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  1. Yea, they send it to brinks, process then credit the account. My FCVG coverage is growing, so I had to find something different soon.
  2. Well, I can confirm that Chase will take bags of coin. At least here in SW Ohio. They only do it for business customers though, so you'll need an EIN number. They accept the sealed plastic bags with the declared value written on them. The account I setup allows up to $20k/mo. Fee free and charges $2.50 for each additional $1k. Well worth it for the amount of coins I process each month.
  3. Astros. Similar to oak vistas and eagles Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  4. Looking on Craigslist I found a guy selling 15 machines on location. I paid $1200 at the time. Be careful looking online, there are quite a few biz-op scams and people that will take advantage of people who are new to the vending world. Full-line vending refers to snack and soda machines. As far as placement, start locally and find small businesses. You'll be wasting your time with almost all the big chains, they're either under a contract or corporate policy won't allow them. If you're using a charity, you have a selling point already, otherwise you'll need to sell the location owner/manager on why your machine needs to be there. There is a while section just for locating that would be very useful for you.
  5. I started out by buying a small route of 15 machines. Worked it for about 4 months and learned quite a bit, then purchased another small route of 12 machines. Then I broke into full-line vending a month later. I've grown quite a bit since then, but it's mostly because I made a concerted effort to make vending my main source of income. The hardest thing for me was to be patient. I was seeing what was possible with vending and I wanted to get as big as possible as fast as possible. I'm glad I grew at the pace I did, I would have burned myself out or not been able to keep up otherwise. Nothing was really too difficult, between my ability to pick things up fairly quickly, being handy and this forum, I was able to grow without too many obstacles. The biggest thing right now for me is organizing my time.
  6. It works with the hot tamales as well. I'm not sure how well it will work if they've already started sticking together, but probably wiry a shot
  7. I have a few places that do well with gumballs. They definitely sell well in my shootin hoops machines. I usually run pmm and skittles/Mike and ikes.
  8. That's not bad
  9. How much is a pallet of those? And how many do they pack on it?
  10. They were purchased by NEN and are no longer in business. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  11. I head to pull a bulk candy machine from one. They said they were going through a reimaging. They were getting a cooler and some other things. They weren't going to have enough room for the candy machine.
  12. I'll message you, but yea they're singles. Not on stands, but I have some tempo stands I could spare though.
  13. No, stay away. It's junk
  14. I don't carry good and plenty, I would need to ship it in. Hot tamales aren't really great sellers around here, but I've heard some people sell a ton