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  2. Where did you get the picture of me?
  3. For a machine with a decent deck design (Royals, DN, and Vendo) the cost of repair for me should be no more than the cost of a good rebuilt deck from Vending Works. About 350-400 shipped. Closer to 450 if you want a brand new compressor. If you call up a commercial refrigeration tech that is used to working on restaurant equipment a new compressor will typically run 6-800. A compressor from Johnstone is like 2-300 and add markup and a couple hours labor and you'll hit 6-800. Which is why I never get someone to replace just a compressor, I just buy rebuilt decks. They are easy to put in, should take no more than an hour for a first timer. (I can do one in 20 min).
  4. Have you considered vinyl wrap? Much easier in my opinion. Can get black from NBS. The black is the same mil as the Pepsi/Coke decals. Ive also used Rustoleum paint/primer gloss and it works well.
  5. There really isn’t a recharge as these are sealed systems. Are the coils clean on evap/condenser? Ice building up at evaporator? Are you positive thermostat is working? Is the door at delivery port closing properly?
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