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  1. I wouldn't buy a Royal Glassfront with Cajun's money.
  2. Donuts only exist so people have a way to rationalize eating cake for breakfast.
  3. Evaporator is getting cold, but is it cold enough? Go back to test mode and fire up the compressor and let it run for 5 minutes. All of the little coils on the side should be ice cold, as in wet your finger and it will stick to it cold. Check your other settings in the refrig menu and make sure it's not in storage mode or some crazy energy saving mode. Royal is 1-800-931-9214, ask for technical service.
  4. In test mode you say compressor is running, does the evaporator get cold? If not you need another deck. It won't be the door switch because if the door is left open for more than 20 minutes the board assumes the switch is bad and turns on the refrigeration. Bad compressor or out of gas. JMHO.
  5. That's what the 10 cent 2-tier pricing is for. It covers the 5.9% process fee and a portion of the monthly service fee.
  6. The part number my older manual from 1999 has is 4119013 probe-temperature sensor. It's on the parts listing for the can module, but not shown. Same part is listed for the food module and illustrated in the top right rear corner, obviously inside the compartment. That part number is shown as invalid when I enter it in Crane's on-line system. In my newer manual from 2005 shows part number 9987852 probe-temperature sensor for the chilled snack, but no other sensors are listed for any of the other modules. This sensor is still used today on the Merchant machines and costs around $10. VE & D&S both carry it as most distributors will too.
  7. “don’t drive high” digital highway signs would be way more effective if they read “everyone on the road knows your high. stay the speed limit, exit safely. park and wait it out”
  8. There will never be anyone as loyal, as attentive, or as concerned with my every action as my dog when I’m making a sandwich.
  9. Just in that small corner of the machine in the picture there a 4 hand written price tags.
  10. Whoever put the “b” in “Subtle” is a genius.
  11. If this is not a new complex, ask yourself "why no existing machine". Our solution for this is always BOM (Bottler Owned Machine). Commissions? Only if it does $100 per week or better.
  12. If it's missing high/low by a marginal amount would call for an adjustment to the "shelf offset".
  13. I definitely used way more glue in the first five years of my life than I have in all the time since then.
  14. Is it missing the target high/low or left/right? Most likely problem is X/Y motor, or X belt tension.