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  1. i had similar problems on an rvv500 and it turned out to be a loose wire in the cup mechanism that caused the part that moves the spiral to not turn at full speed.. look the inside of the cup over very well before giving up on it
  2. 112 machines full time
  3. thanks for the info.....was not sure if they were a maybe one size fits all type of thing.....i have had few needs for them but maybe should start keeping one on hand for each type i have
  4. i was just wondering how much difference there is in start capacitors for different makes of machines.. i notice some may be as low as 10 dollars while others up to 40..are they really that different or are the sellers just wanting you to believe so?
  5. i googles it and saw that vendors equipment inc. sells them
  6. i got into it by drilling out the sight glass for the remote and using a screwdriver through the hole...rooted around a bit and was able to move a wire that had worked it's way in line causing my remote to not interface with lock...now it works great i know to be more careful with wires after messing with the coin mechanism...lol
  7. definitely not the remote....it works on all my other power locks...
  8. i have an RVV500 with the power lock option..THe stupid lock seems to have died completely.. I am curious if there is a way to open it without tearing the WHOLE door apart....Stupid power lock.....
  9. i have an older snack machine. no tags anywhere on it but i believe it to be an old USI/FSI. it just recently started dropping all of it's quarters at random times for no reason.....the coin mech is a 9302-L.. could this be a coin mech issue or a board issue on the machine? i really have no idea
  10. this may sound dumb but is there a way to adjust the backstop in the columns without having to jam your arm all the way back into the machine? My elbows get so bruised up from the tight fit and i can barely move my hand to grab the backstop bar.....
  11. Does anyone know where I can get some new graphics for the cabinet of my RVV500? The machine has had the current graphics messed up and I am looking for some generic stuff to put in place of what is there now
  12. I have an older RVV500 that has an intermittent problem with vending..It seems to freak out and jerk around every once in awhile when vending a product.THis drops the bottle and jams the machine...Most of the time it will give no errors when doing diagnostics but today it finally gave me an error of Axis3 when i ran a production test and it failed...I replaced the x motor with a brand new one and still got the error.. Seemed to vend ok so I let it go but it jerked out again within an hour...THis time i unplugged and replugged the harness inside the cup and it seemed to make the error go away as it passed all diagnostics tests....ANyone have issues like this that may be able to give me a little advice? possibly the wiring harness on the x axis?
  13. ANyone know where to get a new transformer for an old AP4000 snackshop.... THe number on the transformer reads 360083... Have not been able to find one yet
  14. thanks for info..will not be able to check until next week but will certainly do so
  15. the operate button lights up only occasionally. I just thought maybe the LED was not functioning since the button seems pretty scraped up