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  1. baked lays BBQ and SC and onion,. whole grain rice krispies treats, whole Earth popcorn,. popcorn Indiana ,. pirate booty (.75 size)
  2. Hi does anywhere know where to purchase a coin mech for the attached machine? Thanks.
  3. Hi all, Any suggestions on how to transport Ice Cream--- ride is about 1.5 hrs max. What kind of cooler/equipment does anyone suggest? thanks
  4. Georgia -- you were not understanding what I was saying. I am not claiming that this is the worst thing in the world... I DO NOT MIND them eating and drinking a few things a day.....its the excess...... AngryChris -- that was a excellent, well thought out response. It's funny, I actually just re-read your response to another post I made on employee compensation and you told the same story. A lot of food for thought here and I have gone through the same math and do have priorities straight as far as good driver/bad driver vs. this actual cost. The main frustration lies in the fact that I ask for there not to be excess and it remains a problem. Honestly, I would care somewhat less if everything was perfect on the route and up to my standard but unfortunately I uncover too many small things that I do not think is good for the business (things that cost money over time) that I could completely ignore this issue. Also, as the business scales and you have 3,4,5 employees the absolute $ amount imo becomes material.........thanks again, I am going to give this more thought.........
  5. Yes, I 100% agree with you. It's the abuse I care about. And I am upfront that I don't mind a drink or two and a snack a day. What especially annoys me is the "snacking" and when I see half eaten bags of chips, a bite of a rice krispy treat and half eaten sour patch etc after a night of prekitting ... I know they are eating too much as I find the wrappers all over the place (warehouse, vans, garbage) ..... if you sit and do the math, it adds up over a course of year and of course as the business grows ....
  6. Hi all, Any suggestions (short of putting up cameras and counting inventory the unit) that may help regulate the amount of product employees eat/drink in the warehouse and on the road. I have zero issue with them drinking a water or soda or two during the day and having a snack etc.....however, drinking expensive energy drinks, ice coffees and 3 or more snacks a day is not acceptable. I know the practical answer is that there needs to be a common understanding and its basically all on the honor system (that's this business in general) but I was wondering if anyone does anything clever to keep it all under control? thanks!
  7. No worries, I will be clearer going forward. I am just going to purchase a trunk (with a lock) on wheels for easy storage of loose or bagged coins. I didn't mean to start a entire discussion on security and the baking side, although I never mind hearing everyonew process out. All I wanted to know is if someone had a container or trunk that did the trick for some particular reason given the fact we all have varying amounts of change (both loose and rolled) and the need to get it to the bank. And I know you are 2 different people! I may have pointed a response in error. If I did, my apologies.
  8. *I mean trunk (not truck)
  9. slow down a bit! I go to the bank at least twice a week and I said I have about 6k worth of coins a month which you asked for context of how much coins. camera, locked rooms and the money is in different facilities. I have a very easy system set up the the bank, no rolling, drops ...etc. so at any give. point I can have a couple thousand in coins just not transported and all I am looking for is a truck with a lock really for some loose coin that don't fit well in the 2000lbs safe I have lol..... I have to found some good candidates now that I have asked around. I am very much on top of every aspect of my biz!
  10. I think one of those travel trunks on wheels may do the trick....but other opinions welcome. thx
  11. sorry if I wasn't too clear. I would say I have about 6k work of coins of month and I really just want a large container with a lock on it. I am ok with it sitting outside the safe but I want something to keep it closed as not to invite someone to skim.
  12. yes basically I need something to dump lots of coins in and lock it up after it's been taken out of the individual bags. I keep those out of the safe so just want to somewhat secure them. if the same container was transportable , I could sort, count and put the bags back in it and bring to bank. I basically need a rolling lock box (like you would wheel on a plane).
  13. Hi all,. Anyone have a good suggestion for housing large amount of coins before they get counted and sorted. ideally looking for something with a lock, doesn't need to be high security but something to keep them secure in the open. i basically want Tupperware with a lock type thing!
  14. The prices are absurdly low. buyer beware. volume has to be massive to make that.
  15. The plug was ever so slightly loose into the logic board. I replaced and good to go. thx!