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  1. I will be waiting, I need one for a 60 but everyone is sold out! Should have bought one before they were sold.
  2. I will try allstar, this is where I buy alot of my candy.
  3. Looking for a Canadian source for 50 cent coin mechanism for a northwestern. My usual supplier is out and with the recent sale of northwestern, they don't know when they will get an order in.
  4. The guy didn't seem very reliable, there were other locations that said that the machines would be empty for long periods of time. This was a small part of a much larger route in a different city, there was 7 uturns.
  5. Went to service a newly acquired location the other day, to my surprise I couldn't find the machine. I asked the owner of the place where the machine was, he replied that he threw it out. He told me that he had called a year ago because the machine was empty, guess he was tired of the machine always being empty. This was part of a route that I had just purchased. Lucky for me , I got a hold of the guy that I bought it from and he replaced the machine.
  6. Yup most of the time they never call. I was really lucky this month, not only did they call me back they put out a survey for which candy they wanted. This usually doesn't happen . I have given up on stores per say but I now go after warehouses and industrial companies. They also are not interested in comission.
  7. Funny this topic come up today, I just had some made yesterday. I had the flanges and pipes but no base, stands new in canada go for $80 each. I had a plate cut 18x18x1/4" with the flange welded to it, coat of black paint and looks real good. Cost was $75 for the 2 plates and another top plate to mount the machines on.
  8. Hi, you can check out krazytown.ca they offer free shipping on orders over 350lbs. Not sure if your order would be that big though, they are based in southern ontario. If they can't help you, maybe they can find you a supplier that is closer. There is also all star vending out of montreal, I don't know what their shipping costs would be though. Hope this helps you out.
  9. Makes sense, thanks for the tip.
  10. Might be a silly question, what do the baffles do?
  11. I don't have any super 80's, would these be any value to anyone or should I just toss them out? Those plastic pieces are only approx 1 1/2 inched in size, they look like cams of some sort. They are different shapes just not sure what they are from. Those plastic pieces are only approx 1 1/2 inched in size, they look like cams of some sort. They are different shapes just not sure what they are from.
  12. I see, thanks, may not need them then.
  13. Bought some northwestern parts, some of the parts are not northwestern, what are they from? Thanks in advance
  14. That is what i thought, i pitch my offer to the seller, hopefully he agreed. Thanks for all the info/opinions.
  15. I think it is too much. If i put a value of $150 per head, that is $6000. I am tempted to offer $6500 because most machines are located. The seller told me that there is someone else coming to have a look on monday, if he is in the business already, i cannot see him going for the $8000. For sure the product would have to be swapped out to a better seller, hopefully this way it can be paid off in a year.