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  1. Well not selling machines and parts certainly is disappointing. I don't disagree there. Hopefully between Oak and NW parts will be available reasonably priced.
  2. I usually hear about 80% of locations say that the owner or manager capable of making that decision is not in right now. I also for the same reason have to go to at least 10 places for every 1 that does get placed. My advice that has worked for me is; Diversify your locating; do some in person, on the phone, with a locator, and best and easiest way is always be looking for established routes for sell. Also don't get discouraged, if they say no go on to the next place and keep a positive attitude. Attitude when locating makes a big difference. If you look burnt out of locating it will show and get you less locations. Also try to go for places local and less likely to give you the we need corporate approval excuse. Lastly for now try to ask if you do score a location if they have any other locations that may be interested.
  3. Pat on the back to A & A, although not selling machines or parts anymore there website finally has online ordering capabilities with prices and shipping quotes. Hopefully NW has some more competitive pricing and maybe starts offering refurbs like Oak.
  4. Silly question, do all oak vista mechs have the drop thru feature?
  5. If you read through the forum, the general consensus is that you will have less problems with NW, Oak, Beaver... If you have consistent problems due cheap machines, then you will spend more money on parts, more time on repairs, and lose more money due to downtime of it not working. Also owners will likely not want to keep machines around that are not reliable, so there is a possibility of losing a location too. I believe you can set up refurbished Oak Vistas on a double or triple stand cheaper than the options you were looking at, and it will give you more versatility down the road. Side note I do not believe you will want to hire someone to run your route. Unless you trust them to get the money for you too, you are going to be making double the amount of trips which is really inefficient, not to mention paying the other guy from your profits won't be fiscally viable until you have a bazillion machines.
  6. I only did a schedule c form on my tax return and that was it.
  7. Empty for a year that's crazy considering how much candy they potentially stocked it with and how long they went without checking it.
  8. Is Oak taking on the extra orders now since NW is awol? Seems to me they could really steal some of NW regulars right about now? Any word on the current turn around for an order of a dozen or less Oak Vistas?
  9. What is the going rate for used 2 column sticker machines? 3 column sticker machines? 4 column sticker machines ? I believe they are mostly the advance brand, but I could be wrong, some with stands and some with out. I have not ventured into stickers yet but not opposed to them. What also would be a fair price for NW super 60's that mostly have slightly cloudy globes, non-drop thru coin mechs, and bad mylar. I'm thinking it would cost about $15 to $25 to refurbish each one of these plus who knows how much time and effort. My gut tells me to not waste time in the garage fixing them and just get some Oak Vistas refurbished from Oak instead. Any value in any of the other machines not listed above ?
  10. Vendesigns can make money just watch the portions. I rather have a machine a little more awkward to service than a vendstar or uturn with plastic coin mechs, and the ones I have certainly collect money at the locations I have them at. I don't actively seek to build my route with them I just happened to get some on location for an offer I could not refuse. Considering the amount of candy they hold I would recommend trying to find a place or quickly re-locate them to places that gives you a good enough turn over rate to not have to worry about it. With that being said I would keep the fill amount low until you get an ideal of how quick it goes.
  11. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/sat/bfs/5920256232.html I wish this was closer.
  12. In an effort to find more locations I have an idea. First off the idea will probably work best through messenger that way it is only between two parties and people who are not sharing ideas are not taking in the benefits with out contributing. My idea is that as long as you are not within a competitive distance to my route I'll share with you one location that I have that I believe may be added to your route (within your city), as long as you do the same for me. One for One. I have about 40 locations now and although some of them are local to San Antonio I am sure I can supply a few good names of locations that may also be within other cities. This is just to share ideas of course just because we are giving each other names of locations doesn't mean that it is a for sure thing for either party. Also probably would be more beneficial if when sharing to give specific names of places, for example Pepboys versus saying auto parts store. If you think you want to try this message me what city you live in. Or perhaps post what city you live in that way you can get ideas from everybody. If you can think of any reasons this would be a bad idea please comment, or if you have any suggestions post them as this is kind of a "rough draft idea".
  13. I have a few of these and they certainly are pretty rugged and for the most part pretty reliable. They aren't as consistent as I would like them to be and also do have an occasional service call b/c of them jamming (3 times total). They have a niche though some owners or managers seem to approve these b/c they take up less room than a double while still offering a nice little variety. If a manager or owner feels that it is easier to approve than a double or triple and they for some reason are concerned with having a variety then these work great. I have had a 2 broken doors despite being made of metal but never any broken mechanisms which imo is why they would be better than uturn.
  14. There is no type of pipe flange or easily attachable bracket with out modification it is a hollow tube and the upper housing has a short slightly more narrow tube just sliding into it with some ball bearings in between.
  15. Good idea in theory, but it seems like it will limit the target audience to just kids. Closes a lot of doors to a lot of potential locations.