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  1. I don't think that medico Plug lock will work. I will take a picture next time I am there. thanks, Frank
  2. I recently purchased an old security cage for my soda machine. It is says on it "made by Ferrotek, Ferndale, WA" The cage has a lever to securely close it and has a place to put a tubular lock, but not a typical vending machine lock. This lock has a larger diameter than a standard vending machine lock. I searched on Google and found nothing. I called Ferrotek and they told me that they no longer support this product and no one at Ferrotek knows which lock works in their cages. In fact, the Ferrotek lady told me she gets lots of calls from people like me asking what type of lock is used. She said, if I find out, I should call her back so that she can help the others who call her with the same question. Does anyone know what type of lock this is? thanks, Frank Hamann Orange, CA
  3. Hello, I just acquired a high volume account, but it is located in a crime infested area, and the machine is outside of the building. The snack machine is in a cage, and I am going to put a soda machine there also, but I need a cage, or some other hardware to protect my soda machine. The soda machine is only worth about $500 but the cages I see for sale cost $500. Is there a cheaper solution? What do you recommend? I have seen on other machines, various hasps and metal plates that slide over the tubular locks and metal plates that protect the bill validator. Where can this hardware be purchased? Is this hardware easily installed? regards, Frank Hamann Orange, CA
  4. Hi, I have been required to get liability insurance at one location. I called an insurance company and they said they will insure my whole route, about 15 locations, for $629 per year. The coverage level is $1 million each occurrence /$2 million aggregate. Is this a reasonable quote. It is from Bolt Insurance Agency. If not, can you suggest another company I can call? I have never purchase this type of insurance. thanks, Frank Hamann Orange, CA
  5. Hello gang, I have a Automatic Products LCM3 machine on location. I would like to convert it to MDB interface with a drop sensor, and later add a card reader. I see Vendor's Tech has a kit for $428. Do these kits work good? Are they hard to install? Would you recommend this? regards, Frank Hamann Orange, CA
  6. HI, I wrote down the software version printed on one of the chips on the control board. It says: VEC 5.1 VER 1.064 This machine is an MDB interface Vendo model V570P. Will a card reader work with this machine? thanks, Frank Orange, CA
  7. Dear Vending Forum, I have a Vendo Drink machine, multi price, with MDB style coin mechanism. The model number is V570P. It does good business at its location. I would like to add a credit card reader to this machine. Can a credit card reader be hooked up to this machine? I have a ePort "compatibility" list. It lists "V-MAX 621-721-821." The manual for V570P says it is a V-Max machine. Does that mean that V570P is the same as V-MAX 621-721-821? thanks for your help. Frank Hamann Orange, CA
  8. I am fairly new to the vending business. I just acquired a new account. They contacted me. They want a snack machine and soda machine. The business is a large three story medical/dental office building with 100 employees. There is one break room for the entire building for use by the employees. It is open 7:30 PM to 6:00 PM Monday thru Saturday. Currently they have no vending service. What should I expect as far as gross sales? thanks, Frank Hamann Orange, CA