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  3. End of the year write offs
  4. AngryChris

    Dixie Narco Bev Max "Suicide Drop"

    How easy is it to replace decks on new models?
  5. tllshopper


    Time Left: 13 days and 21 hours

    • For Sale
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    BIG LIQUIDATION SALE!! ALL BULK PRODUCT MUST GO!! East Coast Vending selling all inventory. Capped as well as some uncapped items. Bulk vending from A & A Global, Flatline and Cardinal. Big Discounts!! Please call Anita at 386-789-1976.


  6. AZVendor

    Dixie Narco Bev Max "Suicide Drop"

    You can use an AMS VCF or a USI Alpine as combo machines. The AMS is superior.
  7. AZVendor


    Plumbed brewers are the best and most professional. Doubling your coats (keystoning) is where to start. Remember to include the filters for free inside each case of coffee. You have to provide clean decanters with every service or give them airpots to use.
  8. Highland

    Saeco SG 200 operators

    Just sent you an email that will hopefully help
  9. Great question. I used Firestone to get started and somehow it all worked out. Does anyone know where i would go to buy a brand new Bevmax 6 media?
  10. TenVend

    Dixie Narco Bev Max "Suicide Drop"

    AZ...... Do you have experience with these......?? We have 2 machines like this and give us alot of Flexibility...... Is there any other cost effective machines that do both. We are kinda in a niche where we are serving some accounts that are barely big enough to need cold food, but We can offer it w/o an entire machine dedicated to it........
  11. vendbend

    Bulk candy in a Whirler?

    jawbreakers for me do well the adults buy them but the kids dont like them
  12. Snickers

    501e - Force vend

    Button #4 is the one you want Chris.
  13. lacanteen

    Random thoughts

    The city of Denver was probably founded by a group of tired settlers who took one look at the Rocky Mountains and decided “oh hell no, we stayin' right here”.
  14. lacanteen

    Useless (but interesting) trivia

    A $1 bill costs 4.6 cents to make.
  15. lacanteen

    RVCC462-9 replaced trip chain help

    As long as the chain is 'off-home', power the machine up and it will home itself and configure to the columns that are there. All other programming should stay in tact.
  16. lacanteen

    501e - Force vend

    So you want them to use you as a bill changer?
  17. SCOTT1963

    Machine info

    The doors are available for the 4 and 5 wide. The doors are just AP112 and AP113 parts (they did something that makes sense) We stock the cabinet harness but, not sure for how long.
  18. flintflash

    Snack box update

    We are on a 13 business day cycle, so with weekends falling in there, we a roughly on a 2.5 to 3 week cycle. Keep up the GREAT work buddy!
  19. If you want financing you have to buy new machines and deal with the terrible terms. Honestly your best best is a business line of credit or a business loan.
  20. bhumphrey829

    Snack box update

    Lol thanks buddy. Just remember my box average is higher because all of my routes are on a 3 week cycle,
  21. The machine was working great then the chain broke. I repaired the chain and is installed. Is there a position that the chain has to be in for it to work correctly. Do I need to reset STS for the whole machine.
  22. TKK


    I always knew tjis day would come but one of my accounts wants to.pay for their employees coffee. I gave them an option either 65c a cup (usi coffee) and bill them monthly. Or i provide the 3 burner bunn thing from samsclub. Theres a pourover for 280 or a automatic for 550. Which do u guys recomend? I doubled pricing on all pricing on stirrers, cups, sugar, coffee, etc. Is this kinda the norm? I was thinking of starting to offer it to all our accounts. What do you guys do in your coffee program? Pricing? Do you do good revenue? Good tips? What to.look for?
  23. My credit isnt that good right now kinda saturated but its about 680 or so. Anyone have a good source for machine financing? They recomended firestone and quickspark? I do have about 100k in total line of credits plus anout 40k of credit card lines i can use but i dont wanna touch those!
  24. MikeAndIkeTurner

    Interested in bulk vending

    I second that gumball guy. Im a beginner, that alone helped alot
  25. nvb

    Average monthly sales expectations

    You're starting out with some mediocre quality and low capacity equipment. If you actually do land good accounts with this stuff, prepare to visit more often (less capacity = frequent visits = less profit per hour worked) and take years to pay down the cost of the machines (new equipment costs $$$) It's not the end of the world, and the good news is you've come to the right place moving forward. The forum here is a wealth of knowledge and the pros among us really know what they are talking about. Read up and take it all in.
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