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  1. The plug was ever so slightly loose into the logic board. I replaced and good to go. thx!
  2. this is mech..... should this be able to take new 5s?
  3. Hi. I can't get my Mei series 2000 to take 5 dollar bills. I flipped the switch to on. What else needs to be set. I have a Mei cf700 coin mech in there. It's a AP STUDIO 2D machine. Thanks
  4. Understood. Thanks very much as always. You and everyone else has been a great help. My route expanded to over a 100 machines and there are little odds and ends that I am cleaning up or question on some of the newer machines. .....I like my machines to be in TOP working order and all settings to be in line!
  5. Do u know where this sensor is located?
  6. AP 932 is an example. if it's normal, don't u think misleading? thanks.
  7. Hi back to this thread. My AP LCM2 machines I know do not Dex. But are they MDB? Can I hook up a credit card to it without replacing the logic board? Clearly, I can't send Dex reports to my VMS but would everything else work? thx
  8. Does Anyone notice this on their AP machines. in sales mode, when u pick a selection to view the prices , that the red light flashes to use exact change ? Coin mech is full.... thanks!
  9. Hi, Keep getting refrigeration error. It says 16 degrees but it's not. do not see a set temp on control board? anyone? where is the sensor? any ideas how to trouble shoot? thx
  10. thanks
  11. Thanks the STS is set to 4, so that seems to be correct. I think i am missing that actuator venddoctor mentioned ....My other machine has a white piece hanging down ( i assume that is it). Question is does that piece snap in to what I have or do I need to replace entire piece?
  12. Any one have a manual? not on vendnet website. Issue is the following. When item is sold out the machine doesn't know it. I am guessing it's a bad drop sensor for the drinks. see pics below. machine also doesn't seem to cycle through the multiple lane selections. Probably due to same thing. Is this just the sensor ?
  13. this is odd. the mech would not take new dollar coins new quarters. must be at age. I switched it out
  14. conlux 5 coin mech. not taking dollar coins. what setting needs to be changed? it does give out as change? thx!
  15. yes i had cleared out all the errors and it has re-appears.....i was going to use AZ suggestion.........