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  1. Tokens / Coupons vs. Cash

    I would say that a prepaid dummy card is easier. Then you just take the statistics from the backoffice interface you use and generate an invoice to your client without having to hassle the tokens - picking them out from the moneybox, delivering them out, buy them, etc...
  2. You see, in Sweden they use FAX instead of SMS, and 3.5" floppy disc's for data transfer
  3. Have you tried reaching out to companies in Sweden such as Norpay or VP cashless? They have been in the vending business a long time, and could have some leads to where you can find what you are looking for.
  4. It could be as Southeast Treats is saying, you could have multiple purchases enabled. Or there may be a problem with your predefined-sale settings, talk to Nayax and ask them to set your parameters to default. But I rather think this is a eprom problem within your machine, check your version with nayax tech support.
  5. That's also how Nayax works, it approves for a predefined amount. Courtesy Vending, check your transaction monitor and see if the transaction is settled. Get the four last digits from the card used and the date and do a search. If it's settled it's most likely a misvend, jammed coulomn over the sold out paddle or something, possibly a bad sold out switch? As long as the Nayax system is communicating (which it is) and gives credits to the machine the problem is within the machine.
  6. If your supplier dont even have those switches in stock, find yourself another source for parts, thats poor service..
  7. Cash purchases not recording

    The software on your Vendo, not your eport. Order a new eprom with the latest SW from your supplier
  8. Cash purchases not recording

    A new version of the software on the eprom probably does the trick
  9. CC talk or MDB - which is more popular?

    Neither here in North-Europe. No developer I have been in touch with practices the CCtalk-protocol
  10. Well, then I have to say congrats on the awsome play in in the championship;) Yeh, I'm talking about the 585, they are nice machines, and works really good. Personally (and about 99% of the rest of the people on the forum) I would not go for a Combo, and rather have one machine dedicated to snacks and one for drinks. The reason is capacity.. But then again, you have to start somewhere, and if your buisness grow I'm sure you'll find a place for it that reprecents the volume of the machine. I now own 4 FS2020, a lot of Robimats (75+90), a couple of FK280 for outdoor use and some Sielissimo coffee machines. The Robimats are killer machines that just keeps running and running without any faults that is worth mention. If you like the robot arm on the machine you posted a picture of, take a look at the robimats. Btw, The picture you posted is a DN Bevmax with a Nayax Card reader system. <-- AZ was faster than me there
  11. Hi gummihebb, and welcome to the forum. I'm guessing Iceland, right? Probably not as easy to get machines there I presume, so you are probably right that the best(/only) option you have is to import yourself. Although I don't know too much about your taxes, costs, etc, I do believe it is going to be pretty expensive for you because of the high EUR right now. Here in Norway I try not to import these days cause' of the extra costs nowadays. Not to mention that SandenVendo is high quality and therefore kinda expensive equipment. I can give you the contact information to my sales rep in Italy if you don't get any answer from customer service if you PM me about it, btw. That said, it's a neat machine. I don't have the hands-on experience with the G-snack, but have worked with alot with the G-drink and the Combo. They are workhorses that rearly fail and are pretty simple to work with. The machine is kinda small tough, as all combos, but as you said you have to start somewhere. Personally I would rather look at the Combo machine they have in that range because of the capacity. Another thing about SandenVendo is that they are quite slow to ship parts, and almost every order I have for spare parts are divided into multiple shipments, so if you are in the need for critical parts in a hurry you probably get down-time on your machine for 14 days, besides that it's my overall favorite brand. I think also you should look to a company in Germany called Sielaff. They make really good machines, that are reliable and also looks very good. They also have good tech support and are very nice to deal with in every way, I have several machines from them too. Or else you could look on the market for nice used machines here in Norway, Sweden, Finland and other nearby countries, if you think the price is a little steep for new machines.
  12. 1: 150 total. 140 drinks, 5 coffee and 5 snack. 2: DN 40% 501e + 276e, 40% Vendo 254 + 680, 20% Sielaff (coffee, snack and some drinks) 3: CC readers on 90%, DEX on all capable (70% give or take), 60% cashless transactions
  13. In that case I retract my statement. Here in Europe Vendo uses two different displays for all they machines, based on customers preferences, and they demands different kind of eprom-versions. Sorry for misguiding, Chard.
  14. It might be the fact that the eprom is programmed to use another display, the 5digit and fluo-display needs different eprom versions.
  15. Cash Sales on USAT G9 Reports

    It probably drepende on what machine you have it installed on, and if the software is updated/capable to send cash-sales. If you sau what machine it is, maybe someone have a better answer for you. In many cases a change of eprom or upgrading the software can help