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  3. Update 1/25/2020: I found a pretty beat machine that I was going to get FOR FREE but the “seller” did some funny *hit so that deal fell through. The machine worked but needed some TLC. Now, Im actually in talks to acquire a used Royal RVCC660-9 machine. The guy only wants $300 and it’s only missing the lock and key. Wish me luck! I will come back and update when I get the machine transported and on location.
  4. And it's mostly the people using the machine once a month too🤣
  5. Buy a bunch of stuff with nickels and quarters. Mech needs change.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Rural MO? Try to see if anyone has gun safe experience. Also, is the machine going through doorways or is it gonna be outside/ through a bay door?.
  8. Here’s my dilemma: there are no specialized movers. I am in Sedalia, MO. I have one moving company in town that seems to be worth a hoot. I have that option or try to do it all myself.
  9. In the Houston area I pay $75.00 - $100.00 per machine depending on distance. Find a mover that specializes in vending machines, just because someone calls themselves a mover doesn’t mean they are capable of moving vending machines. A lot of things can go wrong in moving a machine so protect yourself by using someone knowledgeable in moving vending machines.
  10. I’m new to this. I just bought a older snackshop 6600. It works decently well. Couple things I can’t figure out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 1. It won’t take more than one bill at a time. Is that how it is or am I missing something? I have a couple items for $2 and $3 in my machine so it’s a pain to have to do that all in change 2. It won’t let me do anything besides exact change. If I put a dollar in and select an item for 50 cents it says use exact change. I tried messing with the “bill escrow” and “multi vend” switches but I’m not sure what they should be on. T
  11. Here in Phoenix I used to charge $65 per machine and there are others that do it between $50 and $70 per. But this is a large area with several movers.
  12. I originally thought I was going to move machines myself just going the trailer and heavy duty hand truck route. Now looking at the horror stories of trying to move these things by myself I have looked at hiring a mover. My local mover is insured and assured me they have moved vending machines before; but the hook is it is $150/hr. Does this seem high? Am I being cheap or is it worth paying to not risk hurting myself? Realistically, I would not expect a moving bill higher than $350 to get a machine placed within 30-45min of me.
  13. I have a bunch of the bottle drops out on location, they work for me but am aware that a lot of people don't like them. Think I only still have 1 of the short gate 2145's, everything else has been updated to at least equivalent of 5591. Vendingworks has advertised refer decks for these: https://vendingworks.com/collections/dixie-narco-compressor-decks/products/dixie-narco-1600-bottle-drop-refrigeration-unit-2145 Price seems good, but not sure when/if they are ever available. I bought a new deck years ago from Crane or whoever runs the show at Dixie now - brand new fact
  14. Thank you! Sounds like it’s more hassle than what it’s worth.
  15. No assumptions. This is a food and beverage forum. A decent route is 100-200 machines. Average visits, $100 per machine, 26 machines per day. Most banks don't take bulk cash these days, especially coins. Good luck, you'll need it.
  16. Thanks for the feedback. I do have Aquafina in there, and it's the best seller. I'm competing with a Pepsi machine that already has Diet Dew and Diet Pepsi, but I think I'll try Diet Dr. Pepper. Of course the hotel is pretty dead right now, so it's difficult in general to get anything to sell.
  17. you ever heard that saying about assumptions? I'm not planning on selling snacks, drinks, or tampons but I appreciate your input. let me teach you a little something about business too. it doesn't matter HOW MUCH of something you sell, it only matters about the profit margin. I dnt plan on selling dollar items, do im not worried about the number of options in the machine. I also assume that a small wall mounted machine would be more attractive than a giant bulky machine taking up valuable floor space. and no "blue sky saleman" has even attempted to contact me or feed me dreams. I've been doing
  18. The combination to a lot of gun safes is probably #1776.
  19. Yeah that is my concern... this one isn't a satellite though... but I still wonder if it will all work. Thanks for sharing some feedback though. I guess I should call them and see if I can confirm
  20. I installed an inone board into a USI satellite machine; it would make 2 attempts (vends) on each drink selection then go into sold out mode. Several contacts with InOne later they finally told me their board would not operate the satellites.
  21. Third party payers use IRS Form 1099 to report gross sales, if it is required depends on the amount of sales; if they file one you will receive a copy.
  22. That depends on how bad you need a 6 select machine. It has a serpentine rack so if cans freeze they are a golpher to get out. The cooling deck comes out the back after you release screws in the front, back and also on the back of the evaporator. When the unit goes back in all air leaks around the rear plate have to be sealed with putty. You do have to know that the thermostat on this and other USI soda machines must be set at 2 and not the normal 3 1/2 of other machines, otherwise you will freeze cans - and you need a USI thermostat not a generic DN thermostat.
  23. Hey guys! I found an old FSI/USI for $50. I haven’t bought it yet. Everything works on it except for cooling. I’m not sure if it just needs Freon or a new deck. I do have a location for it. I just wanted to know if it would be worth or not to even buy and tinker with it. Thanks!
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  25. Banks don't report unless your cash deposit is over 10K unless there is something I don't know. I never got a 1099 from a bank when I had credit card receipts.
  26. The mere premise of what you are considering is not profitable. If it were we would all be doing it. First of all, I'm assuming you're selling snack and drinks and not condoms and tampons. What business owner would allow someone to attach something to his wall so someone else can make money? Anything that is wall mounted is also too small to hold enough inventory to sell to make a collection trip worth while. The industry standard is $100 or more collected per vend visit. Also remember, thanks to the Democrat party, the price of gas is going to rise exponentially over the next 2 years. Don't l
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