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Hello to all,

I would first like to say thanks for the oppurtunity to be apart of this community. I am being introduced to vending while

introducing my small vending company to the world! BrownCo has been in the making for about two years now. I have

a strategy, but no equipment and am open to learn more about the business. I have a what is to say a "secure"

potential small account requesting snack/drink options. I am in the market for snack and drink machines, then maybe

smaller candy quarter machines. I would obviously like to grow to maybe 10 or so locations, but I need to remain locally

located for now. We are starting out of the Central Illinois area if it helps me any. 1-800 VENDING continues to contact

me but I have yet to hear enough good or bad about the company, or their placement tactics. Not to mention, I am

trying to keep costs at a minimum.....................ANY SUGGESTIONS OF PLACEMENT, EQUIPMENTS, OR

GAMEPLANS?????? ..........They Will Be Considered


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Congrats I hope it moves along. you might be amazed on how much you can find in a smaller size town. I live in a town of 25000 and have around ``18 stops here now. Keep us informend we will give any help we can on our end.

Big Red -

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Call Coca Cola tell them you are a vending company and you want to start a account with them.

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