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  2. Thanks for the replies. Currently I've been using AZ's technique but it's slowing wearing on the concrete lip at the garage door lip and I can see it will eventually be a problem. I will check with a local welder to put a ramp together. Thanks again to all.
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  4. Still probably the most normal thing they’ll see all day.
  5. yea, it sucks to see something you spent so much time building get wiped out so fast, i hear you. at least you didn’t lose the movie theater account. did the jiffy lubes tell you you can bring it back when it’s over? the jiffy lube 2 minutes from my home told me i could, but the other jiffy lube never called me to remove my machine. of course, i worry that they just lost my number and threw out the machine, so i’ll likely check on it today. what did you vend for bulk? i am lucky in that since i only do gumballs, i won’t waste much product, since they last so long in the machines, but those who do chocolate and other candy must have tons of it going bad(or looking bad) in the machine, and i feel bad for them.
  6. FYI - You pee on a Jelly Fish sting not a jelly stain. Again, my apologies to the lady at the Waffle House.
  7. I've had this happen a couple of times. Replacing the display board has always fixed it for me. On more than 1 occasion the problem has cleared itself after changing display board, then re-installing the original, or multiple machine restarts with long power downs. My theory is that the * 0 display is the display board stuck in it's test sequence
  8. I’m getting DESTROYED right now too man :( I serviced some accounts last week and had a horrible time. One account met me at the door to have me remove my machine. A movie theater that I have made me unplug my machines and turn them backwards. (Keymaster, pirates chest, and a cotton candy machine all sitting unplugged in the middle of summer, those are like my top 3 machines during peak earning time) 3 other places now have “no vending machines due to covid” policies so I lost those accounts. (They did say I could return when things get back to normal at least) I lost all of my jiffy lube accounts (4 in total). i have so many machines at home right now it’s insane. I’m running out of places to put them all (storage unit is almost full, garage has machines, basement has machines) and I can’t really go out locating right now :( I’m thankful I have the most important things of course (family and I are healthy) but I spent 8 years building my route and I’ve lost almost half of it in 2 months. I’ve gone from 108 locations to 62. This just sucks :(
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  10. No. That is Dixie Narco button numbering. Royals are 1234 left to right. Like is logical, and like the number line you learned in elementary school.
  11. Do i have the numbers correct? See the image below. I could update here the image is 448k. Thanks for the help. https://imgur.com/ScyvNQt
  12. Zero g unlocks the possibility for double sided pizza.
  13. Where do you purchase a control board?
  14. You must remember that the 4 button is the enter key. So after the password 4231 is entered you then need to press 4 again
  15. I changed my royal 660 to to take cans in one of the slots. When I go to change the price. I enter the password which is the default 4231. When I choose the second selection it just goes to the next selection in the menu. I don't know if i have wrong password or i'm doing something wrong. any insight on what im doing wrong. I attached a picture of the machine because I wonder if what i think is 4 isn't. Thanks
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  17. Thank you for the reply! Great advice. Ive decided to pass.
  18. I had the same concern. And it minuscule revenue per location compared to my atm accounts. When you say better yet crane machines... Ive never looked into crane machines. Do they do that well?
  19. Nothing disappoints more than carefully choosing the last bite from a meal and then realizing that it was not as tender as its appearance led you to believe.
  20. $14,000.00 is way too high. These days it is ill advised to buy a bulk vending route based on sales because locations are just too transient. Value the route based on the asset only and if the guy won't do it then move on and let another sucker buy it.
  21. Mediocre locations in terms of monthly earnings. Not that there is much money in bulk candy. Honestly, it’s dying a slow death, and with COVID I would expect to lose a bunch of those locations due to closures and disease concerns. If I were you I would talk to my existing ATM locations about putting toy racks or better yet crane machines.
  22. Cash vault service with one of the larger local banks. Bye bye chase, Bank of America, comerica. They all shut my account down.
  23. So, I keep driving past drive threw atms while I’m out service my portfolio of atms. I have to get into this, I keep telling myself. All the outdoor or drive threw atms in my Coty seem to be extremely busy. looking for some guidance. I’ve found enclosures online. But I want to hear from someone that has one placed. i already have a few stellar locations.
  24. Hey everyone, I’m knew here. I currently operate a portfolio of 64 ATM. I’ve come across a nice gentlemen selling off a part of his bulk vending business. He has about 120 locations with 3 head unit bulk candy. The route I it generates about $2,000 a month. He’s asking around $14,000 for the route. That seams like very little coin for all those locations. My question... is it worth it?
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