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I put this spreadsheet together to help me with keeping track of most of the major things taking place i.e. gross, COGs, charity/commission, net profit, notes, keys, locations, etc. I have created some formulas within the sheet so that you only have to enter some information each time you service the machine, and the sheet will keep track of the rest. This is also a book with the final page "Totals" will total up your entire route for you.


Fields in Yellow are Auto Fill, Fields in Blue are Manual. When completing the form with information from servicing, enter the requested numbers in the blue fields. The yellow fields will automatically update when you are finished. 


The "Totals" page is all autofill and  will update from the information from across the book. 


To create new sheets, right click on any of the sheet tabs at the bottom of the book other than the totals sheet and select "move or copy",choose where you want the new sheet to appear and check the "create copy box". You will need to rename the newly created sheet by right clicking on the new tab at the bottom and left click on "rename"


When you create a new sheet, you will need to update the "totals" page formulas to include the new sheets. To do this, left click on the yellow field. The formula will appear in the edit bar at the top of the page. You will need to edit the last number before the exclamation mark to the name of number of your newest page. For example: Change =SUM('1:4'!E7) to =SUM('1:99'!E7).


Any suggestions on improvements to the form, the book, or my lousy instructions are welcomed. Hope a few people can make good use of this form. I will update once I have received some suggestions for improvements.



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