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  1. Sales tax varies by state. In Louisiana, we pay the state tax on cost, but city and parish taxes are on selling price. It's fun to keep up with in a large territory.
  2. Yes. BSBA in March, 1984.
  3. Onion rings always taste best when one mistakenly ends up in your order of fries.
  4. Equipment that I buy must be able to stand up in harsh environments: Shipyards, oil refineries, salt mines, sugar mills, etc. We have a sugar mill that we have to replace the snack machine ever 2 years because of the mud and dust. How would you refurbish a Jofemar machine from these conditions? That's why I use Crane and A/P machines. That's why I get rid of older (2009 & older) USI machines because I can't make them look nice and they are not worth the money, to me, to upgrade to DEX. But that's the difference between running a 4,000 machine fleet vs. a 40 machine fleet. In fact, we met yesterday to determine which machines on location need replaced, and which ones need refurbishment/update, so that we can have 100% cashless available.
  5. That's where I grew up, in North Jackson. Worked in Warren for AVI in the 1980s, and graduate of YSU.
  6. Could be a moisture build up because the drain is clogged.
  7. Jofemar's primary end users are blue sky operations. Look at how long Seaga has been around. All hat, no ranch.
  8. There just might be an idea here.
  9. I think K-Mart has probably set a world record for the longest going out of business sale.
  10. Most large customers require $1,000,000 as a minimum to work on their property.
  11. In Rwanda the stoplights have the seconds until the light changes on them.
  12. There should be confetti in tires so if there is a blow out it’s still a little entertaining.
  13. Mr.

    Email me and I'll send you the whole manual. george@louisianacanteen.com
  14. Attempted murder should carry the same jail sentence as murder, you still tried to kill the person but you just weren’t very good at it.