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  1. For sale for $300, though not sure if it's American or not? Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  2. Excellent insight! I would have contacted you about that location but the guy selling the combo got weird so the deal fell through. He bought the machines and doesn't know anything about vending - he said he would only sell me the combo if I bought an ice cream machine! Are you a locator? I do have a snack machine and a drink machine in storage that I want to vacate by month-end....
  3. Service was very good
  4. Hi all! I have this machine, I can't tell what it is but I think its an old Rowe. It has this remote inside (see pix), and I was instructed to pull out the door switch, hit "change price", selection, price. However, it doesn't seem to be working for me, I fiddled with it for a while today but have no manual... Does anyone know how to change the price on these machines? Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  5. Thank you!
  6. Thanks AZ! As a person who is not as handy as some other vendors I must say.... as helpful and in-depth as your reply was.... it's intimidating! I will look at your suggestions when I visit the account.. DO you know how to forcefully remove an error code?
  7. Great advice! DOes anyone on here have any stories about using a Blukey?
  8. Hi all! On one of my Royal Coke Machines (can and bottle) I get a "door switch" error when the door is open. When I close the door everything seems to work fine. I have not seen any problems with the machine... should I just ignore this error?
  9. Hi all! Some of you may remember a recent post of mine discussing Vendnet and their shipping charges... I have found out some more about that: * Vendnet uses UPS, and they do not know what their shipping charge will be until later (aka they cannot tell me). *They were very understanding the first time I got ripped off on shipping, and helped to cover it. I recently ordered some more parts from Vendnet - figuring I would try them out one more time. My shipping charge was outrageous yet again. Although I really liked their customer service I cannot continue to order from them - they say that they only ship from UPS and that they don't control their rates.... so TBH I don't like UPS right now... Either way, UPS is screwing over Vendnet and I just can't support that: ....... (and to be honest, is everything I was told is true... Vendnet needs to reconsider their shipping strategy....) Does anyone know of another good source for parts?
  10. ah lol
  11. Lol thats What I was thinking, headache city Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  12. Oh wow, what didn't you like about them? Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  13. Hi all! Sorry for the many posts, searches haven't​ provided me with the info I'm trying to learn! I have an opportunity to get an AP LCM4 combo machine for $500. The machine works, I am really interested in it because I've been wanting a combo machine, but usually the only thing I see is Chinese made combo machines! Also, does anyone know anything about ice cream machines? I can get one for $450.... I don't have any ice cream accounts and want to hold off on something lime that for a long time... But if $450 is a "steal deal" I wouldn't mind storing it in my garage just to have it for one day in the furure...? Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  14. Don't want then! Thx! Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  15. The one in the pic is American made, right? Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk