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  1. Secondary change machine.
  2. Yes. The 1st floor soda machine has a four tube mech with three tubes of quarters and one nickle. Price all $1. DBA takes $5 bill and returns one can of soda and sixteen quarters. I can see three quarters and three dimes buying a can of soda and one nickle in change.
  3. I set a price to $0.85 and test vended it with a dollar. A dime and a nickle was returned as change. Bad button. All prices are in quarter dollar increments, so this machine could do better with three quarter tubes. I was just worried sales would stop on Sat. afternoon when the mech ran out of change.
  4. The Studio 3 wasn't accepting change this morning, so I got a rag and some glass cleaner and cleaned it up. Spraying the glass cleaner on the rag, of course. Then I blew it out with canned air. Now it takes change. The mech still won't give up a dime when the button is pushed. If I set a price to $.85 and buy it with a dollar the machine should give me a dime and a nickle, right? I'm kinda sick and thick headed so I didn't try this when I was at the machine. When I push the blue button for dimes I don't hear any noise from the solenoid or whatever kicks out the coin. Do I need to take the tubes off and check for a stuck (bent or sticky) dime?
  5. It works. I have been wondering about those angled tray ends for a year. All of the instructions I could find told me to tuck the product. After I changed everything and adjusted the dividers I test vended the products completely out with the door closed with money to see if they work. They do. Thanks. I thought I would seem stupid to ask about that bit of engineering. I think by doing it this way there is less chance of the corner of the bag getting stuck under the divider.
  6. Knowledge is power. I may not control anything here, but even the guy that cleans the crapper can influence company policy.
  7. I load Kit Kat across the coil because they break if I try anything else, and they vend more reliably. So, chip bags should be loaded across the coil? Candy bars won't load that way, though. Neither will Danish. They catch and rip apart. I have had many disasters because nobody taught me and the customers think I'm 'The Man' and won't give me a straight story. This was just a case of 'We fired the guy....go do his job.'
  8. I would love to go through my machines and put pushers on everything that needs it. I would love to stand in front of the machine and vend everything out until I know everything works. I don't control these things. If I think I need pushers it won't happen because the people in charge are happily ignorant. My experience here has nearly convinced me that companies would be better served by having a vending service provide the machines and product. Then the vending company could do what they do best and the company I work for could help addicts get sober.
  9. Um, the angled tray end makes it easier to shake stuff out. Popcorn needs to be loaded on the coil or it falls out.
  10. Lucky me. They bought the rest of the bags in an attempt to knock it off. I found the guy who bought the bag, so no hassle about a refund. I adjusted the divider as best I could. Then I found that I could do a better job with the Slim Jim. Now they stand up strait.
  11. How do you prevent this without developing great skill at origami?
  12. Well, now it's https. That's cool.
  13. Companies should plan for seamless transition. The only companies that should collapse when the CEO retires are mom and pops. The same for all other positions in the company.
  14. http://www.multi-max.com/Portals/147835/download/RS_Manual_-_Rev_B_(3-10)_1_1_new_me (Fortune).pdf This one?
  15. This morning I was met by the customers complaining about not being able to get one product. Top shelf, far left (selection 1 0). I tried test vend and the display said 'try another selection'. So I set the price, held in the door switch, checked price then shut the door and purchased product. It worked. The reason I'm asking is that this happened last year before I found Vendiscuss. Is there a way to prevent this problem from happening again?