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  2. Just bought an account w/ a Bev Max 4.... when I opened the service door I noticed it seemed to have 2 door switches side by side... anybody know why?
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  4. So the bigger we get the more i think diversifying each account is best. By this i mean If you have ice cream and snacks and drinks in one location, hire a full time ice cream guy, a full time snack, and a full time drink guy. Lets see to start you need to think big. There was no way i was going to be able to outfit a van to carry ice cold ice cream, chips, pastries, and drinks in 115f heat. Its too expensive. I think its easier having different routes within routes. I have an ice cream guy who does 28 spots which ALL have snack machines that some get serviced daily. The ice cream sells less ofcourse. But its been super efficient. The snack guys just worry about maybe 30 types of chips that are all dry snacks. They also check the ice cream machines when they get to those places to fix any jams or add escrow. We are looking at a contract that requires 75 drink machines, 105 snack, and 35 ice cream. Im thinking of having drinks just for other drivers as well. So a place that has a drink and snack machine may get serviced monday for snacks and thursday for drinks....but they wont go empty. Has anyone done this? Have guys just do 1 vending type route? I think in the long run prekitting, servicing, etc gets optimized. Why? A place that would get serviced 1x per week can now be physically checked 2x a week. Just in jam avoidance youd make alot more. How easier is it having a box truck only with drinks, or snacks etc. Plus they do alot of places. Right now a girl driver we have does 12 to 18 spots per day (snack only) and shes there from 8am to like 4. Thats without prekitting yet.
  5. Bravo Duck


    Michaels keys will make a key for you, just take the machine there, there are several locations in the Dallas area. Around $30-$35.
  6. AngryChris

    Drink machine outside business

    I have two locations that are similar. One is a fabricator that works with lift gates and stuff of that nature and they easily do $50/week in gross soda sales, but they are located sort of in the middle of nowhere so my sales are exceptional considering they only have about 15 people. I have another location with concrete mixers and a garage where they work on the trucks regularly. They probably have anywhere from 10-15 people on-site between 2 buildings (maybe half in the garage where the machines are) and probably another 10+ truck drivers. That location is a total waste of my time and I don't know why I haven't pulled the machines out already. My point is that, although asking for $25-$30/week isn't a lot, you might find that you end up totally wasting your time and money with a vending machine at a location the way you describe it. Hopefully not, but for $300-$400 on a can machine there isn't too much of a risk anyway so why not try.
  7. Are you outside of the US? Vendnet's manuals appear to show that the 3039 could be either an SM2 or SM3 board and 230v. Either way, based off of the information given, you have a couple things going on here. Firstly, the pictures you have show a mars 110v validator and a MAKA 24v validator. Thing is, the harnesses you need depend on what you are going to put in the machine. The MAKA is a completely inferior product and should be thrown away or sold if possible. The mars is a good validator and, assuming it works, should be what you choose to work with. For the 110v mars, you need a 110v power harness (which you have in one of the pictures) and a 110v MAKA to Mars conversion harness (which you may or may not have) OR a 110v harness from the board to the power harness with a data harness. To my knowledge, a 24v MAKA has different connections than a 110v MAKA, so your conversion harness shouldn't connect completely if you have two incompatible harnesses. I don't know if you can connect a 110v power harness to a 24v MAKA to Mars conversion cable. If they do hook up, then you'll have the wrong setup and your validator will never work. What you need to tell us is WHAT voltage validator was in it to begin with. If it was a 24v MAKA, then you either need to replace the harnessing from the board to the validator or get a 24v power harness for a mars and a 24v mars validator. Basically, the voltages have to match up or it simply won't work. If you have a 24v harness in the machine coming from the board, and you connected a 110v device to it, it shouldn't work at all. If you did it the other way around though, you might burn up a 24v validator if it's connected to 110v. I'm only guessing this from burning up a couple coin mechs in the past during my rookie years.
  8. bhumphrey829

    Snack box update

    weekly updates: 334 locations Grossed $2,444.25 Avg. $21.25 Theft ran 15% serviced 115 locations. (ran 5 days)
  9. You can't suppose they are 2 deep, you have to know. It's two cans, three cans, or possibly (but rarely) one can deep. It's the easiest thing to figure out because you just open the machine and see how many cans fit from front to back. You may need to open the machine to check for sure as the 501 machines are capable of vending cans 3 deep and the machines work off of switches and cams so supposing 2 deep when it's not will mean that you will get the wrong information. When you say it's selling two cans, is that with every vend? In other words, if you press coke 5 times in a row, will you get 10 cans total? Or will you get something like 2 cans then 1 can then 2 cans then 1 can? The pattern matters.
  10. DirtyHank

    DirtyHank's thread about everything

    3 more today. 19 more by end of the month
  11. I suppose they’re 2 deep. It had worked very well before I purchased it (it’s a secondhand machine), plus the previous owner sold cans only.
  12. venddoctor

    AP LCM2 Motor Problem

    You are welcome
  13. Funvend

    gumball games

    We run 100’s of sports blasters & hoops.
  14. When you load the machine, are the cans 2 deep or 3 deep? Did this machine ever work correctly for you? It may be set up for bottles not cans
  15. Funvend

    Where is everyone?

