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  2. I don't know what the difference is between the 540, 576, and others, but check for a vmax manual
  3. Hi, I have 10 snack machines 7600 need to operate them in note acceptor only because in my country we don't have COINS only notes but i face difficulty in running them properly as the coin acceptor in the machine needs to be connected and full with coins which is OK but the coin mech must return the rest of the note when enabling the multi vend after 15 seconds. the 15 seconds is a setting in the machine as I read it in the manual so it means when the customer insert a bill (example 1$) and wanted to vend in 75cent then after 15 second the rest (25cent) will be return automatically from t
  4. 18 years doing this and I have NEVER once bought from Brand.
  5. I just picked up a Vendo V540 for 500$ today. I've got a few questions on it. I'm slightly confused by the model number, is this a "Vendo Vmax V540 live display" Are there any manuals available for these? I'd like to figure out how to set it up and program it. It seems like it's outdoor rated, I read in a topic that they make heater kits for them, where can I get one? How easy is it to add a credit card reader to it, what does that all entail? Thanks in advance!
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  7. There's no such thing as having no dishwasher. You either have or are one.
  8. Empty the offending column. Look at the rotor. There should be stainless steel fingers sticking out at like a 30degree angle. Sometimes these get bent weird or are broken off with a jagged edge, which can puncture cans.
  9. No energy drinks or bottles, it's all regular 355mL cans. Still gonna try this though. Could it also be caused by cans being in the machine stacked high for a long time (ie. Several months)? I'm wondering if that's also the cause.
  10. Shipping 17 games is going to be quite expensive depending on what they are. You can get Enterprise truck rental or Penske truck rental cheaper then Uhaul and probably drive yourself there to pickup. If you are doing roundtrip, make sure to get a liftgate as well. Getting anything good? Don't know where you are located, but I might be interested in some stuff depending on what you are getting.
  11. I found 1 guy that is getting out of the business and is selling a BUNCH of games at a really fair price; problem is he's 17 hours away from me. I have a pickup + trailer, but realistically I can only fit 3 (4 if small) games on it at a time. I was thinking of flying to his location, renting a Uhaul, and driving them back (other option was to pallet and ship them to myself). Has anyone ever used a Uhaul like this before? Advice would be appreciated Would you guys Uhaul or pallet and ship? Thanks in advance
  12. Are you running bottled water, energy drinks or bottles together with cans? If so, the springs that hold the backing plate to the walls of the column could be puncturing the cans in the adjacent columns. If so, just gorilla tape a piece of cardboard over the point where the spring portrudes and you've got your fix.
  13. Hello, I've never had this issue before and am trying to figure out why it might be happening. In one of my drink machines (A Dixie Narco 276e), when someone selects ginger ale, the cans seem to occasionally come out with tiny puncture holes after passing through the chute causing them to spray everywhere. In one instance, all the fluids of the can just leaked out. I've inspected the machine for any parts or objects that could be obstructing or puncturing the cans on the way down but there isn't anything. What might be causing this to happen? The drinks are not expired, alt
  14. I have a LCM combo that had a card reader on it. It worked fine. I later put an inone in it for DEX purposes and it’s even better.
  15. Inone says it’s a timing issue with the motors in the drink machine vs the snack machine. The vendor in the video may have put the inone in his 3100 series machine but will discover the drink satellite will not function properly.
  16. Incident Report: Crane Cashless Devices – Payment Unsuccessful Report Date: April 9th 2021 Report Status: Initial Background: Security is of utmost importance to CPI, and we have strict governance and procedures to guard against any risks of misuse, manipulation and fraud. Whilst threats to our security systems are continually evolving, CPI are constantly updating and implementing security features to guard against these activities. On April 6th 2021 CPI have been informed of issues with some card payment devices unabl
  17. Last week
  18. How is their shipping cost? I can get Oakleaf gumballs currently from a retailer cheaper than I can Ford gumballs shipped from Ford in regards to shipping cost. Which I have yet to figure out. That's same count and same number boxes and at least the or greater shipping distance.
  19. i grabbed up the last 13 cases at sams, marked down to $13 a box
  20. It's normal for some board versions to change by cent increments. You need to just hold the button longer and it will eventually go in larger increments.
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