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  3. AngryChris

    $40k to start

    Yeah... what you are trying to do is offering only part of a service. You can do it, but you'll only get mostly slow accounts. It's hard for a full line guy to advise you on how to run soda-only because we want good accounts and snacks are not only required (usually) but it's extra profit anyway.
  4. tc vending

    $40k to start

    A soda only route is almost impossible. The bottlers have the best locations for soda. Full line vendors have the rest of the locations and with no snack machines you got no shot at there business. The only thing left are small locations that do marginal sales.
  5. darkinthepark

    Custom Graphics

    When I asked NPS how to install it, they said that some people install it with windex, and some people install it dry. If it should be installed with window cleaner, they should really include installation directions with the vinyl.
  6. Yesterday
  7. orsd

    $40k to start

    It's going to be hard to run a soda only route. Most locations that make money also want snack machines. And most good soda only locations tend to have been spoiled by coke to expect ridiculously large commissions. That said, if you are in a large metropolitan area you could theoretically run a soda only route with the marginal locations that big vendors won't touch. Tire shops, mechanics, small blue collar locations. Buy single price Dixie Narco's for 300 a pop, service once a month or so, can soda only. Basically a full line route run like a bulk vending route.
  8. redfleet32

    $40k to start

    I'd like to hear a few opinions on how you would start and do your SODA machine only route if you had 40k to start over again. I've been in bulk for 25 years and I am going to take the plunge into soda machines. Please dont tell me all about the snack side. I'm not interested in that at all. So please let me just her about the soda side and how you would do it. Thank you for your time and thoughts
  9. lacanteen

    Random thoughts

    If 69 is a sex position, then 96 is a sleep position.
  10. Time Left: 13 days and 5 hours

    • For Sale
    • USED

    30 locations in all. Route Consists mostly of Single Head Beaver Gumball Locations with Cash Drawers. Also have some Northwestern Triples and a few single head Oak Machines. Locations Near Charlotte North Carolina. Route Gross 5-6k per year.


  11. AZVendor

    Vistar Distribution

    Exactly like what has happened on the machine side with Crane deciding to monopolize the manufacturing end of vending Vistar has done to the product distribution side. They are single handedly destroying the ability of small vendors to profitably subsist in the world today. Every single distributor they have bought out used to service their own local and regional customers in a very efficient and responsive way. This was much like the APs and Rowes of the world did before AP bought Rowe and Crane then desimated AP and decided that Dixie Narco and National (Crane) would just ignore legacy vendors and their legacy machines. So NAMA just continues to stand idly by while it all happens and Automatic Merchandiser magazine and Vending Times magazine remain shills for their advertisers instead of editorily demanding accountability from Crane and Vistar to support all vendors, large or small with equipment and products. The ads in those magazines are pretty hilarious because if you aren't a major regional player in vending you'll never get your hands on the advertised products because you'll never see them in a Sam's Club or Costco Business Center.
  12. Central Kentucky Vending

    Vending brochures

    trying to make some brochures and looking for ideals. can not find any on the internet .
  13. Last week
  14. AngryChris

    Vistar Distribution

    I have said this to other vendors before... the industry is making changes and becoming more efficient. In doing so, it is making it difficult (if not impossible) for smaller vendors (50k/year gross sales or less) to be able to meet minimum orders for deliveries OR go through enough product to sell the minimum orders before the product expires. If you can drive to a Sam's Club, Costco, Merchant's Mart, or any other place and get exactly what you need, then you are fine... but so many places have been tightening their belts by closing doors... I would say it's good news for the vendors that can survive without them but bad news for the small vendors as they'll start dropping out of the rat race. I have also seen medium-sized companies having issues with getting enough product or getting it on time due to various local distributors having management issues. It would be a totally nightmare for a large company (20+ routes) that relies on on-time deliveries to find out that their deliveries are being delayed. I would imagine companies like LACanteen's would go crazy if a single regular order was delayed by 2 days. Companies like that monitor their stock and they pretty much know exactly how much is going out and about how much they need to come in.
  15. Snickers

    Vistar Distribution

    Well it's official that Vistar has bought out Master Wholesale. Running a Monopoly. Not good.
  16. JG58127

    Revenue Sharing Arcade Vendors in Alabama?

    Hey there @DinoTrousers! I'm new here and ran across this discussion. I'm looking to do as you have in the Alabama area with extra space at my establishment. I was wondering if you have an update, advice, or any helpful or pertinent information to your experience! Thank you in advance!
  17. flintflash

    Snack box update

    Another GREAT week, Bryan! Don't sweat the 20% short. Just keep simple notes and don't panic. Your box average is fantastic and more than makes up for the little higher shortage. Finesse the accounts and the shortage will fall in line. NICE JOB!
  18. Bvending

    Vendo Vue 40 calibration error

    That is Vendos newest glassfront. Pepsi sent us one instead of a bevmax. In the first 2 months there were 6 service calls on it. So basically another piece of junk
  19. Bravo Duck

    need universal double bracket

    Old timers used a 1x6, cut to length, painted black and drilled.
  20. AZVendor

    Custom Graphics

    If you used no liquid under it as you applied it then it becomes almost impossible to install without flaws. You can't squeegee it without liquid under it.
  21. Chard


    what were you looking for? Maybe someone else has it.
  22. Southeast Treats

    Selling a vending account.

    Normally you will not involve the location, as they might misunderstand and bring in another vendor or try to get otherwise involved. Once you have done the deal you can introduce the new operator to them as you see fit, just in the normal course of business.
  23. 57thTom

    Vendo Vue 40 calibration error

    Is this the newest version of the Vendo Vue? https://www.vendoco.com/ggfv-glass-front For all the bad press Vendo Vue gets, how could Vendo Sanden let it just sit as a bad machine?
  24. Lava24

    Vendo Vue 40 calibration error

    I understand these machines have a bad rap but I bought them so cheap( $600). I finally fixed all my issues. I realized the y- motor needed to be a specific part # because not all y- motors are the same. Also i figured that the x- motor was not working correctly because the plastic tab that holds the x motor onto the carriage was broken. Like a fool I forced the x motor onto the rail instead of pulling the tracks like 4 inches and then pushing the carriage in. So I believe i have this machine figured out as I have 3 of them and so far they have made me lots of money. All glassfront soda machines have problems. You just have to know how to maintain them.
  25. darkinthepark

    Custom Graphics

  26. darkinthepark

    Custom Graphics

    I cleaned off the old graphics pretty good...and there was no left over adhesive on the machines. I did read that some people use Windex, but I wasn't sure how that would work pushing out the liquid. Maybe next time I'll try that method.
  27. darkinthepark

    Custom Graphics

    It cost me $667 for the two fronts and the four side decals. My former student did not charge me to design the artwork.
  28. Central Kentucky Vending

    AP Snackshop 6600

    you have to change the board you can get one though venders exchange , inone ,or greenwick. inc
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