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    Because vendors are dumb and we can't be smart because all we do is put stuff in the machines and collect money, nothing else.
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    How dumb that was. Next time you will be sure to have a machine moving dolly so you can tilt it back to get it through the doorway before standing it up inside. You have hopefully learned not to buy 79" machines.
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    This made me laugh harder than I thought it should.
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    We had an account a few years ago that started providing water and GatorAde to their drivers (delivery company with 50+ drivers). We talked to management and sold them the product directly, saving them a trip to Sam's Club. Of course, we only marked up the product a modest increase instead of our normal pricing in the machine. ( I think we were selling a $4/case water for $6 and added $3 to a case of GatorAde. My route driver would drop the product off when they filled the vending machines. They would get 15-20 cases every delivery. They loved it because they didn't have to send an employee to go pick up the product, and we made a little money off of the lost pop machine sales for the summer. The drivers still bought pop from the machine, so I don't think we really lost much sales. It worked out really well. We only lost the account last year when the owner retired and sold off the business to a competitor who closed the operation and moved out of state.
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    You're in vending now. Just pay the prices that the manufacturers charge and admit that the rule "it takes money to make money" is true. You are much better off buying the parts specific to your machine. While there are some common items you never know what they are until you pore over the parts manuals from a variety of machines to see if the spiral matrix is the same in any of them. Even if some are the same the prices will remain the same as well. Hell, even if I sold you spirals you would pay $20 just because of markup and handling in and out. Everyone needs to make money and you're just the last in the food chain. Well, besides your customers.
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    What are you looking for? DNCB 180 went out of production in the early 1990s. Here is the parts: https://vendiscuss.net/files/file/113-dixie-narco-series-90-single-price-s2d-and-e-series-parts/ Here is the training manual: https://vendiscuss.net/files/file/114-dixie-narco-series-90-service-training/ Here is the manual for older machines: https://vendiscuss.net/files/file/127-dixie-narco-pre-series-90-manual/
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    For one, you get to be like George.
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    The In-One board can use the original vend sensors.
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    Yes, a delay measured in days is catastrophic. We get Vistar deliveries on Monday and Thursday. Last Thursday they left off 2 pallets of honey buns. We called, they loaded them in a van and someone drove 4 hours from Houston to have them here by 5PM.
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    I recently updated some old Royal Machines at our school with some custom graphics designed by one of my former students. He designed the graphics from scratch in Adobe Illustrator. I wanted him to incorporate a bear, which is our school mascot, and to use Coke elements to fit in with our Coke machines which we are keeping with their original graphics. I had the graphics printed by NBS. I'm happy with the way the machines came out. Here are some before and after pics: The hardest part of the project for me was putting on the side vinyl. I used a vinyl squeegee, but it was still hard getting out all the air bubbles. Is there a secret to that?
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    Yea. Seems like a potential headache as AZVendor has stated. Those frozen machines open up another can of worms potentially. The scaled commission might be good idea. When I make bids, (I rarely have in the past) I never offer too much. Offer what you feel comfortable with. If you don't get it, no sweat. You wasted little time. The last thing you want to do is offer the world and then hate going there. More details about the bid would help.
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    I have used this machine many times this past year. It is a real time saver.
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    It depends on your area. You will be competing with big boys and medium sized companies too. It's a big bite and you would be putting a lot of eggs in one basket. Around here, 15-20% is very possible for that, and pricing has to reflect that. As a little guy, your disadvantage is that your product costs can be higher, so that 20% can hurt quite a bit. But the advantage is you don't pay any labor. I recommend small vendors avoid these accounts because one little thing can potentially cripple you. And, for the money, you can get quite a few really nice locations. You should be more worried about other factors than commission, such as equipment costs, having the ability to stock enough product, transportation, etc, but of course commission is a big deal too.
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    I have never seen any mini storage with a solid roof. Generally weak golpher trusses that are good with holding up a roof but not much else. (you can load a truss on top but not from the bottom chord.)
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    For all the guys who think a woman's place is in the kitchen, remember that's where the knives are kept.
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    Claw machines are a hell of a way to cut your teeth. Very high amount of competition, hard to find locations because of that. Lots of little things to know that only come from experience, old machines just make it that much worse. I will say however, that if you like messing with claw machines, and are reasonably good with tools, get a decent machine and mess around with it. Spend a few hundred bucks and mess around with it. Play it, break it, and fix it. Learn the ins and out of cranes. Then try to find a location, and place it. I would not recommend jumping in the deep end, the learning curve is just too steep. It's not like bulk machines where you can learn the basics in a day.
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    False. It’s when they fly past you, stop, but the light turns green so you don’t even have to slow as you hammer down through the intersection past them while they are still trying to get back up to speed.
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    Do you have the grey sleeve clip in the third position back? I also concur that the gage bars could be bent. Four deep vending can also be problematic if your delivery chute has a vinyl liner on it that is warped. You also have to have the chute completely clean of any spilled soda or dirt so the cans will slide easily.
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    Gauge bars might be bent. Swap with a column that works to verify.
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    120 boards are getting long in the tooth and stupid. If you're not DEXing or using telemetry, it's not so bad. Also, replacement credit displays when they go bad cost over $200. Not much more gets you an In-One kit with OLED display. I'm just trying to get ahead of the avalanche of failed boards in 105 machines.
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    Thanks, There are a couple of other machines out there....one works off a conveyor belt and the other is vaguely similar to ours but one big unit. Actual Kayaks and paddle boards. Paddles and PFDs in the lockers and kayaks and paddle boards on the rack. Pick what you want and the PFD and paddle locks open and the metal cord to the kayak unlocks. When you come back, enter in the last four of credit card or re-swipe and those locks unlock again....once locked and doors closed the card is charged appropriately. outdoorvendingsolutions has the contact info would love to find more people interested
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    You need to change the 16.9 oz shims from can shims to the thinner version made for that size bottle. You also need to remove all shims from your Gatorade as they don't require any shims unless you have a vending issue. In your photo A3 appears to have that thinner bottle shim but the picture may be misleading. Make sure you have pushers on all slides and then you need working drop sensors so that you can enable the vend "retry limit" and set it to 2 or 3. This allows a customer to make one or two additional attempts to buy something from a problem selection or another selection. Once a vend is made or the retry limit is reached you will either get the product or you will get a refund. That way no one loses money and your machine doesn't get beat up when people lose money in it. Also, make sure that none of the gates are cracked at the bottom. If they are then you need to replace them.
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    Unload as many cans as you can. Press the brake, release the jammed can. Make sure both switches are in a cam valley. Done. When you go switch out the cam its easy, only thing is remember the position of the old rotor when you remove the motor, and install it the same way. Ie remember if the rotor cup is up or down, and reinstall the same way. Otherwise, if you mess it up, you will know, because it will vend 2 then none, then 2 again. If so, just remove the motor and flip the rotor (rotor will fit only 2 ways).
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    I took a look at this site and noticed right away a few issues: 1. Other than email, there is no address, phone number or other contact info. 2. There appears no method to backup data locally (import/export feature) 3. If they decided to offer service free, when it was $10.00 before, how are they going to make money now? 4. Without some local backup method, how are you going get your data after the website is out of business? 5. Who is Justin? Is he my competitor down the street? How do I know he or one of his worker won't sell my info? I could go on... Bart