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  1. How much are they asking? Can they verify those numbers? The figure I believe I've heard thrown around here to figure route value is 12 months x monthly gross. So maybe $5,000. But for that many locations it's definitely under performing which is the reason there selling.
  2. No. That is the most logical choice but I just want to be done with it for now. My son lost his hearing and needs my full attention for now.
  3. I've had several inquiries as to what I have to sell and figured this would be the easiest way. Here's a partial list. Open to offers on all or some. Northwestern - 3 Triple plays 5 singles 3 Super 60's 2 NW Super 82 (I think) Oak - 3 singles 1 double 1 vista w/.25 mechanism 3 Vista's w/.50 mechanism Eagle- 4 singles Beaver- 2 singles 2 w/no stand 1 w/cracked globe A&A Global- Pn 95 triple setup 3 way rack 4 pn 95 singles 2 po 89 300 singles 2 po 89 450 singles 1 po 89 450 double 1 2"capsule machine Victor - 1 zipper machine Seaga- 2 singles
  4. I have northwesterns, oaks, a&a, and beaver.
  5. Machines, stands, coin mechs, parts, etc. Basically my entire business. My family has had an emergency/crisis. An unforseen circumstance and I no longer have time for this!
  6. Y'all have much luck selling parts on eBay? Or is it slow going like everything else in this business?
  7. If anyone is in middle Tennessee I would sell my small route. I have kind of a family emergency and my family needs my full attention at this moment. If interested pm me for details.
  8. Order one single head gumball machine from northwestern, oak, or beaver. Place it, service it, and see if you like the business. Vending is not easy or get rich quick scheme. You will be surprised how much you will learn from that one machine! Take my advice and proceed slowly. You can thank me later!
  9. I haven't got booted from any locations but have lost several locations do to the business closing. Pulled quite a few do to making no money.
  10. I would pass!
  11. If you want to make instant money be patient and find a location ready single head gumball machine for $30. Place it in the busiest place you can find. In 2 months you would/should be profitable but also a very slow way to grow.
  12. How does eagle prices compare with oak?
  13. They sell it anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes they do gumballs. I work at a place that employs 1,000 people. They offer 8 selections. The tab gum and small candies like runts, tangy bites, etc. always sell out before the gumballs. They sell gumballs 2 for .25 and .10.
  14. My competitors sell a lot of it around here.
  15. Yeah we tried to order something today. No answer!