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  1. There are some Trade schools that allow 11th and 12th graders in and there are some across the country specifically for high school students. But, it all boils down to someone complaining. The guidelines are grades K-12 and any food/drink item that is sold from midnight to 30 minutes after students are dismissed and intended for immediate consumption must meet the guidelines. One thing I thought was odd was 12 oz Gatorade G2's are fine but 20oz G2's are not. O and the guidelines are different from k-4, 5-8, and 9-12. I think that's how its broken down (middle school starts either 5 or 6). I only worried about the 9-12 guidelines.
  2. My school sent out a list and we could purchase items through the district food services for our classrooms. I found better prices on some things but here is the list. There is also a federal calculator. But school districts can make the list more strict if they choose https://www.healthiergeneration.org/take_action/schools/snacks_and_beverages/smart_snacks/alliance_product_calculator/
  3. The locations that it *might* work in probably sell individual cards that people really want anyway. You would probably be better off buying cases of cards, opening them and just sitting down with a price guide and try selling them yourself.
  4. Thanks AZ, that's what i was wondering.
  5. yeah, I figured it would be a long shot but the idea was there.
  6. Corvus, are you referring to tax exempt for resale? When you buy something you don't pay sales tax but you pay sales tax quarterly/annually on what you sell from the machines?
  7. I have a location that cant make up their mind whether or not they want a drink machine. The owner did say if I had an antique coke/pepsi machine that I could place it anytime. I think it's more of a "decor" issue than a space/cost issue. 1. Anyway what I am wondering is if a machine like the one pictured could be updated to take plastic bottles, I don't want to deal with the issue of empty glass bottles. I doubt 20oz will fit but what about 16.9 oz bottles, they are probably the closest to height and diameter of the glass bottle. 2. Then there is the issue of a new coin mech in it... I assume it would be essentially rewiring the entire machine and probably adding some kind of sensors or a board or... Well... probably a pipe dream and would be insanely expensive to do, but thought I would ask if its even remotely realistic.
  8. sweetstopvending.com or vendinglabels.com He's a good guy that seems to do labels on the side. I called him and he was out running his route so I think bulk vending is his main job. Great prices and quick shipping. I'll toy with making my own eventually but when i can order them with nutrition info from him and they look nice.
  9. Number of accounts does not necessarily mean success, it means you are a good salesperson. Getting an account is different from keeping the account. You claim $500 a day profit from 1200 accounts, that works out to 42 cents profit per box per day. Its disappointing that you consider people asking questions or looking for a better/different explanation on your program are not worth your time. Good Luck with your program, I wish you only the best.
  10. The fact that I read the thread showed I had interest in this program. I had questions and concerns that I voiced which you took offense to. This program has worked for you, great! I want it to work for me if I start into this program but to blindly go in without asking any questions or voicing concerns that I see are huge problems would be a mistake. Vending is 100% reliant on others, whether it is renting space, paying a commission, helping a charity or just asking permission to operate. I have never seen a stand alone brick and mortar building packed with vending machines, maybe they are out there. Vending needs other people, location owners, malls to rent from, the city to say a vending machine on the street corner doesn't break any ordinances, etc. This is a business that needs good high quality relationships with people. Because at any time a location owner/manager can boot you for no/very little reason. The business model you have discussed is all about speed and "efficiency", servicing a location in seconds instead of minutes. I understand that asking every location manager/owner how their day is going, what can I change, blah blah blah is not appropriate every time i stop. The example I gave was a vendor who in two years has never said even, "Hi, I noticed the name on the side of building changed and I wanted to introduce myself." This is the problem with working as fast as possible, when another vendor introduced himself the location owner was happy to have someone else come in. There was no re-pore, no real service to be found and in turn no reason to keep that vendor there... I might not have explained my point fully when i originally posted.
  11. the oak vistas from Oakmfg.com are just single heads for $39, no, stands are not included. Make sure you catch what all is included with the used Vistas', a lock is 5.95, cab back which increases capacity 2.00, if you want a .50 mech instead of a 25 cent its an extra 13.00. last time i called them they were out of the cab backs
  12. congrats! thats awsome
  13. Sigh, could you explain what part of that made me "an absolute and utter buffoon" its just name calling, but I am curious. The second line... I'm not sure what you are saying here... I thought I made it pretty clear that yes, I was interested but I thought also made it clear why I was no longer interested. Responsibility has shifted back to you, to peak my interest again. Do I need to slow this down for you? Am I typing to fast? You seem confused by words all of the sudden and name calling is what you have resorted to... my 3 year old nephew does this too sometimes, its kinda sad.
  14. Wow, by the way Alec Baldwin did nothing to motivate those guys it was one line that he said, "third place is fired". The rest of that entire yelling tirade was just for show which is most of what you are doing. I have had bosses that just did nothing but name call, yell and show how cool and tough they are thinking that's how motivation happens, nah it just ticks everyone off and causes them to find ways to backstab you. BTW, it is kind of hard to run away from my real potential when I am sitting at a computer typing, which is what you are doing too. Whether or not you are telling the truth, we will never truly know. Your trying really hard to convince people of what your doing is wonderful and when people keep pushing for information you throw an absolute Tirade! Watching you buckle and get frustrated has been hilarious. In the last couple posts you have really shown your true self and its pretty nasty. I can only assume when someone tries to take you up on the money back guarantee you will just turn into who we have seen now... But I guess if it makes you feel feel better and sleep at night, good luck. I am glad that I made you happy by letting you know I wasn't going to call. Good luck
  15. wow, I was actually getting more and more interested in your program until this post... I understand your frustrated with most of the people here, myself included, but now your just throwing a fit and I am no longer even willing to make the phone call because of the way you are now acting. I have reread your posts and can say you have not wavered from what you originally were trying to sell. If you were lying there are always minor differences in the story. Your website does sound intriguing, again... this post killed it for me. I want to make vending my full time job eventually and this is an opportunity to accelerate that plan and again... this post killed it for me. You are probably thinking... "thank god he isn't going to call, whew I don't have to talk to him" I already planned to spend the money on your boxes and again... this post just killed it for me. I truly do wish you the best of luck in this endeavor.