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  1. Thats gonna be important. Make sure the weights are in correctly or when its empty it will still take someones money and then jam shut until you service it because the folder pusher will be caught against the weight. And set the fold side to be the side thats pushed.
  2. At a local zoo, they have lypc machines bolted to high security stands that vend kibbles to feed the ducks and turtles. Something like that may work for your efforts.
  3. It may help if u post a picture of the machine.
  4. Do the chute doors have an animal engraved on them?
  5. Buy oaks and eagles. The only thing that u have to change to go from selling gumballs to selling 1.1" acorn capsules is to remove the pacman riser. NW machines are an entirely different setup between the two. Im not sure how easy it is to swap on a beaver. But it seems to be much easier to find decent priced oaks than decent beavers. And beaver bodies are plastic from what ive heard. Oaks are all metal except the globe/plexiglass panels.
  6. So im desperately in need of suggestions for placing my first rack, and maybe machines and parts. If i cant recover a 2" machine from a crappy loc with sporadic hours of operation and hard to catch owners, i will have a 5-way nw rack with a huge hole on top next to another 2" capsule. Does anyone have a spare route ready nw 2" capsule machine with .75 or $1 mech, or even a spare conversion kit for the .25 mechs i have? Also could use either 1" capsule wheels and .50 mechs and stickers for nw60. Or a .50 mech or 2 for oak vista 300. Also, what are your suggestions for surefire sellers for 2" that are cheap enough to run at .75 and what would be good for .50 1" capsules. Its at a bowling alley. I was thinking punch balloons and maybe something glowy. Also, suggestions for stickers/tats. Thanks!
  7. Have u tried advertising ur business on craigslist?
  8. It doesnt sound to me like he was calling you out, just soliciting your business, he may have even been intending to reduce your bill as a thanks. Maybe just plan to eat there next time you collect. He doesnt sound upset imo.
  9. They make slugs to work. We ran newspapers when i was younger and thats what they gave you to open the machines to replace the papers. Literally nothing can be done. If you get a few consistently, they could be from the same person, so baggie them and take them to your local pd. They may have prints in the system.
  10. People make comments like this in my window cleaning business, ESPECIALLY cell phone places. Most of the time theyre trying to improve their business. If the owner is serious just ask him if he would employ the services of every pest control guy or car dealer that eats at his restaurant. Try to support them but you have to think about what it costs your business. If it is a hard location to lose, it may be worth giving him a couple of quarters or handful of candy every so often. Or switch it from charitt to commission. If its worth the headache you have a few options to hopefully keep them happy. Above all else you have to make a profit.
  11. If the locator got it in on charity, just try it. Dont try to hide the fact that theyre both yours. Alert the locator before placement so if u go to place it and there is an issue with the owner, ask the locator to find you a new location, then bring a commission machine back to the store. Or add wings to your rack.
  12. Just sell them without the locks and direct him to snack attack or ebay., or charge him extra for u to order the locks. If he has a few machines already he may have his own locks or way of getting them and youre worried about nothing.
  13. Typically small candy machines are charity, the percentages wont mean much when ur talking just a few dollars. U can try local or national, i think nccs is the one everyone likes cuz they have been proven legit when others have turned out to be scammers. Locally, think animal shelter, ronald mcdonald house, or local childrens educational center. Normally u want to see about 10% of gross go toward charity cuz candy can be high COG and high spoilage. Racks with toys and gum are when commissions come into play for most vendors. Right at 30%. Any more and it'll be hard to make a profit.
  14. If its true that physical money is continuing to become less relevant, its good to know there are options. This would work well at Incredible Pizza, where all the games run on a "credit card".
  15. I just got a route where, much to my horror, most reeses and mms vend about 24 and pmms vend 9-11!