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  1. I have 18 nc450 locks I would be willing to trade for some technical assistance in getting my laminating system up and running. The laminator arrives today, I mainly need help printing and modifying the labels.
  2. Good job!
  3. .4 to .5 oz. Smallest wheel setting on NW or what I call bevel on Oaks.
  4. 5 gallon buckets work well for pouring 2" products.
  5. I bought 1 case on the last Oak Leaf order, don't really have a feel for how well they're selling yet.
  6. I was there too, I'm sorry to have missed you. While you were talking to Andrew, you didn't happen to have someone walk by and tell you how much they liked their Acucount did you, if you did, that was me.
  7. Electrical tape.
  8. Wrong forum, try beverage and snack forum.
  9. There are YouTube videos showing the operation of the counter and explaining how to do different things with the counter. If you're very anal (like me) and everything has to come out exactly to the coin, then occasionally you will have to "reprogram coin". It's an easy 2 minute process that keeps everything accurate. For bank deposits we have a Glory mechanical counter that counts every coin and rejects anything that is not a quarter. That count is double checked with the Acucount. The bank will count the coins a third time when we deposit them. Very seldom is there a problem, mostly their coin counter rejects Canadian quarters and ours does not. As an aside, we used to do business with a big bank who would not count the coins at a Branch but send them to a central location where 3 days later our account would be credited, the count was always 50c to $3 short on each $500 bag. I knew they were wrong but there was nothing I felt like doing about it. On day when they credited a bag they said we were $63 short. I called them up and told them there was no way that could happen, they told me I was SOL. I switched banks and the discrepancies magically disappeared.
  10. LAI. https://www.laigroup.com/pdf/acc-coin-laundry-boxes.pdf
  11. If you're a bulk vendor and plan on staying a bulk vendor then you need an Acucount, there's really nothing else that works as well. I've owned 4 Acucounts and they're great. If memory serves me correctly I've owned 9 different machines for counting coins and nothing comes close to being as handy as an Acucount 603. Support is great too, Andrew often answers the phone when you call, but if you have to leave a message he promptly calls back.
  12. We recently bought a 12 passenger Ford van, I think think the 15 passenger vans have one more row of seats behind the last row of my van. My van has cup holders behind the last row of seats.
  13. Their customer service is terrible, it's personal with me, I hate their guts, I rejoiced when they went out of business.
  14. If you're in or near north Texas I have some Northwestern sticker machines I'll let go cheap.
  15. I think I have some, pm me with contact info and I'll look.