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  2. The banana is no longer the food item that looks most phone-like. The pop tart is.
  3. How do you pay the business owner? I have a 44mm super bouncy ball machine that takes 4 quarters. I'm pitching it at 20% commission. Is that a good percent? The balls cost me .27, plus the. 20 commission = .47 so that leaves me .53 per ball. But how about the logistics? Do I check the machine monthly and then the manager and I sit down counting dozens of quarters?? Doesn't sound right. Do you use a coin counter? And do you find out what days the manager is there so you can go on those days? I want to know what to say when they ask me how they're going to know how much it made.
  4. IF you are vending bottles that have the SAME DIAMETER as 12 oz cans, you will FOR SURE use the SAME 12 oz can spacer and just change the cam setting only. Some of the 16.9 oz bottles use the "can" spacer as well. The back spacer is adjusted so there is little play at the end. (no matter what you're vending)
  5. Since regular users don't look at the price labels every time, I will post a small label such as " 12 oz cans now .90" or "select candy items now 1.25" if I am changing the entire category, so that I don't get complaints about the machine not working for someone not putting in enough money. I try to take those notes down after a couple weeks. Unless there is a contractual reason to tell someone I don't worry about it, telling them is inviting them to argue. If you go for years without raising prices you will get a lot more push back vs making adjustments once or twice a year as needed. You can't make money if you keep absorbing every price increase you get, and I have never had a note from M&M Mars asking me if a price increase was OK with me. How operators that still have .60 chips and 1.00 pastries are staying in business is beyond me.
  6. You already have dual spirals on the snack selections. Add pushers and be more careful when loading as LAcanteen said.
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  8. Hi can you PM the parts required ? I’ve got a MAG50SA I want to connect to the cs12 vending machine. @AZVendor
  9. When loading product it is important that the package is on the shelf, not the spiral. A7 is perfect. C7 might hang or fall with a spin.
  10. Do I need to change motor also.Dual spiral and single spiral, are there any other spirals???Do I need to change the spirals?
  11. It might but it will take some trial and error. Change each affected motor one at a time. You only need one new motor to accomplish that.
  12. Put product pushers on both spirals. Dual spirals aren't always the perfect way to avoid stuck product but they are better than single spirals.
  13. Ok checked all wiring on each shelf no disconnected wires, could bad motor cause this?
  14. Thanks for all your help. I am getting this issue again and again with this AP LCM .The product is not falling all the way and is getting stuck. Will product pusher help.
  15. You just raise your prices and if anyone asks let them know your costs increased.
  16. Don't jump ship on gumballs too quickly.......give it a couple of months before you change it especially if you are moving to an expensive candy like M & Ms. I have alot of auto parts places (in break rooms & on sales floor) and they generally do pretty well with gumballs. If you do move to candy do they have a full line (big machine) candy machine? If they do I will generally try to offer a candy that they do not have in the machine especially if the competitors vend price is at 1.00 or lower. If the prices are at $1.25 or higher you may be able to compete head to head with them on the same products.
  17. Anyone have any luck buying new super 60's or 80's from Northwestern's new owner's? If so what were the price on these machines? Thanks
  18. Avoid peanuts, they do damage the machine and the machine just ends up looking nasty really fast. Here is what I set my machines at. Peanut MM's 5 per vend. Regular MM's 10 per vend.
  19. So all of the selections except for C5 and D5 don't work, but those two do? If that was a typo and you meant the opposite then try the following: It's actually Automatic Products and before you replace the motors try re-setting the prices.... if and when that doesn't work do a motor test on each selection, and then maybe re-set the prices again. Try those things and if still no luck report back here. This sort of problem is somewhat common for this series of machines. I've run into it in the 113s a lot (never used a 112, but I'm guessing it's similar) and I've always been able to remedy it without replacing any motors.
  20. I have a follow up question. Are peanuts ok to vend? I think employees would prefer them and they are slightly cheaper than m&ms. But, I have heard that they should be avoided because they break and are salty and this can damage machines. Is that true?
  21. The “backer” is called a rear spacer. I probably have one somewhere that I’ll part with cheap but shipping might be steep. As for milk or juice I would only do shelf stable products. For stuff that needs to be kept refrigerated you need what’s called a health control. What this does is if the machine gets above 41F for a period of time it will stop selling so people do not buy spoiled product. If the product is in fact shelf stable there are 2 considerations. First, milk doesn’t sell well usually and OJ isn’t much better. Second, there is no one setup, it depends on the size and shape of the bottle.
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  23. Little late to the party here, but randomly we do get silver US coins through our non-MDB coinco changers.... Heads up, a silver quarter is currently worth 3.05 in scrap silver, and a silver dime 1.25. Not a bad return on just .25 and .10. Plus to anyone who has time to search modern quarters that make it through ALL coin changers (if they are working), The West Point mint is issuing a handfull "W" mint mark quarters of each of the 2019 national parks. These "W"'s can sell for about 20.00+ to a collector. My wife and I have found 3 so far. One other one to watch out for is the 2004-D Wisconsin state quarter with an extra leaf on the left of the corn stalk. The extra leaf varieties can sell for 60-70.00 and up depending on condition. Not to mention 1.00 bill Web Notes and Barr Notes. Thing is having the time to search for these.
  24. The only ones I found were over $50, which is dumb. So I bought a 4' led two bulb fixture & zip tied it to the braces inside the sign. I wired it to the power wire coming through the door. I made the mistake of trying to wire in from the wire that goes to ballast & it apparently runs through a transformer so it blew out the led lights.
  25. Hello, Anyone have any source on f64-t12 LED bulbs for a USI 3037-10B? They are approximately 62" from tip of connector to tip of connector. DS Vending has them at a fair price however the price to ship them costs more than the bulbs themselves. No joke. I'm considering just buying a cheapo fluorescent fixture and mounting it in there that uses standard LED bulbs.
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