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  1. Very professional podcast Dylan. Good luck with everything
  2. I read and gain a lot of insight here but rarely feel the urge to comment until now. We added card readers to our mix a year ago and I would say it has had a very positive effect on our business. I started our business 17 years ago buying a small route (6 drink and 6 snack machines) and we now have 2 full vending routes and an ocs route as well. We struggled the first few years until I made a decision to stop letting our customers dictate our practices. We then set our pricing structure and we raise prices periodically to offset rising cost of goods etc. Your vending route is a business and you should run it like a business as being profitable is the most important factor . There are always going to be people that complain about price and fees but they complain about everything else in their life as well. So when i had the decision to eat the fees or pass them on i didn't hesitate for a second. My 2 cents JJ
  3. We have had a relationship with RSA for a few years and receive checks from them quarterly. (in our case $350-$500) They will request your account numbers from Vistar, Coke, Dr Pepper, Pepsi and anywhere else you purchase product and you will get rebates from the bottlers, Mars, Hershey, Kraft etc. As a smaller vendor you will fall short of most rebates dealing direct so in my humble opinion RSA is a good deal for you.
  4. Thanks for he reply! I will give it a shot
  5. I recently purchased a small route that included a USI combo machine (I believe it is a 3130) and discovered that I had a problem with 3 shelves. When C1 is selected C1 and C3 both vend 3 times simultaneously and vice versa if you choose C3. I have the same problem with D1,D3 and E1,E3. I have zero experience with these machines so any input would be greatly appreciated! JJ
  6. I just discovered Vendiscuss and I am only disappointed I didn't find it sooner.