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  3. Hi, have a golden tee 2k , thats missing the bill acceptor on the left side if you are looking at the game. Can anyone tell me which one I need for it or what will fit there, or what came with that cabinet?? The hole and plug is already there, just no bill accpetor. I dont have the manual either. Any info would be great.
  4. why scrap if they are working, who says old parts are not available?
  5. try snack attack, they usually have stuff thats hard to find
  6. what is wrong with the machine that you think it might need a new board?
  7. is it 24v MDB or 9pin? if its MDB, you can change to MEI 2512, and for credit card you can use payrange, if it 9 pin (usually 12v) then you would have a problem, as for the machine, if its working, let it work, no harm in updating or upgrading, if you need more help you can reach me 9one773one389one, send pics of what you got
  8. I have a GPL FoodKing 429 cold food machine that's on location. Now and then, it would stop vending because it thinks one or more of the 9 delivery doors is still open. It turns out that a certain part of the delivery door assembly had a small section of the plastic chipped off and that small section was needed for the sensor to know that the delivery door was shut after the customer took out his purchase. In fact, all but 2 of the 9 selections had that problem. I checked online to get the part number of that part and apparently, Polyvend was the original maker of that model and the Polyvend manual showed the part number to be 23345. Anyway, after multiple calls to many parts vendors (including D&S), I was only able to find 3 units of that part. I installed those 3 and disabled the 4 selections that still had the problem so that the machine could be used by the account. But NO ONE ANYWHERE seems to have that part and I need 4 more. If you have a few to spare or know of someone who does, I'm willing to buy 5 units asap. The part number is 23345 (door stop and price holder) and it works on the GPL FoodKing 427/429/436.
  9. You can't do that on such an old machine. Besides, it's not worth any investment into it. Your post hints that you might be a vending tech. If so you should already know this.
  10. The standard, most valuable reply is junk the machine. Do the world a favor and make it go away.
  11. Hi, Im hoping someone can help me get a Main Board replacement for a gaines vm750a vending machine.
  12. Hi everybody! Has anybody ever worked with a USB/MDB converter/adapter to plug the coin/bill acceptors in the machine to a computer? What item you used? What company manufacturer is it from? best regards!
  13. Sure Given a serial number, I can find out if we have something to fit. We currently only produce the deck that fits 621/721/821 but can retrofit to older equipment. You might try a local distributor for one as you might see an outrageous lead time right now from my parts dept. SandenVendo (800) 344-7216 Refer deck, R134a - V21 - 1192401-1
  14. Hello have a customer with a FSI 3076. Their old bill validator is a old Coinco BA32F 27 volt. It is no longer taking bills but it is taking coins. Client would like to upgrade to a system that accepts credit card. Looking for advice on what components will work and where to get them. Thanks for the help!
  15. If you have several of them it's past time to retire them. Sell off any good parts and scrap them.
  16. It depends on your cut-out/target temperature. If I recall, there is cut-out temperature that determines when the compressor kicks on, and it goes about 5 degrees cooler from there. So if the cut-out is 43, then it would be 38-43 (if I got it right). At 43, it would cool to 38, then no cooling until the temp sensor reads 43. If you are at 42 and the compressor is constantly running, then there's something wrong. If it's not running at all at 43 but it turns on at say.. 48, then your cut-out/target temp is too high and needs to be lowered.
  17. Last week
  18. Hello All, Our business recently acquired an old Royal G-II (390-9), and everything seems to be in working order. Unfortunately, we cannot seem to figure out how to change the prices. It did not come with a Direct Exchange/Uniform Communication Standard, or compatible hand held computer. The operation and service manual makes mention of the HHC being used to lock out manual programming. Can someone tell me where I can buy a used HHC, or is there some sort of factory reset that will allow us to bypass having to get one? Thank you!
  19. eBay or a parts machine. These machines have not had parts support for a very long time.
  20. Hey all - I am searching for a few polyvend r32 keypad replacements - Anyone know where there might be some??. I have checked most of the large parts suppliers with no luck. Thanx on advance
  21. Mike, this is a serious question. Can I buy a new deck for a 576/540? I actually need one
  22. Run the system with a gauge set on the low side. If the pressures are still positive (albeit low) atmosphereic gases and moisture should not have been able to get in. If the compressor is pulling a vacuum then you can assume moisture has entered. At that point gonna have to recover the pittance left and pull a vacuum and evacuate. Honestly with removable deck machines I primarily do patch type repairs. Recharges simple component changes etc. Any major work (ie bust out the torches and start brazing) I just grab a rebuilt deck. Now for built in systems yes I agree find the leak and do it right. Even then I’ll probably recharge the first time and throw in dye in case it’s a slow leak.
  23. Fair enough. How do you ensure that you've removed condensibles (sp?) from the system? If the leak is on a suction line, it's pretty likely you have pulled moisture into the system.
  24. Not necessarily. Use a pinch off tool to pinch off the process stub. Cut the end off the stub and braze a Schrader on. Unpinch the tube and you are done. No need to recover evacuate and recharge.
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