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  3. Before the crowbar was invented did crows have to drink at home?
  4. Look for burned out dim or flickering tube light bulbs in the machine and around it. Sometimes this will scramble boards temporarily. Otherwise time to junk it or eBay a board.
  5. Get model number from tag. Should be one on the inside top left of the cabinet (near selection A1) If not check the back of the machine. Then get the manual here https://www.vendnetusa.com/Manuals/Snack_Vending_Machine_Service__Manuals/ I’m guessing based on the display you have a GVC 1 control board which would be this manual. If things don’t match up then I probably guessed wrong lol. https://www.vendnetusa.com/wfdata/files/4214709d_GVC1_Service_Manual.pdf
  6. Look for burned out dim or flickering fluorescent light bulbs in and around the machine. They throw off massive amounts of electromagnetic interference trying to start and it scrambles the boards temporarily.
  7. The machine should be replaced rowes haven't been made in 20 years few parts available. Sounds like your control board needs to be replaced.
  8. Its a USI look on the back of the machine you should see a sticker with its model number from there google usi manual should send you to vendnet where you can download its manual
  9. That machine is a USI brand. I'm not familiar with them but a sticker or plate is likely somewhere on the cabinet inside or possibly outside.
  10. That was not much help. Due to Covid, we have very little staff and i am not inclined to replace the machine if at all possible. I would rather not have it at all unless it can be fixed relatively inexpensive.
  11. Purchased this snack machine over the weekend ran into a couple problem and was wondering if anyone can identify this machine so I can find a a manual? Des Moines is the manufacture I believe.
  12. You should consider replacing the machine
  13. Thank you both for the reply. I will check the panel and see what I got.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I have a 6600 that has worked well for years. Something happened to it and it lost power to the key pad. Got a new main board. Now the key pad is working but keeps resetting I.e. prices back to default, shows $12.65 credit and then kicks out the change. Any ideas on what could be the issue?
  16. I have a Rowe 4900 and we are experiencing weird behavior. When you would put a $1 bill in the machine, it would be $3.80 on the display. Some times it would let you choose a product that was $1 and it gave back $0.05. The same thing goes for inserting quarters, the machine things they are $0.95 each. Then I went to look at the stored pricing and all the amounts were goofy. I tried to reset them, tried pressing the red button and I am not getting much action. Now, I still a $1 bill in and it immediately turns the coin only light on. I try to eject bill and have no luck. The only error code I have seen is 9.29. I cannot seem to figure out what is causing the issue. Any ideas would be great. Thanks!
  17. Vendo shims do not interchange with Dixie Narco shims.
  18. i have shims for my vendo 511 not sure if they will work or not. can you put a picture on here for me to look
  19. The machine detects no errors but getting please make another selection on several items. The strange part is doing nothing more than power cycling the machine will bring them back. This keeps happening and is usually the #4 items. Has USAT LTE card reader,led lights hard wired shelves and is on a surge protector.
  20. Puberty is a human hardware update that we only get the software update for when we're in our 30s.
  21. orsd

    Help me identify?

    FYI that’s not my webstore. I think it might be another members here. Not sure.
  22. iams

    Help me identify?

    @orsd yea I am pretty positive it's not polycarbonate because I bought two headlight restoration kits and experimented on one globe with them, it didn't work. headlights are polycarbonate. I also used WD40 along with GooBeGone on another globe to get the baked on stickers off and it corroded. I read afterwards those will ruin acrylic, so.......after the "scientific" experiments, I boiled it down to that the globes were acrylic. Your response to what you thought they were helped solidify this even further. Now I just want to see if there's a solution for getting out the orange tint from acrylic. Funny thing is, I thought acrylic was immune to UV discoloration, so it might be a result from whatever they had inside the machine like roasted peanuts or something. I have 8 machines, but I think I am going to stick with a 4up for this restoration and keep the others for parts. I saw your link and it's good to know you have spares if I need them! Thanks again!
  23. Did you ever figure this out? To reply to your question above, you have to take the back off the machine to see if the tank is filling.
  24. There is a tech up here in Canada. See if he will help: For more information phone me Harvey Bartzen at (780) 905-7829.
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