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  1. No worries, I will be clearer going forward. I am just going to purchase a trunk (with a lock) on wheels for easy storage of loose or bagged coins. I didn't mean to start a entire discussion on security and the baking side, although I never mind hearing everyonew process out. All I wanted to know is if someone had a container or trunk that did the trick for some particular reason given the fact we all have varying amounts of change (both loose and rolled) and the need to get it to the bank. And I know you are 2 different people! I may have pointed a response in error. If I did, my apologies.
  2. *I mean trunk (not truck)
  3. slow down a bit! I go to the bank at least twice a week and I said I have about 6k worth of coins a month which you asked for context of how much coins. camera, locked rooms and the money is in different facilities. I have a very easy system set up the the bank, no rolling, drops ...etc. so at any give. point I can have a couple thousand in coins just not transported and all I am looking for is a truck with a lock really for some loose coin that don't fit well in the 2000lbs safe I have lol..... I have to found some good candidates now that I have asked around. I am very much on top of every aspect of my biz!
  4. I think one of those travel trunks on wheels may do the trick....but other opinions welcome. thx
  5. sorry if I wasn't too clear. I would say I have about 6k work of coins of month and I really just want a large container with a lock on it. I am ok with it sitting outside the safe but I want something to keep it closed as not to invite someone to skim.
  6. yes basically I need something to dump lots of coins in and lock it up after it's been taken out of the individual bags. I keep those out of the safe so just want to somewhat secure them. if the same container was transportable , I could sort, count and put the bags back in it and bring to bank. I basically need a rolling lock box (like you would wheel on a plane).
  7. Hi all,. Anyone have a good suggestion for housing large amount of coins before they get counted and sorted. ideally looking for something with a lock, doesn't need to be high security but something to keep them secure in the open. i basically want Tupperware with a lock type thing!
  8. The prices are absurdly low. buyer beware. volume has to be massive to make that.
  9. The plug was ever so slightly loose into the logic board. I replaced and good to go. thx!
  10. this is mech..... should this be able to take new 5s?
  11. Hi. I can't get my Mei series 2000 to take 5 dollar bills. I flipped the switch to on. What else needs to be set. I have a Mei cf700 coin mech in there. It's a AP STUDIO 2D machine. Thanks
  12. Understood. Thanks very much as always. You and everyone else has been a great help. My route expanded to over a 100 machines and there are little odds and ends that I am cleaning up or question on some of the newer machines. .....I like my machines to be in TOP working order and all settings to be in line!
  13. Do u know where this sensor is located?
  14. AP 932 is an example. if it's normal, don't u think misleading? thanks.
  15. Hi back to this thread. My AP LCM2 machines I know do not Dex. But are they MDB? Can I hook up a credit card to it without replacing the logic board? Clearly, I can't send Dex reports to my VMS but would everything else work? thx