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  1. Making stands

    I've been looking at making some out of large table legs with a nice varnish on em. Thinking it would be a lot cheaper than making a pipe stand.
  2. Lights won't come on. DN 368

    The light fixture harness will get completely replaced. The conversion kit plugs into the main harness where the old light fixture harness is currently plugged into. Unless there's a problem with main harness this should work no problem.
  3. Lights won't come on. DN 368

    Awesome! looks like i will just convert it over then.
  4. Lights won't come on. DN 368

    Thanks for all the info guys. I found an LED conversion kit on ebay for 90 bucks. Would it be worth it to convert it over? http://m.ebay.com/itm/142023955773?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368
  5. Lights won't come on. DN 368

    Never mind, please disregard the last post. i think there's an issue with the old wiring for the light fixtures or the fixtures themselves. sometimes when i jiggle the wires the lights will come on very briefly.
  6. Lights won't come on. DN 368

    I figured out what was wrong. When bought the machine the guy gave me some lights in some packaging and said they were new. I switched the old bulbs out for those and still had the problem. went to the store and bought new bulbs myself and voila. it works now. I guess you shouldn't trust bulbs given to you lmao.
  7. Lights won't come on. DN 368

    I made sure to wire them exactly as the old ones were wired. What do you mean by "run power to the ballasts"? Is that different than wiring them and plugging the machine in?
  8. The lights in my DN 368 won't come on after i replaced both the ballasts. Before i replaced them the lights would only come on every once in awhile and they would be extremely dim. Symptoms of bad ballasts. So i bought two ballasts of same make and model just newer, Installed them to the same wires the old ones were attached to and the lights haven't come on. Any idea what could be going on?
  9. Donations

    I've only been here a few weeks but have learned a ton already and i'm still going through old threads taking more info in all the time. I hope the donation helps.
  10. Mystery brand and model.

    Here in Oregon all carbonated drinks and water bottles are charged a 5 cent deposit per can/bottle at purchase. We can return those to stores that have bottle return machines, but every place except for a few locations only allow 144 cans per person per day. There are always long lines, long waits and out of service machines for what amounts to only 7.20$. That's why we have had such low return rates for the last couple of years because it's simply not worth it.
  11. Mystery brand and model.

    I've been doing a ton of reading the past few weeks since i found this forum and came to the same conclusion. While we don't have sales tax here in Oregon we do have to pay bottle deposit of 5 cents right now. Unfortunately It's going to increase to 10 cents Beginning of next year because of a low return rate.
  12. Mystery brand and model.

    I'm in Hillsboro Oregon which is about 25 minutes west of Portland. I don't have anything located yet, but i'm waiting to hear back from my brothers boss about putting a bulk machine in one of their game store locations. Working on getting my dn368 into a good enough condition to put in a location. There's a few minor problems i need to fix before i'm satisfied with it.
  13. Mystery brand and model.

    Thanks for the info! There are typically slim pickens where i'm at but i don't want to buy junk and deal with it later on.
  14. Mystery brand and model.

    Sorry, didn't realize the link didn't work. This should work i hope.
  15. Screenshot-20161119-190715.png

    From the album Random