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  1. Im getting ready to buy a bulk rack route and im thinking it may be time to look into insurance. Ive heard some companies wont insure anything "amusement" related. So for those of u with insurance, whose your provider and what are you paying for what kind of protection?
  2. Verify income. If he can verify income, and expenses, ballpark value is one year gross. But you should have 40-50% or less expenses. I bought a route that does $300-400 a month gross with 18 machines. And he said the vends were set good. But at some of the highest volume locations he was vending 10 pmms, 24 mms and reeses. Im setting them down slowly to keep the locations from getting mad but im starting yo think all the value in this route is relocating what are decent looking machines.
  3. Broken like it spins backwards and free vends? You can get the vandal proof handles that rachet backwards so they cant break it by forcing it backwards. U can get an aa global mech from their northwestern knockoff, if u can find them.
  4. You could try and find a shootin hoops or similar machine. Also, to take up more space with less equipment, throw a few oak 1" cap machine double stands in the area. Gives the appearance of filling the space. Make sure that if u put a coin changer in that it is mounted to a rack tho. Dont want that walkin off.
  5. Youd be better off getting chicle tsb gum gum and vending 8-10 per quarter. The gumball wheels are known to be weak because thete is no center rod to anchor the wheel when the springs are stirring. If u want to run gumballs only, get oaks.
  6. Good! And, someone correct me if im wrong, but i think the name for the part is "coin pawl".
  7. Wow, that would suck! Do u have what u need to set them right?
  8. Sounds good, but i would ask for better pictures, especially the globes. Metal can be repainted, but if those globes are scratched to pieces or nasty they stay that way.
  9. Yeah! As long as you stay away from 2" machines it sounds like your golden. Make sure u understand the sales tax laws that may apply to you, though.
  10. I read somewhere on here that you want to remove the metal finger plate when vending gooey stuff like mike and ikes or hot tamales or jelly beans.
  11. Bring that ring to the auto parts store and you msy be able to get a few extras just in case they break.
  12. Everythings there. Go to harbor freight or an auto parts store and get "snap ring pliers". They have points to fit in the little holes and are designed to spread when u squeeze the handles.
  13. Yeah make sure to mention "bulk vending". I know oklahoma requires $5 per head, so a 5 head rack would cost $25 per year. $15 a head, sounds like they dont understand what u mean. Heres another thought: look around the area for other toy racks in grocery stores or walmart, and see if they have any permit stickers.
  14. Theres a snap ring u have to remove from the back of the dispense wheel. Then it will slide out and you slide out the little divider and move it up or down slots. It also has a high side that can be placed facing up or down. Make sure u write it down, or dedicate that canister to that certain type of product so u dont have to change it each time. I have a complete vendesign with 4 extra canisters if youre intetested. I just want the space back at this point. You can PM me your cell or email and i can send pics. Comes with lock.
  15. If ur talking about the top part, i would talk to a local graphic design place and give them the measurements and what u want it to look like and get a quote. Or if ur good with microsoft publisher or similar software, just make your own and take the file to them to print out. Can u remove it from behind a plexi panel or is it fixed?