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Angels' Crossing Vending Outreach Pledge Form 1.0.0

About This File

Introducing Angels' Crossing Vending Outreach Program


Purpose is to provide additional charities to choose from when doing charity vending.

They help facilitate foster care and adoption services. Check out the website for more details.


They are local to South Texas but are interested in starting a national Vending Outreach Program in which I volunteered to help them setup.
This is a new program for them and as I helped introduce them to this idea and create  this program there was one goal for this program for both the charity and for the vendor.  The goal was too keep it simple.

There is a Vending Outreach Donor Pledge Form to fill out,
Then after form is sent in labels will be provided for you for your vending machines.

To help keep this simple and efficient labels will be provided and sent as a PDF and vendor can print, laminate, and use as needed.  (Just keep in mind a pledge form is to be done first and also just like all Charity Vending Programs there is a lot riding on the honor system).

More literature and brochures can also be requested as needed.

$1 per month, per sticker, on location is the part of the pledge agreement, of course more is always appreciated.

Pledge Form attached and available for d/l, you can send to me or directly to charity for labels.


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