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Shifting Gears



Up until this month I've been unsure about the direction I wanted to go with vending. Now that I have chosen the direction of racks and amusement machines I have begun to move it that direction. The main factor in this decision was I had got to the point where I stopped enjoying vending as much and it started feeling like more of a burden then anything. First I purchased 2 cranes that I already had locations for. Next I sold off or pulled equipment from all locations that didn't it the new business model. Then I bought 2 more cranes for $550 one needs claw assembly, still have to go pick them up from south Florida. Realizing the need for a better way to haul and deliver these machines I picked up a drop deck trailer Tuesday for $800, not the hydraulic ones but the manuel winch ones. Wanting to make the most of that 8 hour round trip I picked up another bulk machine consisting of two 2" machines a 3 column tattoo machine in perfect shape for $225. Now waiting on product from coast to coast and new appliance dolly from Northern Tool to get here, hopefully tomorrow. Oh I almost forgot, been taking heat for not working mandatory overtime at my full time job but needed time for vending and family so as of last week I am now part time at the jail I work out. I have found the biggest deal between part time and seriously working on getting this to a full time gig is mind set, at some point you have to stop hiding behind the fears of not getting a steady pay check, benefits and retirement and make tough choices that will hopefully put me where I want to be.


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Awesome. That's what is holding me back too. You need any help or just some moral support, holler at me buddy.

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