have been in vending almost 4 years. I recently just made big life changing move. My girl friend and I just moved
from Nebraska all way to gulf coast of Mississippi. I sold my vending business in Nebraska and extra machines quite my job and bought a moving truck and packed up. We are staying with family till we find a place and get on our feet and get know the area. It has been a journey let me tell you but we are both looking forward to getting settled and she is interested in starting another bulk vending business with me. I plan to join military reserves and work and she plans to go back to school. So the vending route will fit great with our schedules. It is a big adjustment the temp difference alone this time of year is 50-70 degree difference then back home. I just thought I would blog to you all and needed make my first blog entry.

Hope all had wonderful holidays and wish you all most success in 2013


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Welcome to the south! I live in coastal Alabama so it's good to know some local vendors! Good luck with the move!

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Restarting with some experience should be quicker and easier then first starting out.

Too bad I didn't know about you moving from Nebraska. I might have been willing to buy part or all of your route.

Good luck in your move.

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