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  1. A&a global and tj king
  2. Different locations carry different products, so try checking a different store. All of the ones near me carry individual flavors of garorade, they all carry fruit punch and cool blue and some carry orange or lemon lime. I wouldn't recommend a variety selection. You'll end up with lots sales or unhappy customers (I know I would be if I got a lemon lime-gross!). Any bottle that is easily squeezed on your hand will definitely cause a jam, so those won't work. The square bottles won't work either. If you do some searching, I believe sometime mentioned settings to vend the gold peak tea somewhere here on the forum. Are the snapples in glass bottles?
  3. I know people have cut the 8-heads down to 4, that's pretty simple. Making 2 4-heads out of an 8-head is a bit more difficult. I think you will run into an issue with how to attach the center post on the upper base. I feel like I've seen someone try it before and that was where they were having issues. To be fair though, my memory isn't worth much lol.
  4. Gatorade or powerade will vend with no issues
  5. I'm hoping that's the issue. I'll have more time today to go over everything. I got there later than I wanted yesterday so I couldn't go over it with a fine toothed comb.
  6. Installed a National 145 yesterday and noticed an issue. When I was prepping the machine, the machine worked just fine. On location, when I started programming the prices, the display started flickering and was making a buzzing sound. There isn't a light bulb in the machine currently and is plugged in to the same outlet as a soda machine. Any ideas as to what's the issue? Also, when I would close the door it would go into diagnostic mode. I'm pretty sure the dba plug was pressing against the button when I closed the door, but just a little more info.
  7. When I started out, I was doing both. Lss for $.90 and 1oz for $.65. Decided to simplify after a couple months and went to 1oz only. They've never been brought up when setting up new accounts since.
  8. I'm pricing mine at $1.25. Was selling 20 oz at $1.50
  9. I just started the process of switching over to 16.9 oz bottles myself. I have a merchants mart about 10min from my house who sells them, but they're closing up early May, so I have a hard look at the 16.9oz. I can find them for around $.50 each when they're not on sale and I've already seen 2-3 sales where they were $.33 each. Much better margins than the $.95- $.98 I was paying for the 20 oz.
  10. Welcome to the forum! Lots of useful information here. There is a section on locating. It has some sticky threads at the top that are really useful, I know it's helped me or quite a bit. This forum helped me grow from the 12 machine route I started with to almost 170 in a little over a year and a half, not to mention the full-line locations and honor box locations I've added as well. Read up on as much as you can and then ask away!
  11. Personally, I think you should walk away and work on growing your business through multiple accounts and not put all of your eggs in one huge account. Doesn't sound like you'd be able to equip the account with the machines they require and going into a partnership with someone would more than likely be a big hassle in itself. Even though, if I were faced with the same scenario I would probably try everything I could to make it work, I would have to walk away as well.
  12. I have an Asian shopping center with a koi pond outside. I have 2 racks inside that do pretty well. I also have a machine by the pool that sells fish pellets. The location provides the pellets and asks for 70% commission(on the pellets only). Definitely a weird setup, but it was part of a route i bought.
  13. I love doing bulk, it's what got me started on vending . I've got about 170 locations now. I got about 2/3 through route purchases, the rest I've placed. Have yet to buy a new machine, I've just hunted for really good deals on used machines. I've had quite a bit of luck. I still have more than 100 machines(all in various states of repair) that I need to place.
  14. Yea, I believe that's it Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  15. I would imagine quite a bit. The top half of the base is hollow. I pulled a little over $100 out of one I picked up on my big route purchase.