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  1. DN501E coin drops

    Check the coin deflector at the end of the coin chute. Sometimes they need adjustment.
  2. PowerAde

    I charge 1.50 for both powerade and gatorade.
  3. Customers

    Good stuff. You should put up a stand-up act for the next vend-con.
  4. Light relay

    Well, I finally figured out what relay kit I needed and purchased them for my Merlin IV and GIII machines. The kits are not hard to install and are inexpensive...around 30 dollars from Royal. If you need one, check Royal service bulletin 113. They will easily pay for themselves by being able to turn my machine lights off at night to save the life of the bulbs.
  5. Royal GIII issue

    yeah...I have it on, but it won't display. It displays on all my other G3 machines, but not this one. It did display when i got the machine...but mysteriously stopped one day and I haven't been able to get it back on.
  6. Machine Lights

  7. Machine Lights

    On average, how long should the fluorescent bulbs in a soda machine last if left on all the time?
  8. Royal GIII issue

    There is a CON option to turn on POS greeting...which is on.
  9. Royal GIII issue

    I found the problem...it was my own fault. I pulled out the battery and noticed that I bent two of the pins when I reinstalled it. I put a new battery on the board and it is working fine again. The one problem that still remains is that it will not display the cabinet temp, even with the display option enabled. It's a small problem so i'm just going to ignore it. The machine still gets cold so the temp sensor is working.
  10. Royal GIII issue

    I recently reset my GIII board by removing the control board battery for 5 minutes and reinstalling it. I was trying to solve a temperature display issue. Now that I've re-powered the machine, I can no longer get into the config and set depth and set price menus....even after putting in the default password. When I try to enter those menus, the display shows LOC, which I assume is lock. Does anyone know what is wrong?
  11. Is this a steal?

    two of my machines came with coinco bill acceptors and they never worked right. I replaced them with MARRS acceptors and couldn't be happier.
  12. Royal GIII programming

    You may be right...it is a coke machine.
  13. Royal GIII programming

    Yes, I've looked through that manual...but it doesn't match the menus in my G3. Mine has a CON1 menu that goes up to C9...then it has a CON2 menu that has c10..and above. But in CON1, it skips C2 and C3. It is very different from my other machines....and it's not like that G3 plus.
  14. Royal GIII programming

    I picked up a Royal GIII yesterday that has programming menus different than my other GIII machines. For instance, it has a CON1 and CON2 for the configuration settings, whereas my other GIII machines have all the configuration settings together. There are some settings in the programming of this machine that I'm not sure what they are...and other settings that I can't seem to find. The programming menus are not displayed inside the machine and I can't find the menu layout in any of the GIII manuals on the Royal website. Does anyone have a programming manual for this newer version of the GIII?
  15. Switching Boxes on a truck

    Of course you need tools, but I didn't need to buy any tools that I didn't already have.