    Nice area.
  16. Funvend


    What was your key #. Call Beaver tell them you need one.
  17. Yesterday
  18. gumball guy

    Pizza Vending Machine

    Saw a news story today about this machine being used at Ohio State University. Apparently it is already in use at some other college campuses around the country as well as in Europe. Ohio State appears to be using it only in their student cafeterias during normal business hours. If it is reliable I could see it having a place in cafeterias (where employees could address problems) but not sure it could work as an autonomous vending machine like pop or snack machines. Looks like there are alot of moving parts which means alot can go wrong not to mention it heats up to 450 degrees. I am guessing it costs a small fortune as well. Link below.
  19. tblake05

    Drink machine outside business

    Million dollar question..... Does it freeze where you live? If so you'll need to install additional equipment to keep your sodas from exploding.
  20. I have an older 3039 with 3038 satellite for cans. Original bill validator went out and I scrounged around for a few bill validators to see if they would work, they do not. I want to make sure I picked the right upgrade validator + correct data and conversion cables. I am just seeking advice from the bright minds who browse this forum. Update: forum wont let me upload pics as easy as it could be... trying gallery now. Update 2: Gallery only allows 2.72mb pic upload... trying image hosting site HERE IS A LINK TO GALLERY: https://postimg.cc/gallery/22r0mjk14/
  21. I’m not sure about 2-deep cans but yeah they’re regular coke cans sir.
  22. lacanteen


  23. I'm assuming this is a 501E. Your cams are likely set wrong. Are you vending cans 2-deep?
  24. ABCVending

    vending stories

    Ha - have learned that Vending gives you endless stories....... Have an old AP 6600 snack at a machine shop - does about $200/mo gross so not terrible, rough environment lot of dirt dust but that old tank keeps on chugging. The staff there are some solid people - I had a bulb going out and on those old AP's a flickering bulb can sometimes cause the coin mech to randomly jackpot....those guys saved every nickle, dime & quarter and handed it over to me in a coffee can when I showed up for the next service - I threw out a bunch of freeebies in their breakroom for having my back. Funniest story at that account was I showed up one day and a couple of the crew came over and let me know the machine had a couple of hangups that they had fixed.....they were super proud they didn't shake my machine, nope, they just drilled holes in the top of the cabinet, used welding rod to fish out the stuck bags and then welded the holes back closed again....wtf? I thanked them with a straight face (they sincerely thought they done good) and took a look at the top of that old machine - counted 17 welded shut holes in the top of the cabinet, obviously been at it for a while. I had this great idea to put another old 6600 on a dock on puget sound - got permission from the marina to put it on the end of the fuel dock under the over hang of a little shack - plan was to have it there May-Sept and stock it with fishing gear - Spoons, Hoochies, plugs, leader, etc... (note, don't try lead - even the small sinkers are too much for the augers to push reliably) Anyway - freaking disaster from day one. Machine is obviously not outdoor rated - I made a little "roof" framed with 2x2's and used that corrugated stuff on top - for the most part kept the machine dry and never had any issues with it malfunctioning from being outside for the 2 months it survived. But boy howdy, them fishin' boyz are some cheap bastages - every one of them knew exactly how much a spoon costs at Cableas and don't appreciate paying even one nickel over retail - and I was haven a hell of a time finding wholesale tackle that anyone wanted. Had to service that thing every-single-day - Sat/Sun the trucks & trailers start queueing up at 4:00 am to launch and by 8:00 that machine would be nearly empty - and by 9:00 am some crack head tweaker would be go after that thing hammer & tong trying to get at the $$. I had signs I'd put up saying "machine serviced daily/no cash in machine" but that hardly slowed them down. Glass smashed within days, cleaned it up and stuck plexi in there. Twice had some jokers stuff fish in the delivery bin - english sole and a dogfish. Kept at it best I could, made some $$ but gave up when it finally got pushed off the dock - cost me over $200 to get it yarded back up on to the dock (leaving it down there was not an option - so I was told) Got many more.. ABC
  25. It’s multiple (2) cans of the same products sir.
  26. Do you mean advance two different products at the same time or multiple bottles of the same product
  27. The Mage

    Friend with cancer

    I have a friend who was just diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, and just went through surgery. My Daughter set up a Go Fund Me page in an effort to help with costs and lost wages. https://www.gofundme.com/cancer-fund-for-my-friend?pc_code=fb_co_postupdate_a&rcid=377c12533f174703b6246a9f24e3fd30&fbclid=IwAR1NnrlfPC7qnx4zgyMERygjC8ejPfSZXlrLKLNAP2F3s2bzIi12ARWpf0E
  28. orsd

    Drink machine outside business

    Most soda machines are outdoor rated by UL.
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