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  2. You know, if you reach your $500 cash back limit at Sam's Club before your membership is due, you can buy another and start the process again. One of the associates suggested that to me and I've been doing it for a while.
  3. Royals can't go 4-deep. You can only go 2-deep in front and rear columns which is technically not the same as 4-deep. The V21 series will go 4-deep all day long without issue in my experience. I have read that the vmax such as the 720 will do 4-deep but it requires some modification.
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  5. I agree. BTW I never had any luck vending 4 deep in anything but a Royal 650/660.
  6. I belong to both. Is you have the Business membership to they end up costing nothing since your purchases pay the membership. Sam's has more variety, Costco has some chip and chocolate variety packs I prefer. I could not fill my machines with just a Costco membership. On Dec 1 my Sam's membership puts $500 on my account due to yearly purchases (nice). All things being equal, Sam's is the better choice. For me they are within 3 miles of each other, so I belong to both.
  7. It may be worth calling someone who works on them. You need to diagnose it just like any other machine but you may have to remove the bottom two trays to get access to the cooling deck to see what's going on.
  8. nevermind.. it is a max and I can't upload anymore.. ohh well
  9. so it was a wire broke. The ziptie that they used at the factory was so tight that it caused the wire to bend too sharply every time the drawer was pulled out. Anyway, the wire broke so close to the plug that i can't fix the break. Anyone know where to get a plug/pigtail like this one? I will have to upload the pics individually since there is a file size limit
  10. Time for a rant...... The advent of warehouse clubs like Sam's and biz op vending scams have led to an explosion of wanna be entrepreneurs in the vending industry over the last 20 years. They go gangbusters for a while flooding markets with junky equipment then figure out that vending is real work and not a get rich quick endeavor for the lazy. Next thing you know you have neglected equipment everywhere giving the bulk vending industry another unwanted black eye. Very frustrating. Add to that alot of old Fordway (generally Lions Club, Kiwanis sponsored) equipment on the streets where the owners have become unable to manage it properly or have passed away. Different reason....same result. Regardless of the reason, poor servicing or abandonment of equipment makes life tougher for responsible vendors and gracious business owners who allow us to place machines in their businesses. Old product in the machines becomes a liability issue for all parties involved and leads corporations to adopt "no vending" policies across the board. As an example, I had a large car dealership location that I had been in for years. I shared the location with an old Fordway double that had not been serviced since Nixon was in office and another triple owned by some louse who had tons of abandoned machines over a 200 mile radius. Some customer, who was either blind or just had a death wish bought some candy out of the Fordway machine and chipped his tooth. Long story short we all get shown the door. Frustrating but I can understand the dealerships position on it. They benefit ZERO from allowing these charity machines in the building and they are nothing but a liability especially when they are not being serviced adequately. Poor service by one or more vendors is really everyone's problem. Before I move on I will say that I still see plenty of newbies coming in here with aspirations of getting a vending business of some kind up and running. I wish you luck and all the vendors in here will try to guide you to success but I ask one thing in return.......if you decide the vending industry is not for you, please do the responsible thing and make arrangements to pick up your equipment or sell (or give) your equipment to another reputable vendor. Whatever you do please don't abandon it. Rant over. When it comes to abandoned equipment my general rule is not to touch it. These days I will bring it to a location's attention (reference the story above) if I notice it isn't being serviced or if the candy is looking inedible. I will also attempt to call the vendor if there is a number on the machine. If there is no number I will suggest that the location put it somewhere were the vendor will need to ask to find it. That way they the location can address the lapse in service with the vendor or just tell them to take the machine and leave. Either way I try to remove myself from directly handling another vendor's machine. Doing that helps me to avoid any kind of conflict with another vendor or possible accusations of theft. Bottom line it just isn't worth the risk. If you feel you must remove the machine perhaps due to an ultimatum by the business owner then I would try to call/mail the machine owner if the info is available and warehouse it for at least a year before I cracked it open.
  11. Programming is fine, I have all vendo 721s, I never had any problem like this on any of my other Vendos
  12. I have Bevmax from coke 5800-4 , just got a call from location stating drinks are not getting cold?
  13. It’d be real cool if bags of dog food had toys the way cereal boxes do.
  14. Check local credit unions. Mine has a machine you can dump loose coin into. It sorts and counts it, gives you a coucher, then take it to a teller. No fees. I take mine in in $400 amounts. Hope this helps
  15. Greetings all, Been away for a while but working on building my business up. I have quite a few locations where I have machines along with another companies machines. The company has no info on The machines, just an 800 number that no longer is working at the vending company. I have customers wanting me to replace their machines. I will gladly place another of mine at that location, but they want me to remove the empty one. I took one out, and have it stored with my other machines, because it is a great location, but want some others opinions who have been in the business longer. I also have a location who has some machines, and I know the owner of that company passed away. I've tried contacting the company, or find out if anyone is even further being the business. So what to do with those machines? Thank you!
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  17. New Weekly Totals: Expected Gross Sales: $314 Actual Gross Sales: $244 29 boxes Collected Shrinkage $70 22% Overall totals: Exptected Gross Sales: $3702 Actual Gross sales $2851 Overall Shrinkage 23% 43 total boxes out. Theft/shrinkage is down a bit over the past two weeks, however, sales have also slowed. I now have three accounts where I am placing pops-only boxes in an attempt to slow shrinkage. I've made one collection on two of those boxes and it did seem to work, however, overall sales from one of the boxes also significantly dwindled. I should probably pull at least a half dozen low-performing boxes, but have decided to wait until after the holidays are over. Also, I'm currently picking up boxes on either 7,10, or 14 day cycles except for the six or so I mentioned above as low-performers which I am picking up every 3 or 4 weeks. I'm considering moving all boxes to a two week schedule for ease of convenience. That would allow me to create 7 routes of 6 boxes a piece since I'm currently going out with the 6 boxes I have in reserve each time to replace boxes. I would say I am currently spending about 8 man hours a week on this side business. Going to a 14 day cycle on all boxes could significantly reduce the amount of time.
  18. Thanks for the help everyone. The double vending was from reinstalling the motors and not adjusting the cylinder correctly. Basically I installed it upside down. This caused the vending pattern to always dispense two sodas. I also went through all the motor switches. Several of them had weak plungers. I had some extra ones the had the lever designed to go in front, so I swapped levers. Everything is working like it should now. Thanks again for all the help.
  19. I have older 276E dr peper machine.. It is shimless and with a single price system.. It vends 16.9 soda botlles and 24 oz costco water botlles like a charm.. Single price one whole spin on the cam.. it spins one full circle and Allways dispense a botlles in the midlle.. First and last collum is double big and is half a spin on the cam possition.. again works wonderfuly.. Never had on problem with that machine..All items single price..
  20. I managed to get the Pepsi bottles vending . They seem to be working on the number 5 cam selection. I'm still having trouble with A&W 16.9 Oz. I've tried every cam selection so I'm wondering if I need to tighten up the rear spacer. The out-of-stock paddle is clearly depressed so I'm not sure? the A&W bottles are shaped different than most bottles so maybe they are not vendable? If anyone can provide some feedback I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance, Dan
  21. I'm having a similar issue in a different DN 276E. The Rods are set in the middle position and the brown five position cams are set in three. Coke bottles seem to vend well but pepsi is vending every other cycle and it double vends when it does. Can you give me any advise. Thanks in advance for sharing. Dan
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