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  1. Im taking this machine to a ghetto motel (hence the screen i put across glass.) Anyway I have it all ready to go but have forgot how to set prices on this older machine..any help would be great! thanks!
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  3. I have a location with snack and soda in break room. Pretty decent account. Well the competition we kicked out had a "recycler" on their soda machine that when you inserted a 5.00 you could buy a drink and get 1.00 bills back and not all quarters. Well now the location is requesting we put one on. I have never used one of these dba recyclers. The soda machine is a third party loaner from Coke. Its a royal bubble front machine. I asked coke for a recycler but the service tech the only ones they use now are the ones with the credit card reader built in also and they only use the on their full service machines. He mentioned ebay. I went on ebay tonight and found several from 130 to 190. My question is..I notice the recycler has 2 plugs on it? I know the one plug will plug into the dba plug on the machine itself but where does the other plug go? Ill add picture of the unit IM looking at to this post so you can see what im talking about. Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks!
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  5. I think the guy maybe lost track of time ..he bought it new Im sure but its probaly a few years older then he says according to you guys Im new to all this ..so m newbie question of the day..what does sensit 2 and sensit 3 mean? Whats the difference. Also how and what do I need to upgrade from 2 to 3?
  6. I looked up the crane machines and I also looked at other companys. I must say I like the AMS machines better. I think the plain clean look looks nicer then the big flashy lights and all on the crane machines. I think with al the flashy lights and crap on the cranes it will confuse older customers. I have a local guy that has this AMS Sensit II refrigerated sandwich/drink combo He bought it a year or so ago new and used it on a location he lost and its been sitting in warehouse since. It looks brand new and works. Hes wanting 700.00 for it. My question is can a credit card reader be added to this unit or is it to old. For Hospital Id like to do a can soda, 20 oz soda, this ams sandwich unit and buy a ams snack.. what is everyones thoughts?
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  8. They are crane machines I noticed..but what models? Am I best to buy brand new or can I find use somewhere
  9. better picture
  10. Im replacing these machines soon at a local hospital. Id kinda like to get similar machines for them. Here are the two food/snack machines there now. One is strictly a snack unit and other one has sandwiches in it. Im looking for maker/model and a place that sells them used or new..thanks!
  11. From the album hospial

  12. From the album hospial

  13. Im very close to picking up our local hospital. Currently they have a glass front, a snack machine, a cold food machine. They hate the glass front as its always broken. they are requesting from me: 1 snack, 1 frozen food, 1 regular can machine, and 1 regular 20oz unit.. The current company has credit/debit card readers on their machines. My question is..if I wanted to put these readers on my 4 machines...what will this consist of? Do I need special machines? how do the readers connect? What do the readers cost? Do I pay a monthly fee? Sorry for all the newbie questions..but IM growing and learning
  14. I have a hotel with 97 rooms in a big town off the interstate. Hotel has a built in Dennys. Owner wants snack and soda machine up front in vending area and snack and soda in back vending area by pool. My question is this is my first hotel account. What should my prices be on cans? 20 ounce? snacks? Owner wants 10 percent commission. Thanks!
  15. I have a company breakroom requesting orange juice. I currently have a 20 oz soda, water machine here along with frozen food and snack units. I have never done orange juice.. of course Ill be vending a Minute Maid from coke in a 15,9 ounce bottle. My question is what should I charge? Im at 1.25 a bottle for soda/water. Im thinking 2.00 for orange juice..whats your thoughts?