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  2. Red Solutions

    And don't be fooled by the post in the coffee forum thread from a supposed customer service guy who is just trying to cover their azzes for how they have screwed every person that sent them money.
  3. Dont c-stores usually sell their own coffee? Thing is, for the money, you could invest in some soda machines and make way more. Coffee machines must be cleaned weekly at minimum! They are usually made with a hose connected to a spray bottle just so you can clean it out! I don't do coffee machines. Why not invest in soda machines? Having such a small town, you may be able to get away with cans-only and no snacks. You'll only need to carry maybe 10 varieties of cans, all of which you can get at grocery stores. You won't have sanitation issues. Stocking is easy and almost never messy. All you would need is a dolly and work out of a car. You could easily get 5 locations doing $50/week each at almost 50% profit. Boom, you make an easy $500/month working about 5 hours every 2 weeks or maybe 5 hours every 3 weeks. And i am being very generous on time. I could collect and restock $500 worth of cans from 5 can machines in 3 hours if there isn't too much driving.
  4. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    Suggest you watch out for customerservicevend@gmail. I would NOT send the person any contact information. I specifically asked Joseph Zapata for a refund and he threatened to sue me. What is the talk about golphering Craigslist?
  5. Red Solutions

  6. 20oz Pepsi margins

    I agree with getting what you are worth. You just live in a pricey market.
  7. AP 7600

    Nationals are cool because you can remove the top and bottom plates if you need more room but the 7600 should fit with a clamshell.
  8. Today
  9. Inventory Management

    I built a custom excel system that uses a daily data dump from USA tech to update machine product levels. Each item in each machine has its own par based on sales over the last 3 weeks. The excel tells us how much of each item to stock to get the maximum time between services. It also organizes and lists low selling items to be removed and replaced with something new and creates a weekly inventory buy based on recent usages. I've been developing this for about 6 years, it creates a ton of efficiency, cuts down on waste and gets us to accounts right when they need service. If there's any if you that have 100% of your machines on USA tech I may be able to set you up with the excel for the right price. We manage around $500k a year with about 55 stops. Just me and my business partner, no employees.
  10. I'm looking at A university cafeteria and dormitory I'm also looking at a hospital a couple of convenience gas station/stores
  11. You should change the blinker fluid every time you change the steering wheel actuator .....
  12. 20oz Pepsi margins

    I think most companies are around $1.75 bottles and $1 cans in our area so we're a bit higher than most. We don't get kicked out because of the service we provide. All our candy is at $1.50. Chips cookies snacks etc are $1.25 and pastries and large snacks are $1.75. We don't notify our accounts about price changes just do them as necessary to keep our profit margins up. We've lost accounts for pricing but the good profit margins elsewhere easily make up for the losses. Get what you're worth!
  13. Honestly, if you are retired, it may be an ok choice. But, I would read all the back posts here, and think long and hard about this. Also, I am guessing that you live in a warm area, is there demand for hot drinks? Personally, if I were to do this, I would talk to local vending operators, and ask to partner. Reason being, most vending operators (myself included) don't like dealing with coffee. Too much work, and hassle, and you have to be there once or twice a week to clean. But, if you specialize in coffee you could work on a deal with an existing company, where you put coffee machines in only their best locations. Then, I would choose one model of machine, and only use that (if you do decide to do this, come and ask for recommendations). Since you are on an island, parts will be hard and slow to get. So, only run one model, and have a machine dedicated for spare parts. Get to know it inside and out. Another option would be ice cream. They are somewhat lower maintenance, and you could possibly place them in tourist spots. Ice cream should sell better, as you are in a warm area. But there are still a bunch of pitfalls, so think and read the posts here first, before you spend a dime.
  14. Coke Programs/Coke Promotions Possible Fraud

    I concur. I can't believe that this dude is actually trying to repair the reputation of a known scam and a scam that, like all scams, is a deal too good to believe. There is NO WAY that any deal like this, whether for soda machines or coffee machines will ever provide a return on investment nor an income to anyone foolish enough to give money to them to get rich quick. We won't be able to save everyone because they aren't all lucky enough to come across this forum and be warned away but we will do what we can to save people from themselves and the big dollar signs they think they see.
  15. Please kindly golpher off. You made claims that you would provide Coke owned equipment to your customers. You and I both know damn well that neither Coke nor Pepsi nor 7up, has given 3rd party leases to new vendors for many, many years, especially in the SoCal area. I cannot see your company as anything but scammers, due to the fact that you promised things that you knew would not come to fruition. Now the fact that you have now formed a new company gives me even more suspicion, as it is still the same bastard running the show, as well as the fact that forming a bunch of new companies to replace old ones with tarnished names, is pretty much the M.O. of many scammers. Oh, and F U C K Y O U for spamming the golpher out of the local Craigslist.
  16. GPL 171 EPROM version

    I called USA Tech, and was told I needed the 160.11 or higher. However, the list didn’t actually show a 171. I ordered the 170.03 eprom just in case. Once I install I will update this post. Thanks again everyone
  17. Yesterday
  18. Reliable and inexpensive in relation to coffee vending is an oxymoron. Coffee vending means cash or credit in, coffee out. Customer has no access to fill the machine. From there, if you want fully self-contained, it will need a cup dispenser (you will need cups made for vending machines) Vending grind coffee or whole beans (not a blend, beans must be 100% the same), non dairy creamer, or powdered milk, vending hot chocolate, sugar that can hold up to the humidity inside the machine. You will not find any machines close to reliable for less than $2,000. There are coin-op machines that don't drop cups or dispense condiments, but you need to control access to these supplies or they walk away when you are not there. No one makes a counter top machine any more that does all of the above. If you are talking about coffee service (office coffee), where they buy the product and supplies from you and you provide the machine, that opens up another bag of fuster cluck. Kcups, pods, bean, liquid concentrate, open brew, glass decanter or airpot, foam cups, paper cups, sleeves, cream & sugar packets or bulk. And that's just to get started. If it were feasible in these locations, it would already be there. Send this forum a donation for helping you not lose thousands of dollars. If you want to really supplement your income and exercise your talents with vending, think soft drinks. We can help guide you down the right path without raiding your 401K. https://vendiscuss.net/clients/donations/ PS: How often should I change the blinker fluid in my 2012 F-150 4 X 2 Super Crew, 5.0 V-8?
  19. GPL 171 EPROM version

    I had one a couple weeks ago that had 170.01 I believe. Had to upgrade to 170.03 and cc reader works with that one. Not sure about 170.02
  20. U-Turn settings

    Does anyone know the U-Turn setting for Peanut Butter M&M's? I can't find Reese's pieces at BJ's anymore. Thanks.
  21. Our Operating Principles

    I support local gun owners Great thread
  22. Red Solutions

    Looks like it's unanimous The "Scams" have it
  23. No, how many people work there are they there all day blue collar vs white collar what business are you putting them in transient staffing vs permanent You know, details about the accounts you are looking at
  24. Red Solutions

    Yes a big scam. Don’t do it
  25. Starting off with about 3 to 5 initially
  26. I meant accounts you are going after
  27. Red Solutions

    HUGE SCAM!!! They were sued by Coca-Cola because they were calling themselves Coke Promotions. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!
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