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  1. I always carry a wood spoon with me to service, and stir those kinds of candies wgether im adding more or not.
  2. Or sometimes u can get tube locks that have two insert points, one at top and one to the left or right. U can set the cam stop to turn one to the second opening and one that turns away from it and that will be your handle to pull the box out.
  3. If the spoon thing is too much work, spray a stripe in a hallon freezer bag under the zipper on one side, just a half second spray or so, then dump the bag of ikes or tamales in it and shake 'n bake style.
  4. I know another 20+ year vendor that swears by the current batch of eagle 50 cent mechs. They were prone to jamming but they have fixed that issue. He doesnt buy oak 50 cent mechs anymore cuz they were bad about quarters jamming up the gears and when they solved the problem they wanted everyone who bought them in good faith to spend more money to fix it.
  5. I would say to just make sure youre nice to him when u go see him. Just remember that he is a fellow vendor, just like any one of us on the forum, and not just an "opportunity to expand". Im buying a partial route from an older gentleman and his wife. Theyve been vending for over 20 years and i think sometimes he just needs to vent. He just had his family dollar contracts bought out by NEN and hes been having to pull machines for the past few months and hes pissed. Our conversations are never quick and easy, but theyre usually full of great insights for someone just starting out like me (in second year anyway). Sometimes the best stories are from when they started vending and why.
  6. A picture of the machine would help. On ones i just got, the lock or locks on the bottom have to disengaged at yhe same time, which means if yours is a tubular lock and there are two locks on the bottom, you will need two keys.
  7. It just depends. When i started last year i offered trail mix as an option in alot of places because i wanted to provide a healthier option. But now i only have it in one place and they empty 3 walmart bags worth in 2 months. Otherwise it just wouldnt be worth it. They have to buy it fast enough to keep it fresh.
  8. Make sure u have the hole lined up with the chute at the beginning/end of the vend.
  9. You can always get empty 2" capsules and vend another candy. Hot tamales or mike and ikes are good candidates, especially since they are prone to sticking and encapsulating them provides protection from them gumming up the machine but ensures they get the right each time.
  10. And i wouldnt be surprised if nen tried to come back on beaver for making those adapters. Some kinda bogus copyright claim. Doesnt have to stick for them to bleed beaver dry in court costs. Its so annoying to see big companies that emulate walmarts global takeover mantra.
  11. I figured that would happen. But they still look to be using the factory to make parts for themselves. Look under the careers tab on their website and theirs a few that have to do with factory line stuff.
  12. Theres a video on youtube. Its hershey from snack attack vending showing how to do it without tools.
  13. Agreed. You are better off selling out than throwing product away. Save the soft stuff until it gets cooler and cloudier. If the location demands chocolate insist on a safer spot. If they move it, pull the machine.
  14. So i found this in operation at a taco mayo in noble oklahoma. I couldnt find out much about this particular machine. Does anyone have knowledge of the history of this machine? It has beaver mechs on it.
  15. Yep.