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  1. Check your light system. bad or flickering fluorescent light bulbs can cause havoc with coin mechs and boards.
  2. Is it tripping when you first apply power or after running awhile. If its tripping right away, the first thing I would check would be the water heaters.
  3. Thanks for the link and your effort. A lot of useful info.
  4. I use one all the time for frozen evaporators. A heat gun and a shop vac to suck up the water makes it quick and easy. Keeps customers happy too since you are not having overflowing drip pans ruining carpets or creating slip hazards. Like AZVendor said just use with caution and common sense.
  5. I had one with the same message last week. A power surge at the account had cleared the board memory. It lost all of its settings and prices. You might have to do a board reset or replace the board if it is corrupted.
  6. Thanks You. Good info as usual from you. Joe
  7. I have seen that problem before in a 501. The vendor was located in a recycling yard and mice had chewed up the wire bundle from the selections. You probably don't have mice, but I would recheck the entire vendor wire harness. Bent, loose or corroded pins will give odd problems.
  8. Thank you lacanteen. Great info to add to the my iPad. Joe
  9. More then likely your bottom sensor is dirty or blocked by a piece of paper or dust bunny. Power down the machine and look at he very bottom of the delivery port box. You will see a screw holding in a metal plate with a small circuit board mounted on it. Remove the plate and carefully wipe down board. Reinstall and power up the machine. If you have access to some canned air or a low pressure air compressor you can use that to clean out the whole port area. That will take care of the problem 99 percent of the time as long as your port box rotates normally.
  10. That chattering solenoid does make it sound like a bad or out of adjusted stop pin assembly. You might want to check the bolt and nut on the pivoting arm of the stop pin. I have seen those loosen up and cause odd problems. Easy to miss that one sometimes. Joe
  11. Have you powered down the machine and hand turned the the turret to see if you have something is jammed? I once seen a can of OJ fall out in the back and jam the turret. Did you check the turret drive shaft coupling to see if its cracked or has broken pins? When they go bad you will usually see white plastic bits and pieces on the wheel. Have you checked the connections at the interface board and the main board? A loose plug or crimped wire will give you fits also. Both boards can also cause the problem, but the interface board is more likely. Good luck. Joe
  12. I found this National 431Troubleshooting and repair guide in a pdf format on the D&S website a while back. It has a lot good solid information. Its one of the better vending manual I have seen, reminds me of Air Force maintenance manuals a little bit. I would recommend that you read the whole manual or least familiarize yourself with its contents. I agree with Walta and Technivend on checking your wheel first, its the easiest check to make and you can also give the turret motor a quick lookover, make sure its tight and that your driveshaft coupling is not cracked, elongated or missing a pin. Another big culprit to check is your stop pin solenoid assembly. A little background on myself since this is my first post. I have been a vending maintenance tech for almost 13 years. I use to work for a small to medium size company for 10 years until it got swallowed up by one of the big boys. Joe http://www.dsvendinginc.com/pdf-manuals/431troubleshootingguide.pdf