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  1. http://vendingforhope.com/ these jokers??? They say a location is worth $3000. Hahahhaha. Yeh right. I've bought full size vending machines on location for less than 1 year gross. The small machines are worth a lot less. If you want. Give me $100k and I'll give you 10% of my profits until you double your money and I'll even do all the work. It's a much better deal than these con artists are offering. If they're so great you wouldn't be able to buy their crappy old machines on kijiji for $20. Id suggest get a good deal on a load of used beaver machines and place them yourself. I just got 75 beavers, including larger toy and sticker machines. All brand new on stands for $4000cad. They will make a boat load more money than that biz op con will ever make. Long story short. Don't. If they could really make $300k a year like they say why wouldn't they just sit back and let the money roll in?
  2. That sounds like a terrible return to me. I recently bought some well established full line accounts, (snack and pop machines) including the machines that are worth thousands of $ each and all I paid was one year gross. So I got machines that were worth basically what I paid and I'll make the investment back in 1-2 years and still own expensive machines The one you're looking at will take 3+ years to get back your investment and your machines will be worthless. Im just getting into bulk vending and the start up costs for me will mean each location should be in profit in just a few months. But unlike you I'm just buying the machines and placing them myself. I'm looking at spending about $5000 on enough machines to do big racks in multiple accounts and each machine is about $50. So that machine will make back the $50 in a few months then all profit . So go buy some good machines, not the junk they want $20k for. You can buy them for $30-50 easily for good beavers and you'll make money this year, not in 4.
  3. Yes $10.90 or so on sale, $12.90 regular at Costco. They are on sale all the time. I think occasionally even below $10. And yes Canadian. That's for a 1.58kg bag. No idea how many oz that is. Despite growing up in England and then moving to Canada ounces mean absolutely nothing to me. The vending wholesale places want $18+ a bag. Needless to say I don't buy from them.
  4. The numbers are in the first post. I can obviously do the do the math for that but I guess mybigger question is how to fill the gap between the medium and large dispenser and in which direction to skew the amounts. Little and cheap or lots and more expensive. Thank you the discussion so far.
  5. A lot of locations would only work for candy. Places like car dealers, staff lunch rooms etc. Not much toy market in those places There are $1 machines around, and for $1 I'd be giving a good solid handful of candy. The reason why I'm leaning towards $1 for some stuff is Canadians typically carry so little cash, especially small change. So they might have a dollar coin. But not very likely to have two or more quarters. For kid friendly places yes we will do a lot more toys and balls etc. But even in those locations I'd still want to do at least one or two candy choices. Some candy I can make work at 25c. But I think pretty soon everything other than the cheapest no name candy will have to be 50c or more.
  6. No one using beavers and played around with the quantity settings?
  7. I currently do full line vending but we want to do toys and bulk candy. I have a local charity endorsement so we plan to do 10% of gross sales to that charity rather than commission. We plan to use beaver machines pretty much exclusively. Toys we have figured out. But being in Canada I'm struggling to decide the best way to go with regard to quantity and pricing. I'm going to do either 50c (2 x quarters) or single $1 coins for our candy machines. Some locations I plan to place machines I think will do really well with peanut m&m. But here's my problem. The beaver medium depenser is 3-8 m&m (12gram to 20g) the large is 12-17 pieces (32-48 gram) so the problem I see is the ideal amount falls in the middle. If I go for the medium I would have to max it for 50c, but going forward with inflation the only way is down so it might get to be poor value as who wants just 4 m&m. But if I go up to the large depsenser and charge $1 I can see in the near future 12 being too many and not being able to keep a good profit margin. I can get m&m for about $11 for 1580gram from Costco which seems a lot cheaper than the vending whole sale places who want closer to $18 per bag. I think a single $1 coin is a better long term idea as small change like quarters just isn't carried much by people anymore. so any suggestions for a solution and a good ratio? Any way to fill that gap between the medium and large dispensers? Thank you.
  8. Hi Mark. I'm also in Alberta. Where are you located? What sort of vending are you doing? I have a few full line locations and considering adding bulk candy and toys too.