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  1. Random thoughts

    If you ever need to buy a noose from Amazon I bet the best ones are the ones without any reviews.
  2. FSI tray parts and labels?

    Here is a link to the manufacturer's web site. https://www.vendnetusa.com/
  3. Random thoughts

    Living in a Heroin Epidemic Generation, you’d think the music would be a heck of a lot better.
  4. Dixie Narco 501e Compressor Deck

    New is the way to go, plus you'll get a one year warranty DN 56034650014 new system, 1200CE (2-deep) DN 62904030 new system, 3001 (3-deep)
  5. Bill recyclers.........

    To uninstall the recycler, all that is required is part number 250069213 LED assy, lower, VN27xx. This will cost $55-$95 depending on your source. Back in 2010 when recyclers were the rage, were were investing in card readers and now 85% of our entire fleet has card readers, and 24%of gross revenue is cashless. That's a lot of quarters not being counted.
  6. Cloverhill Bakery

    Another reason I support high fines for companies that hire undocumented workers. If the fines get high enough, they will stop hiring under the table. The undocumented workers are also abused by landlords, I've seen it first hand around chicken processing plants.
  7. Where to buy Dixie narco front panels

    Here is a hyperlink: http://www.nbsinc.net
  8. Bill recyclers.........

    I'm not going to disclose on an open forum how to cheat them but it can be done. I'll email you on the rest.
  9. Random thoughts

    You know that tingly little feeling you get when you like someone? That’s common sense leaving your body.
  10. You've just got to politely stand your ground. Only offer solutions you can handle. Be prepared to leave, but they probably won't find another vendor to sell cheaper. If an account calls us and wants to replace their current vendor because he just went to $1.50 on bottles, guess what? Our bottles are $1.50 too and we'd be glad to set it!. We have 3 things to offer with our service: Quality, Price, and Service. Customers can only choose two of those 3 items.
  11. Bill recyclers.........

    Sure, we can work something out.
  12. I don't have control over pricing, but I recently was in a location we were taking over $1.25 bottles. They all rolled their eyes and said "I guess the price is going up again". I told them I was just there to change the lock and add a card reader. When they complained about the current price I just nicely pointed out that the same drink in a C-Store is $1.69. We are delivering the drink to the work place, cold, and the price includes sales tax. The card reader is an additional convenience to them and provides telemetry to us to keep the machine properly stocked.
  13. Bill recyclers.........

    They are easy to cheat and a pain in the asp when they fail. They also create accountability issues. I'll sell or trade them. It's going to cost $60 each to uninstall.
  14. Is anyone using these? I just inherited, via a small acquisition, 70 MEI bill recyclers. I will be systematically uninstalling them.
  15. Random thoughts

    If you don’t own a dog whistle you can use two teenage girls who haven’t seen each other in a month.