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  1. The manual for FSI 3039 says to use Coinco 9302L. I tried 5 different ones in it. When I turned the machine on, the red light flashed once, then went off. When I turned the machine off, another flash from the red light. I did not get a steady light. (I also had coins in all tubes almost full.) Then I noticed the outlet has 15 slots & the 9302L has 12 prongs. Is that why my 9302L's aren't keeping a steady light on? Sometimes I had my validator plugged in, sometimes not, but it kept doing the same thing with or without the validator. Any help is truly appreciated.
  2. Does the cooling unit have frost on it? If so, air is getting in there. Otherwise, it's the thermostat.
  3. I google my machines and see what refurbished are going for, then set my price. Also, take consideration of what the refurbished validators are worth too. Old Ardac's vs Coin Co or Mars.
  4. Thanks! I used the 24v harness. But you know what? In my fluster of confusion, I noticed 8 was on credit and I didn't change it off.... that settles that?But would that effect the display on front with random letters?
  5. I agree with AZVendor, depends on the traffic. That goes for mixing ramen, chips, etc.
  6. My Mars 115 volt validator was acting up in my Snackshop 112. (Pretty sure motor was going out). I switched it out with another Mars 115 volt. The single light flashed saying it had a bill jam. There wasn't a jam. So, I put in a Mars 24 volt. Didn't light up/no power. So, I grabbed the Mars 115v again and tried it. It had a single steady light. I shut the door, noticed the 'Enjoy your day' display had turned to mumble jumble random letters. I put in a dollar, 1.00 displayed and I made a selection and it did nothing. I hit coin return and received 4 quarters. I'm thinking this is a board problem...... any suggestions, please......thanks!
  7. Quickvend, that is the one I was looking at with 4 rows.....pretty reliable, any issues? The cardboard wraps work best, I read in reviews. I just have tons and tons of coins. I don't accept dollar nor half dollar coins. Thanks!
  8. Few grand a week.
  9. My bank is taking away their coin counters. Any recommendations for reliable coin counters for me to purchase, that fill wrappers?
  10. Yep, unplugged everything and reset, few times. I am using the correct coin mechs. Yes, it displays credit, after selection drops. No, none of the TRC 6000 nor 9300's I used had any sound like it was trying to drop a quarter. Also, I did get coins to drop when I used the board to drop them. The price is above $1 it's @ $1.25. Thanks for both your help. Will check on the option switch... Also, try a different validator in it. How much would a board run?
  11. I have a AP Snackshop 6600, it's got a TRC 6000 coin mech in it now & Mars validator. Coins keep falling through. You put in a dollar bill to get product for .75 & it won't give you a quarter back. It won't take a 2nd dollar bill for a $1.25 product. (Put in dollar then coin and coin falls through.) All the coils are set fine. Price check shows all the prices. Light on board is solid, not flickering. I switched out different 9300 series and other TRC 6000 coin mechs in it, but still did the same thing happens. Any help with suggestions is welcomed. Thank you!
  12. DNCB 501t has a versatile Control Board in it. Trying to set price for multi price machine, but the display light is out…. I don't know if the light went out when I put the MEI validator in it last year… Any help is appreciated. Thank you.