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  2. Hello again. I new going into this I would come across issues I didn't know how to resolve. Again, thanks for the help so far. Some time over the weekend the Bill acceptor and coin mech lost power. I also noticed the price display is also not working. The machine still cools correct. Is there a fuse that may have gone? Where? Is there a control board issue? A friend is in the business (he does arcade) so he and I went through the basics of trouble shooting the power for the bills and coins but couldn't find anything. Any help would be great, thanks.
  3. PepsiMan


    I recently purchased a vintage Pepsi machine for personal use. I laid the machine down on its back for the 1,000 mile trip home. I cannot get the machine to release the bottles when the proper coins are inserted. It is a La Crosse cooler (model number is difficult to read but appears to be 6C (I) 90.9) with a Coinco S75-9800A changer. I have bottles only in a couple of shelves. Any idea where to start? Did I cause problems shipping it laid down? I am new at this, any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. I called uturn and they suggested using this product to clear up the canisters. It worked for me on some. It doesn't take out big scratches but does clear up the fog. Hope it helps you.
  5. Some folks just need a simple hug................around the neck.....................................with a rope.How's your Tuesday?
  6. Commoners, Please remember that you are bound to the land by feudal law. Your Royal Highness expects you in the OFFICIAL fantasy league (not the one you are currently in) before the sun sets on this week. I much prefer to be the King that gives you crusts of bread left over from my table as opposed to the King that starts claiming commoner heads. Do not force the velvet glove into becoming an iron fist. Join the proper league. HRH
  7. Oh please! This is two years old! Don't post in old threads like this. Surely they fixed it by now.
  8. Pay a vending technician to diagnose it. There are too many possibilities.
  9. Could be either the door switch at the top of the cabinet, or the vend flap sensor where the bottle goes through to the delivery port or simply a bad elevator motor. If that doesn't work, do what Chris said.
  10. Set it on fire and then put a hose on it full blast and post the video on YouTube.
  11. A coworker has a DN5000 at his Fire House. The conveyor is not moving at all. Everything else is working well. It did work for about 1 year after they bought it but 3 months ago the conveyor stopped working out of no where. It does not go up or down and is set at the bottom. He has traced the wires and everything appears to be connected properly. It still accepts money and returns in proper change. Anyone have an idea what he should do?
  12. I'd like to start out by thanking everyone here who's contributed over the years. I've spent months and months reading this forum and read years worth of posts. It's led to me finally starting my own vending route. I decided to start a mint and candy route using the boxes which contribute to charity. Today was my 2nd day placing boxes and I've placed 35 in 2 days. I spent about 3 hrs each day. I was surprised to find placing the boxes was very easy. Putting the boxes together, putting the labels on and filling them took longer than placing them. I'm anxious to service them next week and see if they actually make any money. Thanks to everyone.
  13. On that same note. Does anyone know how to program the coin acceptor on this machine? The coin acceptor is a GENGO 380 COIN ACCEPTOR. When I put in coins it recognizes all .05. I believe these are programmed from the factory but it looks like there is a way to program the acceptor to recognize the type of coin that is inserted. Any one know how to program these? Thank you in advance!
  14. No. In any case the 2500 figure was a hypothetical. However I know someone else in Chicago that might be interested, PM me.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Definitely a quarter turn camlock. I use a large number of them. I like using them personally. If you want to change it out you can just get a different center rod and new lock for the lid. Doubt you will be able to get the top slot off the existing rod. We use locktite so that it doesn’t start turning over time. No idea if that is what is on that machine? Or just buy a quarter turn that matches from Camlock.
  17. Hi. Do you have the manual with you? Had the same problem and just followed the programing in the manual and it worked.
  18. Maybe I can help. Please be specific on your problem. I own one.
  19. The 5591s are indoor only machines and they do have airleaks inherrent to the gaskets around the recovery unit. There are also potential air leaks at the shelf harness entry points and under the power supply where other wiring enters the cabinet. Also check that the magetic door gasket is sealing well. Otherwise it needs to be in air conditioned space without high humidity.
  20. I've been working on my DN5591 in my garage. I installed a new condensation pan (see attached pic) but it overflows. I live I SWFL and its unbearably humid. I also have other machines running in the garage making it even more warm and possibly more humid. Is my pan likely overflowing because it's a indoor machine that's being used in my garage? I don't want to place the machine and have it over flow in someone's waiting room. Thanks in advance.
  21. Mars announced a 10% increase a few weeks ago so no surprise about sams.... I have been working on going to 1.25 on my candy. Most C-stores are already past that except for promotional prices..
  22. When we are children we play with imaginary friends. When we are adults we battle imaginary enemies.
  23. Looks like all major chocolate bars have gone up 8 cents this week to 67 cents a bar plus tax. What are you guys charging per candy bar nowadays?
  24. Thank you for replying! Thanks for the advice!
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