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  2. So you have to be filing machines to be in vending? I’ve helped thousands in the vending industry... many of them for free. Didn’t realize that my skillset in upgrading about 1000 machines using vendors exchange UCB kits and Inone kits means I’m not in vending... Oh and being the person who installed the first units outside of hardware development credit card readers for parlevel and cantaloupe was insignificant. Or my contribution to making seedsync work with easitrax. Maybe while we are at it we should pull Parlevels commissions and taxes module that was made by deve
  3. I like the 501e for the cost but, if you have money to burn, get a vendo 721. The 720 is absolutely not the same thing btw.
  4. I have a Dixie Narco 276e and I really like it (Smaller in size and capacity than the 501e). Check out this video for a comprehensive look at bottles versus cans:
  5. Dixie Narco for the win. DN501E for versatility down the road.
  6. So let me get this straight. You are not in vending but you buy machines in hopes of selling them and you expect help from us for free?
  7. The bevmax is the most reliable glass front, but definitely not the most reliable soda machine. I have had one for years and a single sensor, motor, or a number of other things can render the machine useless until it's fixed. Some repairs are very difficult even for people that have lots of experience on other machines. It's not that bad but I want you to understand that glass fronts are not usually as reliable as stack vendors.
  8. My only source rn is just googling multiple different articles. So I took into account repairs and that’s why I was looking into Bevmax 4. It seems the most reliable. Price isn’t too much of a concern to me atm and I don’t mind taking out a loan due to this being a side hustle and all my expenses are paid off due to my primary job.
  9. What's your source that says glass fronts are the most profitable? They do, usually, give you higher sales than a traditional stack vendor which will yield higher profits in that sense, but they can be much harder to repair and they cost way more. Unless you are jumping in and going into the big accounts right away, you want to buy refurbished stack vendors.
  10. Cans will generally have a longer use by date on them, when compared to bottles. So that gives you a little more margin for error when starting out; for example filling your machine right up and then finding out certain flavours don't sell very well or at all. A longer shelf life gives you more time to sell that product or move it into another machine where it will sell.
  11. Thank you! So based on the glass front you stated. Could I get some info on some reliable sources to purchase one? I’m not too concerned with price atm. So a reliable seller for refurbished ones is of great help, even for new ones is fine with me. Thanks again!
  12. Thanks! My question to that then would be for any advice on the particular can machine to purchase then? I haven’t looked too far into these because I’ve been solely researching glass fronts due to the info I got that glass fronts are most profitable. Also, would you be able to explain to me why it would be more beneficial to start with cans rather than bottles? Thanks so much AZ, this info is definitely needed!
  13. All sorted now, thank you! Powered down the machine and checked all the motor connections, with no obvious issues found. Powered back up and into diagnostic mode; the columns that were not working were all showing as jammed. Motor Tested each column a couple of times, vending product no problem. Closed up and back into sales mode, inserted coins and all columns working again. Now keeping a handful of 6amp fuses in my locker at work! Going to order a motor assembly to replace the suspect one on column 3. Will report back with progress once I have that put in! Thanks everyone
  14. Ikr... actually this was prior owners selections... and actually another vendor literally did nothing have one diet drink! Thanks.. still unsure so far I haven’t placed one machine... have a nice selection of 7 machines this will be 8 and another I’m planning on makes 9. Finding machines at great prices figured some cleanup verifying functionality and a better job advertising I could make a couple hundred per machine and turn them fast.. helps I’ve got some vending operators who will sell/give me machines as well.. plus I can upgrade them..however they aren’t selling as fast as I t
  15. I’ve moved them laying down before. That exact machine actually. Mine sat a week or so before I turned it back on and I had no issues. ive never had any issues laying machines down and even refrigerators down as long as they stand back up for at least a couple days before turning them back on.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Thanks orsd, appreciate your input. I'm going to hopefully pop back in tomorrow and will have a look at that.
  18. Check your motor connectors. Make sure they are reinstalled and that you have not missed the tabs with the connector (unplug and replug carefully making sure it is aligned if you are unsure).
  19. Replaced the 6 amp motor fuse this morning; inserted money to do some test vends... only column 7 is vending, all the other columns say 'please try another selection' when you press them. Do I need to clear the faults off? Or have I manged to do something more serious when swapping the motors on Column 3 and 4? Many thanks!
  20. I moved a Vendo 821 on its back like 2 miles and removed the compressor deck(kinda had to damn that machine was heavy)was planning on doing the same with this USI machine.. but one video I found talks about repairing refrigeration unit in machine... are some of the USI drink machines harder to remove compressor deck? I don’t have a truck or a hitch and it’s way cheaper to rent a cargo van than a pickup truck(better mileage as well).. requiring me to lay it down.. Trip is a few hundred miles... I know lots of people say if you let it sit several days it’s fine.. but this is a pretty
  21. Contracts are pretty much confidential, even here. There are some simple vending agreement forms in the download section. I'm not sure where your concern about changing commission comes in; yes you should have it in writing so both sides are clear about the terms.
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