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  2. If you're in BC, there is Brokerhouse Dist in Burnaby. They should have whatever you need for Vendo equipment. You can also order a new deck from the factory but freight would be pretty expensive.
  3. check/clean all of your door switches and locking actuators so to ensure they don't stick when a customer is trying to open them. Clean the encoder on the turret motor and make sure the turret stop pin assy is working correctly. They sometimes need to be adjusted or shimmed. I can't remember if the health lock function can be turned off on the 431. If not, it won't allow a vend once it engages. It's going to look for the temp to be 41 F or below within 30 minutes of door closure. If it doesn't reach that threshold, it's going to lock out sales and read "Out of Service" on the display.
  4. 630s are worthless. 670 is ok if complete and working.
  5. If I needed something right now and this was the only thing out there for a reasonable price I would definitely take it.
  6. Thanks Chris, that’s kind of what I was thinking. Too much to put into it to get it to the same price range as something newer.
  7. To me.. for $100 + moving expenses.. and then invest about $500 - $1,000 in parts (including the tray kit that orsd mentioned), you'll have a very good machine that could go on for a long time. It's just that when you start pushing into the $1k mark, you consider investing into a much newer machine instead. I haven't used a tray kit yet but what someone warned me was that I guess the motor harnesses and/or tray harnesses (not sure if either or both) are unavailable. This might not be a problem for a long time and it wouldn't be a problem if you had multiple 147s like I do but just keep in mind that parts are starting to dwindle on the 147/148. For $100, if it works as-is, you can start making money right away but it just won't be able to take cards yet and you'll have to learn the issues with the 147/148 such as trays unlatched and the occasional faulty door switches.
  8. Does any person have a cooling deck for this. This machine came to me without a compressor, evap, condenser or any cooling parts....does any person have any parts for this?
  9. I just received 3 x 630d coffee machines and 1 x 670d coffee machines. 1) These machines are pretty much identical..correct? 2) What parts would you replace, update, modify first? 3) What are the common problems? Can i still get parts?
  10. I just received 2 crane 431D shoppers. What would you fix first, replace, update. These machines will vend only Mr.Noodles so health control is not required....in fact i won't even use the cooling system.
  11. Ehh. If you really don’t get too much used equipment for sale in your area it’s not a bad deal. Dual spirals are a plus. As is the decent cosmetic shape. Keep in mind the tray connections can be sometimes problematic, but a kit to hardwire is available for 200. Also upgrade boards are available for 300.
  12. Good points all around. They even have a pallet jack in the building. Thanks for the tips.
  13. I came across a Crane 147 for sale locally. Seller is only asking $100. I assume this is an older machine for the price. Is it worth picking it up?
  14. If you work there just tell them that you’ll gladly move it upon request. A pallet jack works really well, probably pick one up on Craigslist for 100-200 bucks. If they really, really insist on wheels get the non swivel kind, and mount it so that it increases the footprint.
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  16. True about the tipping hazard. The staff of the center I am working at asked for castors so it can be moved to access the wall behind it. The machine is sandwiched between 2 pop machines in a recess in the wall. They are worried about having to move it for maintenance or cleaning. It is in a watched area whenever anyone has access to it.
  17. No I can not buy anything. The coin mech is saying it is disabled from vmc? If I remember that right. It was refurbished not to long ago though.
  18. Junk it. They are garbage. Probably a bad logic board. You'll be throwing good money after bad.
  19. Why? It would be a tipping hazard. Just put sliders under the levelers and it can be slid around. Its kind of dangerous because people tip snack machines all the time to get freebies.
  20. can you buy something with just change, or will it not vend? If you can buy something, your problem sounds a lot like mine. Though mine was on a cb700, however I'm fairly certain they use the same control boards.
  21. Ok I will check that. I was somewhat wondering if that could be my problem. It does not accept money at all but coin mech and bill validator are on.
  22. Kirkl

    VM-750 Help!

    Also when I turn it on it shows 1.09 on the screen for a second and then starts blinking!
  23. Hello everyone! I just purchased a VM-750 machine, just tried to start it up but something is wrong. The front display just keeps randomly flashing the lights of “sold out”, “less credit” and “No change”. I tried opening it and pressing the mode button but it does nothing but still makes the noise like it was pressed. I loaded it with change and everything too. I also can’t find where to open/closed door switch is? Any help with how to fix this? thank you!
  24. Not sure how specific a product you need since you are storing it inside a safe, but you might look at https://banksupplies.com/ to see if they have something you want to use...
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