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  1. This would be for business insurance. I met one of their reps at a trade show in Las Vegas at a commercial real estate show.
  2. I contacted a company out of arizona, they said it was like $89 a year, per machine, for liability.
  3. Seems like all bulbs around are ok... Would replacing coin mech be a good start?
  4. My usi snack machine has a coinco ba30b with a coinco changer (not sure of model). Twice now the changer has spit out the whole quarter tube when someone purchased something. Thankfully their honest people! Anyone know why? Is it the changer? The acceptor? Something else? What should i replace? Any info is helpful! (Except coinco is garbage, i already knew that)
  5. I need a supplier for bulk candy in Las Vegas ASAP for a display.... If anyone can point me in the right direction.
  6. I contacted Frito Lay yesterday and they said their sending me 2 coupons for free variety packs for my troubles.
  7. No I unplugged the machine first. After putting in the payrange and giving power back it said out of order. Pushed the service button, closed the door and it worked. Being a new vendor and having very little knowledge I freaked out and tried to put it back to normal.
  8. I was able to get it working. I found that when it read out of order, if I pushed the service button and closed the door the machine would reset itself, then start working normally.
  9. Im thinking maybe trying to plug it in again, and pushing the service button and closing the door like I did when I took it out and it started to work again... Would pressing the door switch reset the out of service after pushing the service button? Im still learning everyday with these machines and I have not learned much.
  10. I would not even know where to start with that... Ill skim the manual.
  11. I think I had it plugged in right. I was able to put one in my ap7600 with no problems.
  12. I have very little knowledge about vending machines. Im trying to add payrange to my royal 768. I unplugged the machine, hooked it up to the MDB connection and turned the machine back on. The display read "out of order" and the payrange was blinking red. I unplugged the machine again and took the payrange out and hooked the machine back to normal. When I plugged the machine back in it said out of service again. I tried pushing the blue service button on the board, and it read what I can only make out as "init". I closed the door for a sec and it went back to normal.... So my first question I guess would be the "out of order" reading on display once machine is plugged back in, is that normal? As far as me adding the payrange, can anyone explain if Im doing something wrong, or missing a step, or if Im trying to put something in that wont work to start with. Any help is appreciated!
  13. Can anyone tell me how to adjust the tabs behind the buttons so they wont stick or fall out?
  14. Nothing looks bent. On the one that was falling out, I shimmed a piece of cardboard for a temp fix, until I can learn to adjust those brackets properly.
  15. I just bought a Royal 768 and some of the buttons are sticking, 1 other is almost falling out. Is there something I could adjust to make them less sticky and from falling out?