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  1. This seems a ways away for me, but I have had people ask, and am wondering about... How to get into coffee? I think I would stay away from coffee vending machines, but would do coffee... I'm all ears for your guys' thoughts on coffee... I did read some older posts that made me quite scared about coffee vending machines... I think I'd be interested in putting a normal coffee brewer and supplying the materials...?
  2. Hi all, I got this machine with a route that I purchased and on the right side of the machine you'll see a little scanner. What you don't see is underneath the black piece is a little sheet of glass, and behind That is a board with sensors and normal board things. I was told this was a scanner for things like workplace ID's and such. I.E. an employee scans his ID card and gets free vending. I am just wondering if anyone is familiar with these things, I don't think I will have a use for it in my near future. I got the machine because it has the same parts as about 10 of my machines do (Wittern 3500's). So the machine is great to keep for parts, but I'm juat curious about the scanner? Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  3. I'll let others who read your comments be the judge of that - because we both know the negativity was there. Heck, I bet you'll go through and delete them, I count 4 when I am making this post.
  4. Welp, I went ahead and got an account through USA Tech with a couple of CC readers. The way I see CC reader companies is that I only plan on sticking with one, unless something happens. First simplistic and "easiness" reasons. SO, USA Tech is a a huge company, I know I couldn't have made a catastrophic choice by choosing them.... But my questions are: 1) Does anyone else here use/have opinions on USA Tech? 2) I REALLY do not want to monitor every single little detail, it would be a nigthtmare... has anyone ever had any discrepancies with their CC processor?
  5. By the way, can I get a loan? Credit score is impeccable.
  6. You say that but you call the post a "dumb" post. Your response implies rudeness, which is what your initial comment was. I actually think the post has relevance to these forums. An earlier post of mine talked about letting the banks count your coins for vendors. Many expressed doubt. My post is about testing it. Heck, it's about an experiment that could benefit the vending community. Being a newbie I may be talking about something un-important to you, BUT it is a relevant topic. Updates to this post will actually benefit MANY newbies to come. Not dumb. ****Just collected 18 silver half dollars - I know EXACTLY how much the bank should tell me I have**** For all those who care
  7. G Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  8. And this... Good deal, right?? Comes with mdb harness Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  9. Even if you didn't use it for the CC, isnt $65.99 for a MDB validator a fantastic deal?? Its for 24v only, maybe that's the problem?... Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  10. Emailed, let me know if you got it please!
  11. Website is a WIP! Will also be utilizing SEO techniques in the development of it. Noted on the Google Maps! Thanks!!
  12. SO! Before and during my box truck purchase, I spent a lot of time researching how to keep my product cool in the AZ summer, and while I had many answers, nothing was "definite", and I went in loaded with much knowledge, but still partially blind. After some experience, I am here to report a definite, 100%-successful method for box trucks in the summer! Search for answers no more, for this works. Even in 120 degree weather my soda cans are cool to the touch. NOT remotely close to warm. 1) Paint your roof white with reflective roof paint (I used Henry's).... Also make sure the sides of you truck are white, usually they are? 2) Insulate your roof (I used the silver on one side/white on the other side insulation that Home Depot sells. Was cheap, like $10/sheet or something like that. That's it!!! I am so happy I tried a low-cost alternative before doing something like a reefer. This was a subject that I was stressing over for a while, I hope this post saves all future vendors any stress, because there needn't be any!
  13. Noob question, what does it mean to reconfigure a motor?
  14. Hmm, you're right it's a snackshop 6600. I did look at the sensors and nothing seemed to be blocking them?
  15. This error message was on a Rowe snack machine. It wasn't there when I got there, but was there when I left... This same machine also had row E become inop after I serviced it. Though with just a little finagling I got row E working again. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk