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  2. Ran my honor box route today and I have 1 account that has pretty high theft (so high I don't even make anything off of it). When pulling a box, do you guys just walk in/grab/leave? Do you talk to the person you usually interact with and explain why? Do you just play it by ear?
  3. I have seen bottles loaded this way in USI equipment by a large vending company. Does USI call for this?
  4. Wow and I thought we did things backwards down South 😉
  5. While some USIs machines recommend that AMS doesn't so this vendor must think USI knows best.
  6. Since it's an E model with a credit display then it runs an SIID logic board and it does have a battery slot on the board. If your slot is empty then that's why you lose the pricing. You can order the rear spacers from Vendors Exchange.
  7. If you know a farmer to get old discs from that's awesome. Some welding, sandblasting, paint and your good to go without paying shipping. I wouldn't buy new discs though.
  8. I had a guy tell me about how a farmer friend of his made him stands out of plow discs and black pipe. i saw a pic and they were impressive.
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  10. I myself also thought that is how bottles are loaded! What do I know! I voted Trump and will again in 2020! Vacation and your inspecting vending machines!
  11. I thought that was how you were supposed to load bottles into spirals? I could be completely wrong, as I have exactly 0 combos set up like that.
  12. I was on a road trip last week and saw this at the hotel Tuesday night. Maybe we've been doing it wrong. Look at those bottles!
  13. thanks for the quick answer. I will check to see if it works
  14. No RAM is never good. Make sure the EPROM is correctly installed and all of the connector feet are socketed. The only thing you can try is a RAM clear: Press <exit> and hold, then press <up arrow> while holding exit. If the display changer, press <down arrow> until you see "clear all". Press and hold <#> on the service keypad until you see the message "cleared" If that doesn't work, you may have a bad board or corrupt EPROM.
  15. I have finally purchased a replacement board with the latest Eprom, but the machine is now showing the message "No ram". what did i do wrong and how to fix it? Thanks
  16. Thank you AZVendor! I will take it off the surge protector. Our machine does not have a disk battery on the logic board. I think the machine is about 1998 model. Could it be a fuse? Yes I was talking about the rear spacers. I can see the back of the machine, so I know there are no backers there. Where would I be able to order some? I have not had any luck in my searches. Thank you!
  17. The difficulty of holding in your pee is inversely proportionate to the distance between you and the toilet.
  18. Let it retire, give it a gold chain, thank it for it's 25 years of service and put in a VN
  19. Search the archives, there’s been a few who have. Personally I have been able to buy the cheap biz op doubles (SSF, T Pico, NAV, other import garbage) for cheap off CL just for the stands. (Then dump the machines themselves on EBay for cheap).
  20. I use and 800 number for all my Id stickers it sends me an email with the voice mail immediately or I can just have it ring to my cell just a few bucks a month and looks professional having a toll free number
  21. Take it off the surge protector. That will cause you issues with supplying enough current to the compressor when it starts. Losing prices when losing power is caused by a bad battery on the logic board. Unplug the machine and remove the logic board cover. You'll see a small disk battery, pn 2032, in a slot that needs to be replaced. If there is hot glue holding it in then cut it free from that. What backers are you mentioning? The rear spacers? Those are readily available if they are actually missing. Yours might be there and just need to be adjusted unless you see nothing but the back wall of the cabinet.
  22. Awesome, several good options and a history lesson! I don't believe I have ever seen a first generation card reader then... Thanks to everyone!
  23. Has anyone devised a way to make stands for machines with locally sourced parts. I see lots of good machines for sell but without the stands. The new stand prices aren't too bad, but when you factor in shipping..
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