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  1. Time Left: 12 days and 17 hours

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    I have several a&a machines that are like the oak 300 $30 each + shipping


  2. I would buy oak vistas
  3. A&A
  4. I would do that
  5. I'm going to pull some oak 300s I will let go for $30 + shipping if you are interested
  6. I order from cardinal
  7. Why in the world would they get out of the parts business? I'm not ordering toys from them until they start back carrying them and I told them too
  8. I called at 8am and ordered one this morning, 8am here is 6 am in cali but he answered the phone
  9. Austing how many do you need I have 20 high security locks I need to sell they all come with keys I will take $8 each if you are interested
  10. Well it turns out I didn't have to worry about how much to pay him, the trip to our first location took about an hour and he quit an hour after that lol.
  11. lol My brothers and I used to fight 20 % hum
  12. What percentage do you pay bouncyballs? Rodney we used to fight like cats and dogs when we were younger but we never even argue anymore. I guess we out grew it What percentage were you getting paid rodney?
  13. lol, I have the best mexican, best sandwich shop, best hamburger joints( 2 different ones) and the best( only one besides captain ds yuck) seafood places in town. A great hot dog shack about 40 minutes away and an amazing meat and 3 about an hour away so its not hard to pick a good restaurant with my machine in the door
  14. I pay my brother by the hour because he is so quick and he can fix anything that goes wrong. My brother in law( who I trust as well) will have to take a couple of machines to swap out if there is a problem and I will fix them when he gets back here.
  15. I was thinking about $5 per location too. My locations get serviced every 6 months( other than a few) so they should have at least $30 in them. Some of them start an hour away and I was going to give him an hours wage to go to them.