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  1. Does anyone have a video of how to adjust these type of cams? We're taking a column back to bottles, but haven't adjusted this type before.
  2. Full line vending. About 75 drink/snack machines at about 45 locations.
  3. How do you price your vending machine business when trying to sell? Are you supposed to ask for a year's worth of sales, a year's worth of profit, total value of equipment?
  4. Ok, I have changed the machine to all cans to eliminate one variable. I can get all columns working correctly except the outside back columns (A and L). I have calibrated the drop sensor according to the instructions, and it goes from dropping 2 cans to 0 cans. I'm making the adjustments per the instructions and can't get it to work. I've turned the machine on and off before calibrating, after calibrating, every combination I can think of. Everything appears to be in order in terms of the sensor being plugged into the board correctly, etc. Would this be an indicator of a malfunctioning drop sensor, board issue, motor issue? Our usual repair guy (beyond what I can do) is not available right now, so it's on me. help...
  5. We made a similar pitch a few nights ago, and the owner pointed out that A) at his club, the staff gets a food allowance from the kitchen (great food here in particular) and most of the other points already mentioned were pointed out at some point during the conversation.
  6. I think they are 16.0 oz, just looked at the receipt and I do have the black shim
  7. Our bank lets us bring $1000 bags of quarters and dimes, $200 bags of nickels, and I think $50 bags of pennies (that'll never happen). We've got a Cummins Jetsort 3000 that we acquired when we purchased the business. Pretty cool, and fun for our son to help with. http://www.cumminsallison.com/us/en/products/coin-counting-machines/jetsort-3000
  8. Adjusted the drop sensor per the instructions. Machine currently has all cans with deer park water in the front right column (A on the diagram). I was able to vend all can selections correctly (i.e., 1 can per vend) except for the water. Once I adjusted the drop sensor to vend just 1 water, I would get 0 cans, and no $ back. The vend chute appeared to be installed correctly and sitting where it was designed to in the cabinet. I left the machine correctly vending cans and removed water for the time being. I'm wondering if the deer park water bottles, being kind of squishy, should be moved to a center column to let them build some momentum before it hits the drop sensor, or if I should go ahead and plan on replacing the drop sensor in this machine. It's a good account, where people have actually been leaving the extra drinks they receive next to the machine, so I want to get them back to having their full selection of drinks ASAP. Fortunately, the water hasn't been selling much lately, so it shouldn't dent sales too much.
  9. I visually checked that the drop sensor was working, ie, test vended the drinks from the specific column, and watched the light blink. But, I have since gotten a report that the entire machine is starting to do this, so I will go and adjust the drop sensor, per the instructions above. It'll be tomorrow at some point, and I'll report back then.
  10. I have a similar issue with a USI 3189. I have one column that is dispensing 4 cans at a time. I've done the following and I think everything is pointing to the motor, looking for thoughts... 1.) visually inspected the column in question, all appears to be in good working order, in alignment, not bent, tabs in place, etc. (fortunately its the front left column 2.) connected the motor in question to the wiring harness of the column next to it, and it still dropped 4 drinks. When I reversed this operation (put the wiring of the malfunctioning column to the column that is working correctly, the machine vended correctly) 3.) Monitored the drop sensor indicator light on the control board. Once the first can from the "offending" column hit, the light illuminated, but the other three cans kept dropping. 4.) verified that the column is set for cans and not bottles I removed the cradle and the motor, visually inspected for any issues between the motor and the cradle, and saw none, and the drive shaft was in good condition, not visually out of alignment once removed. I read elsewhere that someone had this issue once the column got low. This machine is in an office building that has been getting renovated, so we haven't been keeping it as full as when the building is fully occupied (hopefully in the next month or so!!!), so I believe that this column is malfunctioning once the column gets low as well. I'm planning on ordering a new motor, since they are relatively inexpensive, and we have quite a few of these machines in service right now. I look forward to any feedback or suggestions. I'd be fine keeping that motor on the shelf for future use if I'm overlooking something. Thanks, Pool Boy
  11. Hi all, I'm from central NC. My wife recently purchased her father's vending business that he spent over 20 years establishing. It's not a big operation, but its enough to keep her busy, and gives me plenty to learn about keeping old drink and snack machines running. I've browsed through here and gotten some help already, but I'm sure I'll end up needing specific help as needed. I look forward to learning from everyone.