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  2. Geez dude... I remember what I was netting when I did the snack boxes. You are doing stellar.
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  4. Maybe this will help: https://bizfluent.com/how-7798098-write-up-vending-proposal.html
  5. If i would have known it was a P i wouldnt have bought it. So far its working. I stopped vending 4 deep. I have 8 columns of cans vending 3 deep on pack 5. Columns 1 and 10 I have vending Gatorade and 12oz V8 Splash 2 deep on pack 3. Crossing fingers.
  6. Mars 2512, 2502, 2712, or 2702 with mdb harness. You can use a coinco mag with the harness from the coinco ba. A coinco billpro or vantage will also work if they are MDB (should be) but I think you will be happy with a Mars/Mei (same thing). Some 2502/2512 take 5's and some don't, but all 2702/2712's that I know of take up to a $20 and can be bought used for under $200. A $5 is usually the largest bill found in my bill boxes though.
  7. Growing up, we were led to believe that cats and dogs are mortal enemies, when really the rivalry is just between cat people and dog people.
  8. Anyone can point me in the direction to get a machine that dispenses laundry detergents and items for a laundry room?
  9. What are you trying to find locations for?
  10. kickstart sent me 2 locations one of them the guy didt even have a business establishment. I called the guy and he told me he told them he went out of business a year age. the second location rejected me on arrival. the manager told me the person that called her just asked for her name after she told he that she did not want the machine. and kickstart just emailed the location to me anyway. QUALITY!!!!!! MAXIMUM EFFORT ON THAT ONE!! smh
  11. This may or may not be the manual, but it's worth a try. Page 18 https://www.vendnetusa.com/wfdata/files/4210555.pdf Or try this one. It mentions a password: https://www.vendnetusa.com/wfdata/files/4212619h.pdf
  12. Got the same and glad to see it. BUNN is good equipment. I use mostly Newco currently particularly for single cup pod brewers.
  13. Machine has coinco 9302-ex 34DC with coinco ba30b 117v validator with the s2-d electronics. what validator can i use??
  14. Boards go in shiny anti static esd bags. Mechs and Vals go on the shelf either loose or in clear plastic garbage bags for dust. All the above gets labeled with address labels that a printed checkboxes on. Date, and condition (refurbed, broken/ rebuildable core, known good, unknown, etc) Shims rotors etc boxed by machine model. Motors boxed together by type/machine. Harnesses are bagged and labeled by model and application. Decals I use an accordion organizer. Small parts like hardware, Coin return plungers, coin chutes, etc get bagged labeled and stored in those clear plastic shoeboxes by machine model. Ie 1 box for e series golpher, 1 for Vendo Vmaxes, etc I also stock a bunch of new buttons, delivery port trim, etc. in the same way, so that whenever I get a machine going thru the shop I can put new buttons in if they are beat up. Lots more boxes of misc golpher that is mostly separated by model. Less commonly replaced stuff, t handles, rear spacers, coin mech mounts, coin boxes, random brackets, delivery ports, mostly stuff I pull from machines I’ve junked and are only used if I buy a machine that’s missing a part. Long stuff like trim goes in an old trash can in a corner, sets are zip tied together or labeled by model. I also stock some new signs and tuffronts for really common stuff, 501Es, Vendo 540s, AP 7600s, those lean against the wall, tuffronts go on shelves. Plus a whole lot of random crap everywhere. Where this all goes to hell is with USI golpher. That, my friends, requires the help of an archeologist when I dare look thru that stash of parts. The system used there is probably best described with words like strata, syncline, fault line, and rockslide.
  15. I have plenty of quart bags and thinking of getting gallon bags for larger items like boards and validators. I'm not sure if a coin mech or even the validators will fit though.
  16. Blue masking tape, a black magic marker, ziplock bags and storage totes for larger pieces of equipment work well for organizing
  17. All good points and trust me... I want a warehouse but I can't afford much money at least until mid 2020 when two loans are finished, and we aren't talking about a couple hundred dollars a month worth of loan payments. I could really use a warehouse for the reasons you mentioned but it's hard to find anything less than about 5,000 SF around here. For example, I just checked and there is a building located 30 minutes away that is $3.75/SF per year on the lease... but the minimum is 8,000 SF which comes out to $2,500/month. I don't know if that's cheap for other regions but it seems to be pretty normal around here. I just can't afford much right now and all I need is enough space for my van, maybe 20 machines, and shelving for product.... and not be an hour away. Aside from the lack of a warehouse, how do you organize your parts? I am looking at red/green tags on amazon. I can get a set of 100 for $50.
  18. An office/warehouse is due when you are up to around 60-100 machines. It gives you space for product most importantly, but also for parts and some space for equipment. If you are that size then you have to get past the cheap faze and become professional. Even at $1000 per month it's worth it. If you instead continue to worry about every expense and sweat the small stuff then you're not ready to go big or go home. I would be surprised if you could find anything of quality for your low ball price of $500 but maybe your area pricing is depressed enough that you could find one. Older places will be cheaper of course. I never considered anything other than continuing to grow and put out more machines. I was more than ready for the warehouse at 60 machines and growing. As I worked up to 300 machines I went from a garage to an older 900' office/warehouse in a mini storage, then to a 1200' office/warehouse in a newer building with a real lease, then up to 1500' in yet a newer building before finally up to a 5000' place with room for everything including a refrigerated candy room, a parts room, the trucks inside for security and protection from graffiti, and it had a loading dock for the truckloads of Coke and Pepsi and Vistar that I got. That was back in the day when Dolly Madison, Hostess and the dairy would deliver to me as well. All orders got called in and delivered and I never set foot in a grocery store or Costco again. Growth my friend, it does the body good.
  19. For the people with home offices/garages with your parts in it, what do you do to organize parts? My office is only about 9x10 and it's getting a little tight in here. I don't know if I should just order some random bags and label everything with a label maker or if I should try something else. Do you guys use tags to identify good parts from bad parts (such as control boards, displays, validators, coin mechs, etc..). I do have a little bit of space but there are several random harnesses and small parts that I have parted out from machines and never labeled, most of which are known for the time being. Refrigeration decks and certain other parts go in the garage with spare equipment. Getting a warehouse is mostly out of the picture unless I could get one with at least 2,000 SF for less than about $500/month and a large overhead door, which exist but I can't find them when they are available. All input is appreciated.
  20. It is a 3158. Everything works but there is a code to change prices and I haven't figured it out. Anyone know FSI 3158 default code?
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