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  1. Thanks Rickie, Good advice that I did not think of. This time the bad guy won. Remember the famous words of John Lennon: "All we are saying, is give thieves a chance!"
  2. Hi guys, Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I have decided not to let it get me down. I will tell my repair man who referred me to this seller what happened so he does not make any more referrals for him. I did not contact the seller or the police. regards, Frank Hamann
  3. Snach Shop II bill problem

    Hi AZ, I am helping Ckingcope123 (my friend Aaron) in trouble shooting this machine. Today we confirmed that the problem is not with the bill validator (VN 2511), or the coin mech (Coinco 9302-LF, 24 volt, 15 pin), That leaves the bill validator interface kit. As you can see from these photos this board is made by "Versatile Control Systems." Just to recap the problem: AP Snackshop II Model 435. When a $1 bill is entered, the display shows $1 and then a split second later it shows $2. The machine works normally when coins are used. Any ideas on what we should do? Do you have a replacement board you can sell us? thanks, Frank and Aaron
  4. I would like some advice on how to respond to this case. Background: On June 8, I was referred by my trusted vending machine repair man to a client of his that was selling his vending route. I contacted the seller and he told me he wants to sell his entire route of 15 locations. I told him I was interested in one of his accounts, and possibly others at a later date. The account I was interested in is at two retirement homes owned by the same company with two snack, two soda and one combo machine. The seller told me he has had the account for 8 years, but could not provide specific sales data since he never kept written records of his collections for specific locations on his route. He estimated that the account grosses about $200 to $250 per week. His asking price was $7000 for this one account. The five machines are old, and are probably worth about $2500 in total. He took me to see the locations. He seemed to me to be an honest and open person who answered my questions in a reasonable fashion. When we visited the locations, the bill boxes were empty, since he said he had just collected the machines a few hours before. I told him I was interested in the account if I can confirm the gross sales. We agreed to come back one week later to count the money in the machines. One week later, on June 15, we checked the machines and I counted about $250, which was within what he had said his sales typically are. Based on this collection, the next day, I went with him to meet the manager, and close the deal. I paid him $7100 which included the product in the machines and some coins in the coin mechanisms. The next day, on June 16, I filled the machines. I checked on the machines a few days later and everything seemed fine, although the sales seemed low, but I did not count the money. On July 4, eleven days after I had filled the machines, I checked them again and noticed that sales in this eleven day period was only about $140, it should have been closer to $300. Today, 22 days since I purchased the machines, I collected and filled the machines. The total collected was $292. It should have been between $600 and $750. Conclusion: I believe that he stuffed the bill boxes to trick me into buying this location for $7000. What should I do now? Thanks for your advice.
  5. Snach Shop II bill problem

    Wow, that's a tough problem. I would guess that somehow the bill acceptor is sending two pulses instead of one when the $1 bill is entered. I suggest changing the bill accpetor. Any other ideas?
  6. I have a Snack Shop II Model 2099 with the following problem. If I insert a bill, the machine works normally. If I insert coins, the coins are accepted, but the display won't show the credit for about 10 seconds for each coin. If you insert the coins after each is accepted (10 seconds), everything is fine. If you insert the coins before the display shows the credit, the coin just falls through to the coin return. What could be causing this? The coin mech is Coinco, 24 volt, and the bill acceptor is a Coinco BA. regards, Frank Orange, CA
  7. Hi AZ, Who sells the t-handle lock covers? Are they easy to install? This is for a recessed t handle on a DN drink machine. thanks, Frank
  8. Hi gang, Every now and then, one of my machines gets broken into or damaged by someone who drills out the tubular lock. What is the best brand of tubular lock that will discourage drill outs? Is it better to have a cheap lock so that the thief finishes the job, instead of half way drilling out an expensive (strong) lock that will take me a long time to finish the job the thief started? What do you suggest? regards, Frank Hamann Orange, CA
  9. Thank You Mr Treats for finding this!
  10. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get a manual for this old Conlux bill and coin mechanism tester MTS-003? I recently squired it, but I need the instructions. thanks, Frank Hamann Orange, CA frank_hamann@live.com 714-269-9745
  11. Thanks Az, Yes i am a thrifty (or is that cheap?). I like to take my chances. I often buy used boards and other part on EBay and have pretty good luck. Usually on Ebay various control boards for snack or soda machines were around $30 to $60. regards, Frank PS I will contact you by email.
  12. I have an old Dixie Narco soda machine model DNCB with a "MPC" control board. The machine is operating fine except... The problem is when you push the service button, the machine does not go into the service mode. I am unable to do any programing such as change price or test motors etc. I changed the door switch and that did not fix the problem. The MPC control boards can be purchased on line at various web sites for between $125 and $225. Will someone who has an old board they salvaged be willing to sell me their board for less? Attached is a photo of the board for reference. sincerely, Frank Hamann Orange, CA 714-269-9745 frank_hamann@live.com
  13. Weird Tubular Lock Needed

    I don't think that medico Plug lock will work. I will take a picture next time I am there. thanks, Frank
  14. I recently purchased an old security cage for my soda machine. It is says on it "made by Ferrotek, Ferndale, WA" The cage has a lever to securely close it and has a place to put a tubular lock, but not a typical vending machine lock. This lock has a larger diameter than a standard vending machine lock. I searched on Google and found nothing. I called Ferrotek and they told me that they no longer support this product and no one at Ferrotek knows which lock works in their cages. In fact, the Ferrotek lady told me she gets lots of calls from people like me asking what type of lock is used. She said, if I find out, I should call her back so that she can help the others who call her with the same question. Does anyone know what type of lock this is? thanks, Frank Hamann Orange, CA
  15. Hello, I just acquired a high volume account, but it is located in a crime infested area, and the machine is outside of the building. The snack machine is in a cage, and I am going to put a soda machine there also, but I need a cage, or some other hardware to protect my soda machine. The soda machine is only worth about $500 but the cages I see for sale cost $500. Is there a cheaper solution? What do you recommend? I have seen on other machines, various hasps and metal plates that slide over the tubular locks and metal plates that protect the bill validator. Where can this hardware be purchased? Is this hardware easily installed? regards, Frank Hamann Orange, CA