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  1. I am having some odd problems with a few DN501Es .. they seem to take coins fine but then when i open the machines i find coins scattered around under and on top of the coin drop box..customers say they occasionally insert coins and they do not register so i assume these are those coins.. the coin chute is in great shape and i can see no reason for coins to just randomly go astray....any ideas on what may be causing this?
  2. my ap 4500 seems to be doing things right but anytime a selection is made it says to make another selection and it will not hold prices if the power is interrupted.......am i looking at replacing the board? i did find one small gap in the solder on one run in the board and was wondering if maybe resoldering it may help?
  3. i have a usi 3015 that i found out can be fairly easily opened by just jiggling the door latch with a screwdriver... would a new bushing in the latch help this or should i just put a padlock on it?
  4. AP4000 transformer

    thank you
  5. would an AP4000 and ap5000 use the same transformer?
  6. i have a cb700 that suddenly has quit vending columns 1 and 2.. They both vend the same product...will not test vend or sell anything from these columns.. If money inserted and button pressed it just give back the money.....cannot figure out what is causing this..any ideas?
  7. i had similar problems on an rvv500 and it turned out to be a loose wire in the cup mechanism that caused the part that moves the spiral to not turn at full speed.. look the inside of the cup over very well before giving up on it
  8. Curiosity...

    112 machines full time
  9. start capacitor question

    thanks for the info.....was not sure if they were a maybe one size fits all type of thing.....i have had few needs for them but maybe should start keeping one on hand for each type i have
  10. i was just wondering how much difference there is in start capacitors for different makes of machines.. i notice some may be as low as 10 dollars while others up to 40..are they really that different or are the sellers just wanting you to believe so?
  11. Lektrovend digital readout

    i googles it and saw that vendors equipment inc. sells them
  12. rvv500 power lock died

    i got into it by drilling out the sight glass for the remote and using a screwdriver through the hole...rooted around a bit and was able to move a wire that had worked it's way in line causing my remote to not interface with lock...now it works great i know to be more careful with wires after messing with the coin mechanism...lol
  13. rvv500 power lock died

    definitely not the remote....it works on all my other power locks...
  14. i have an RVV500 with the power lock option..THe stupid lock seems to have died completely.. I am curious if there is a way to open it without tearing the WHOLE door apart....Stupid power lock.....