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  2. I’m not sure. I just assumed it was a 640? Sorry I can’t figure out how to flip the picture. But is that a 440?
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  4. I assume you mean on a DN 440. Just adjust the motor cam for 1 notch on a narrow column or 2 notches on a wide column and then adjust the rear spacer to get 1/2" of space between the depressed sold out paddle and the product when it's pushed back against the rear spacer.
  5. Hello, my name is Jon Lorenz. I own and operate Lorenz Services LLC as a side business from my day job. My day job is a locomotive engineer for a major railroad. Last summer, I purchased one vending machine from a box store and it was delivered outside my office. It is home of 23 select choices for customers to pick from. Hope to learn more about vending machines and grow. Thanks in advanced for being part of your website.
  6. I bought a dncb 640 that’s set up for 12 oz cans. What do I need to do to bend 16oz can? Thanks in advance!
  7. It certainly could be me, I'm not discounting that fact. But when someone responds to a potential customer without any thought of kindness and consideration, very abrupt and even rude, then the "customer" probably will go somewhere else, even if the business has a good reputation. Again, it certainly could just be me, but I will not work with him, or anyone, who doesn't understand basic kindness to a potential customer. Obviously many others have a great response from him, so yes, it's probably me.
  8. I just used rodney again for 6 locations last week, and he was once again A+!!! Everyone I know who has used him has been super happy, and has had great experiences. You're literally the first person who has claimed to have had a bad experience with him. Makes me think it might be you and not him.
  9. Their communication depends on the signal thru the customer's phone, so if the machine is in a location with poor cell service there is not much you can do about it. I have not been successful with the few I installed and plan to replace them with regular card readers at some point, but other operators seem to do OK with them. The low price may be old stock getting cleared out because it is not selling.
  10. Rap is mostly for dudes who were ashamed to admit they were into poetry.
  11. I rebuild 100's of these on a weekly basis. It helps to take them apart and relube them every 3,000 uses. Be careful though because those springs are very small. The nice thing about them is that it is the term "Poka-Yoke" which is idiot proof. Take pictures step by step so you know how to put it back together.
  12. Greetings, We are just beginning our vending business in Olympia, Wa. and are using National Children's Cancer Society as our charity. Does anyone have a NCCS script that we might present to businesses in our area?
  13. Mehehe, thanks for your comments. Yes I had read good things about Rodney and so was surprised at his total lack of courtesy and no customer skills whatsoever. I will indeed keep you informed as to how our locator does. Our 22 machines should be shipped one week from tomorrow and the locations secured shortly thereafter. The guy I'm using has 400 bulk machines in 2 states, and does locating as well, he was really good to talk with on the phone. Thank you.
  14. Mike, I don't want to dismiss your experience in any way but it is very disappointing Rodney was rude to you. I have used Rodney in the past and if I need a locator I will gladly use him again. I honestly locate all of my machines myself now. Using a locator is nice for me when I expand into a new area but for towns I am established in already, I just do it myself. I hope (truly) that the person that is locating for you does a good job and you are happy with them. A bad experience with a locator can be very disheartening and frustrating. Be careful there are quite a few "fly by night" or rip off locators out there. Come back and let us know how your locator does. I personally would like to hear.
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  16. vendnet usa is running a special on payrange for 69.00. Is that a good deal? I inquired about it cause I may be interested in a few. I expected them to say something like 69.00 with a 500.00 purchase.... but nope, just contact parts to order. Side note, has anyone been disappointed by their communication lately? It seems flaky at best.
  17. Go to the test menu and test all of the refrigeration systems, compressor, fans, etc. Could be a relay in the power supply . Make sure your evaporator fan is working. Could also be the evaporator temp sensor. They fail a lot.
  18. I don't know why your experience was so different from mine: he was very rude through email, so I just don't trust that he has any customer service skills.
  19. Vendinglocator4U does an AWESOME job...I've used Rodney a bunch, and will continue to do so. A+++++!!!!!!
  20. I believe he is the one who responded rudely through email, with no customer service skills whatsoever. I'll pass. I did find someone else and have contracted with him to locate our 22 machines. He begins next week.
  21. You can also test the compressor unit by plugging it in to an external power source. The compressor will be plugged in just below the cabinet shelf on the left side. Unplug it and plug into a power line(extension chord) and it should kick on immediately. Do not leave it plugged in that way as there is no shut off then. Just to test
  22. You can do almost anything in public without people thinking you’re crazy, as long as you have at least two friends with you who are laughing
  23. I didn't candy coat anything and gave a very simple overview of what the business entails and some of it's challenges. You know there are alot more things to cover for beginners than what I touched on and that's why I encouraged them to research this site. That said, I completely agree with your earlier post and if you notice I didn't touch on the pitfalls you noted but simply added to it. I ranted about this situation on here not long ago. People start a bulk vending business, put a bunch of equipment out, lose interest and abandon the route leaving derelict machines all over the place. This behavior, to your point, really hurts our industry because alot of prospective locations don't want another bad experience with an abandoned machine. Bottom line is if you decide to quit the business be professional enough to sell your route to a responsible person or pick up the equipment. Don't just leave it there for the location to deal with. Your other point is true as well. Locations will buy their own vending equipment because they think we are getting rich off of their location. Years ago this wasn't a widespread problem but once wholesale clubs appeared and the internet took off, vending machines and product became easy for anyone to get. Most legitimate businesses understand that it is not worth their time to fool with managing their own vending. I tend to see it alot more with start ups where owners need every penny they can scrounge up. Regardless if their machine is maintained or not, the result is generally the same....one less available vending spot for you. No one is going to get rich off of 10-20 machines and if they think they will they are in for a rude awakening. It all boils down to what you want. If you want a manageable side gig bulk vending can be that but even at a part time level success still requires organization, hard work and vigilance. If you are looking to make it a career then be prepared for a large financial and time commitment no different than any other business.
  24. Atlas board is the main board and the IO is the tray board.
  25. Oops! Good catch Chris. That was a link for another post I made. DOH! Here is the correct one. https://www.dsvendinginc.com/images/pdf-manuals/bevmax4manual.pdf
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