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  1. This ad has ENDED!

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    I have 21 705( key code) locks for oaks/ northwestern I only have 2 keys so I need to sell them all together. At 2.50 each they will be $52.50 plus $7 to ship priority.


  2. I would buy oaks anyway
  3. You can use prep and etch to stop them from rusting from home depot $15 in the paint dept
  4. I was thinking the same thing
  5. Jerkey is too salty for an old guy like me never really cared for it any how
  6. An extruder makes globes? lol I thought the other word was a typo
  7. am extruder?
  8. Ok Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  9. I would too but can you get the globes now that a&a has quit the parts business and northwestern has sold out
  10. I don't care for them because they hold so much candy and don't do gumboils very well. I will buy them to sell but not to have on a route
  11. I just wish I had locations that would empty 2 racks
  12. You don't have it "just" right, move it up or down until it snaps in. One you get it just right it should go in easy. I dealt with those ^$%& things for years. One good thing, once you get it in there you want have to change it much. I have plenty of parts I will make you a good deal on if you are interested.
  13. ok, thanks
  14. How many did you have to order to get them for $5.50? I'm ordering 50 at a time from my guy and they are $6.25 and they aren't tubular
  15. ok its not a problem oops