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  1. Comes I believe with non drop thru coin mechs. Also imported so not sure on mech quality. With this kind of triple the candy is seperated by dividers making it hard to change products later. I would recommend refurbished oak vistas.
  2. What would you want the terms of the contract to say? I think if you keep the owner happy and machines properly filled then the owner will be less likely to kick you out.
  3. I know a local charity that is wanting to create a national vending outreach program. Besides providing stickers, literature, and a contract type letter, what else would one expect from the charity? How can they manage it on their end to keep it as simple as possible?
  4. Not sure if someone can just commandeer machines after a 30 day notice. May need to check the legality on that one.
  5. I would just worry about getting your own machines in. Removing machines that are not yours could get you arrested. With that nice of a setup I doubt they are abandoned, either bad judgment of how long the service cycle should have been or family/personal emergency.
  6. I go with skittles unless there is special request. I go with them b/c they are easy to pick up locally and cheaper than other options.
  7. Thanks for checking. I assume Oak price quote is $5.95 each as that it was it says on the flyer on the website. Still waiting on a quote from LAI. I'm hoping LAI is one that will let you buy additional locks as needed with the same key code.
  8. Possibly have NC701?
  9. 2126
  10. I too need to order about 75 to 100 locks keyed the same preferably to a code I already have. Oak said they could provide me the locks all the same code, but not to a code I already have. If I needed more in the future, I wonder if they would tell me the same thing?
  11. For someone to have 200 spare stands in the first place should say something.
  12. Well not selling machines and parts certainly is disappointing. I don't disagree there. Hopefully between Oak and NW parts will be available reasonably priced.
  13. I usually hear about 80% of locations say that the owner or manager capable of making that decision is not in right now. I also for the same reason have to go to at least 10 places for every 1 that does get placed. My advice that has worked for me is; Diversify your locating; do some in person, on the phone, with a locator, and best and easiest way is always be looking for established routes for sell. Also don't get discouraged, if they say no go on to the next place and keep a positive attitude. Attitude when locating makes a big difference. If you look burnt out of locating it will show and get you less locations. Also try to go for places local and less likely to give you the we need corporate approval excuse. Lastly for now try to ask if you do score a location if they have any other locations that may be interested.
  14. Pat on the back to A & A, although not selling machines or parts anymore there website finally has online ordering capabilities with prices and shipping quotes. Hopefully NW has some more competitive pricing and maybe starts offering refurbs like Oak.
  15. Silly question, do all oak vista mechs have the drop thru feature?