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  2. So if I ground out the solenoids it opens the doors I did switch out solenoids. The doors give me an Error code. Would this mean it’s a computer board issue. Checked the harness and it appears to work. And ran jumper cables from different harnesses and it appears to be something between the harness and control board. Anyone?
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  4. I'm definitely open to working with easier products, but what kind of income could I be looking forward to with snack / beverage machines. I was recommended to stay away from Combos...
  5. Neither of those sound particularly great. Smoking continues to decline so you have an ever shrinking (already small) pool of customers, and you're very limited on where you can place the machines. The fact that they're already illegal in most places means they run some risk of becoming illegal in Texas. The resale value of the machines has to be almost zero. Cigarettes are highly regulated, heavily taxed, and subject to increasingly stringent laws. If you're new to vending why not start out with an easy product that's sure to work?
  6. It's my understanding that you're only allowed to dispense tobacco in adult only designated areas, atleast here in the state of Texas. I've recently talked directly to the Texas Comptroller; I figured that it would be a novel solution for people who like to go to clubs and have ran out of cigarettes. As far as the Hot food vending machines, I do mean refrigerated food that gets heated. I thought it may be an interesting concept for a large office environment; a company I had previously worked for had a micro market that would often sell out of frozen goods to eat, especially breakfast and afternoon snacks. I did a little research and found those Bicom Vending machines interesting. Perhaps my ideas and vending strategies aren't the most thought out, however I think that those types of vending would provide solutions to things I viewed as problems. What are your thoughts?
  7. Tobacco vending is outlawed in just about every state and there are no more hot food machines around any longer. You might be asking about refrigerated food that gets heated up but those machines are loss leaders. If you do frozen food you can make a little money by putting ice cream in and being frozen, you won't have many stales but you will have to eat what doesn't sell well so you can try other items. Why are you considering these two types of vending? Do you like to be the underdog that will lose?
  8. Fair point! Does anybody have experience in Tobacco Vending or hot food? If so, what kind of roadblocks had you dealt with or are you currently dealing with that may be informative to someone new looking into either space?
  9. It stopped before the cam notch so it wasn't coasting.
  10. Make sure the brake isn't stuck. When you tap it, it should go right back up immediately. If it feels sticky or won't go up at all, that's a problem that will cause it to keep coasting.
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  12. Thanks AZVendor! Today I went to see what I could do about my problem. You said "Also make sure the column clips are set for small package vending ." That was the problem, the column clips were pushed back and should be forward for small can vending. Now the machine works perfectly.
  13. Your rotor is in upside down and if you changed the switch was it new? Your rotor looks like the motor ran without stopping and timed out. That or you didn't put a new switch on but a used one, or the rotor is bent. Can you post a link to a video of it running?
  14. Does anyone know how do fix this machine? It is in our building at work and been leaking all summer. (maybe longer) thank you
  15. J am having the same issue, sometimes it drops a few extra cans here and there, a few freebies never hurt no one. So the place I have my machine hooked up has really bad current, so once in a while the GFI will cut in and cut off the machine, it's happened a few times, I feel this is the cause of the free vends. At one point the whole machine got reset, so I had to reconfigure the whole machine again, other that, I don't see anymore free vends. If the sensor was bad you would get free vends all the time, once in a while, I don't see it as an issue, my lines are also 4 deep, on the 721 the plastic pieces should be pulled forward all the way to make 4 deep. Also if the machine is cranking in alot of cash who cares about a few loose ones, think of it as a few damaged cans, there's always 1 in every 10 cases 😀
  16. Well. Apparently it isn't a problem with the switch; the replacements didn't change the behavior. It looks like the shaft is misaligned. No matter what I do it won't rotate to it's proper position. (see images) Is that motor problem? Or perhaps an improper cam setting?
  17. It is possible that a dead battery could cause the loss of STS but I'm not certain of that. You probably will find that most settings will remain. The prices are the most volatile since they are the one item most likely to be changed by the user.
  18. Thanks AZ, Can you tell me if memory loss on prices would also cause memory loss on column programming?
  19. I’ve got Jofemar machines. Yes, they are imported but parts and support are readily available from their US offices in Miami. I only have Jofemar machines (bought a former HUMAN franchise) so I have no other experience to compare them to. As for EasyFlex delivery, it is very easy to change and adapt the layout based on the items you are selling. I can set up one bin to sell 28 cookies or 5 Sabra hummus and pretzel cups or 11 bags of chips, just by changing the divider clips in a matter of seconds. Width and number of bins per tray is also easily changed, no tools involved.
  20. With no experience with them, an immediate breaker trip is probably a bad relay board but it could be some 110v short as well. Also, since it's an import, if it's the first time you've ever plugged it in, is it maybe set for 240v operation? You could also disconnect the tank heater and see if it still trips but the heater probably isn't supposed to come on that soon anyway, leading to the relay board being the culprit.
  21. You should try three deep first and see if it still has the issue. Also make sure the column clips are set for small package vending and that the depths are programmed properly for each columns.
  22. My Vendo model 721 is set to vend 12 oz cans, 4 deep. Every now and the, I get "multiple vends" (2 cans drop for one vend), usually from the selection on the far right or far left, I suspect that the multiple vends happen when the cans drop from the back of the column, since the back of column cans have less height to drop, the drop sensor probably is not detecting the drop. Would changing the old drop sensor for a new drop sensor fix this problem? Other possible fix: Would changing the columns to 3 deep instead of 4 deep solve this problem since the three deep can has farther to drop than the far rear 4th deep can? (A farther drop might make the drop sensor be more reliable). What do you guys think?
  23. i have a rubino 200 machine the breaker on the trips as soon as it is pluged in. within a second. no opportunity to reset the machine and no opportunity to get an error code. Ive switched out the plug but that didn't help. can someone please help me trouble shoot the problem.
  24. I'm told that it's possible to go to the gym and not tell Facebook about it.
  25. Yeah but just the brush. Just curious are certain NW machines made for deeper wheels and brushes? I have super 60's and only the shallow candy brushes fit it. Not the deeper ones. If one uses a deep wheel do they need a deep hopper too? Just wondering. Also im just making sure I make my request clear, I need a shallow NW candy brush, not a gumball brush. Do you have any for sale and if so how much woukd it cost to get one down here to Jackson MS? Thanks so much.
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