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My trip to Parsal Vending in Oceanside, NY



Been planning on getting more chickens recently and was gonna use uship. Ended up only getting 1 bid on uship that was in my budget and after reading their feedback I passed and instead decided that I will go get them myself. Panama City FL to Oceanside NY in a Ford Ranger pulling a 5x8 cargo trailer. Google maps says 1214 miles 18h 16m.

So the plan is to work at my other job (county jail) tomorrow from 5:50am-6pm, hopefully get to bed by 8pm get up at 2am and be on the road by 3am. To save on cost im onli planing to eat out twice so I previousve prepared by stocking up on travel food. Got the essentials: gatorade, water, monster energy drinks, cookies, apples, bananas, vienna sausages, granola bars and pringles.

Planning on driving to Elkton, MD and getting a room (motel 6, thats right only the best) Friday night then wake up early and meet Rob Saturday morning at Parsals headquarters.

Work 12 1/2 hrs today at jail then came home and repacked bearings on trailer. Couldn't find a cheap spare for trailer so hope theres no flats.

Got up at 3am but didnt get on the road till 5am. Drove till 9pm and got a room in Virginia. Didnt want to waste money on fancy hotels so opted for the Howard Johnson, guy wanted $65 a night, I got it for $50.

Got up at 5am and on the road by 6am. I had never been this far up the coast before. A few things my first trip taught me NJ tolls are crazy all combined I spent $80 on tolls one way, the trashy and smelly reputation NJ has is well earned. And lastly you better be able think and react fast in that traffic from the NJ turnpike all the way into NY cause they are well use to running on the ragged edge all the time. At origimally planned to meet frank and rob at 8am that morning which that got pushed back to 10am since I didnt leave Virginia 6am. Actual time it takes and what gps say is two totally different things. Ended up getting there around 2pm. Got there and Frank showed me around 1 of his buildings, he has some really cool historical stuff from bulk vending. Before we left to go get something to eat frank showed a pallet that had 2 coolers and a couple boxes of food to take for the trip back home. It was insane the amount of food Anne(franks gf), frank and rob had put together. Got a quick tour around the area and seen alot of the old buildings the folz vending, Eppy Charms and few others in the business used. When then went and had dinner at the cheese cake factory, it was awesome again. Got back to parsal loaded up 8 chickens and all the product my trailer could hold and then got back on the road.
Plan was to get back to around Virginia and get another room, didnt make it out of NJ. Couldn't keep my eyes open so I got a room just north of Atlantic City. Stayed at a red roof inn, it was easily the crappiest hotel I ever stayed in between the cockroaches that were apparently having a meeting around the outside of my door, the broken safety latch lock that look like door had been kicked in, tv didnt work, non-smoking room that reeked of smoke, broke toilet and my favorite all the left over soap pieces in the bottom of the shower from previous renters.
Got some sleep then got back on the road around 10am.


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Glad you made it home safe. Now you know what's it like to be an over the road truck driver. Been doing it for over 16 years now. Between driving and vending I don't know which one I like the best.

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