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  1. Country companies, 1 mil liability, everything about $400/year.
  2. I have to start with, Thank You everyone! I've been floating around here for a few months and posted a couple times but I figured I would officially introduce myself. My name is Nic and I run Voltage Vending here in Illinois. I have a full time job to pay the bills but have pretty much always had a part time job on the side. Well I got tired of having someone else tell me when I can and can't work. I've been working on vending machines for a couple years at a local animal shelter keeping their old D/N 260 going and they had a Seaga snack machine donated about a year ago which needed some work. Snack machine didn't need parts luckily just a hammer, pliers, drill, new lock, validator and soon to be mech. I finally got my first machine placed about a month ago at a local hardware store and have expanded into honor snack boxes. I don't have many locations yet but I am trying to give the ones I have the best service possible and slowly expand. I don't want to expand to fast and totally get burned out or too overwhelmed. I am loving this so far. Again, thank you everyone for your information, insight, knowledge and bluntness. This website since I found it has been wonderful, saving me money and curbing some stupid ideas I've thought of!
  3. hey Brian,

    When you are locating, do you carry in one of your filled small boxes?

    Nic Fellows

    Voltage Vending

    1. bhumphrey829


      Yes, sir, I always take a box with me.

  4. How many people just opened up youtube and tried this? I did...
  5. go to the Honor box section and check out Brian's thread on "snack box weekly update" or something like that, its a huge thread. He does pretty well with it and only 10% shrinkage typically.
  6. head over to the regulatory affairs section and spend some time reading that. Most of it depends on the state your in. Voltage Vending Nic
  7. I hope they are legible
  8. go over to the Regulatory Affairs section there is quite a bit on the different rules for states and different business set ups
  9. yeah, ill get the PDF tomorrow of the list they put out. I sell some snacks in my classroom as a fundraiser, teaching an underfunded program is great... We can actually order some items through the district but case sizes are crazy, all that information is on the PDF. Items that I have: Trix, CoCo puffs and cinnamon toast crunch cereal bars about 1.42 oz (these are the ones without the layer of frosting/milk in the middle or bottom) CHeez-Its Atomic .75oz Nutrigrain bars Strawberry, apple cinnamon, blueberry and cherry 1.3oz Nature Valley Oats and Honey crunchy granola bars 1.5oz Gold Fish cheddar Whole Grain .75oz Gold Fish Cinnamon Whole Grain .9 oz Chex Mix Hot and Spicy 1oz Drinks are tougher... Gatorade G2 12oz bottles only the 20oz bottles have too much sugar for a 20oz drink Propel 16.9oz bottles
  10. The baked Lays and Doritos should work, my school district approves of them. BTW, I'm a teacher not a vendor in a school. Nic
  11. The only snacks that can be sold at school for consumption during school must meet the "Smart Snack" guidelines. Snacks sold between the hours of midnight and 30 minutes after the students are dismissed must meet the guidelines. The guidelines are different for K-4, 5-8 and 9-12. O and schools can make the guidelines stricter if they want to. https://www.healthiergeneration.org/take_action/schools/snacks_and_beverages/smart_snacks/alliance_product_calculator/ This is the calculator my school district uses, its interesting you can have a 20 oz Diet Pepsi but only a .75oz bag of cheez-its. Nic
  12. I've got one of the Triple Time machines, not on location since I'm just getting into the game. When the canisters are removed you can reach down and grab the coins from the tray without opening the back so different locks wont help. Nic Voltage Vending
  13. Post a picture if you can, that will help since many machines don't have much in the way of markings. Voltage Vending Nic
  14. Hope I didn't miss a post/duplicate a post but I am starting a vending business in Illinois (not near Chicago) and this is what I've found so far... Still working on finding out how sales tax will work here. Sole Proprietorship is the style I am setting up. 1. Register (DBA) with each county that will have a machine. $5 fee for the counties around me. Must submit a publication notice in a paper for 3 weeks in each county, its going to run about $90-120 for each county. 2. Illinois Department of Revenue form REG-1, Illinois Business Registration Application. Talks about a fee but I cant find how much it is. This will give you a Illinois Business Tax Number (IBT) 3. Illinois Department of Revenue form STS-80, Request for Vending Machine Decals. No fee but you must have a decal for each machine. If I am missing anything or anyone has anything to add or clarify let me know, Nic Voltage Vending
  15. alright, I'll try asking again... I asked about stands when i emailed about the singles but they ignored that part of the email...