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  1. Are these guys legit? Try looking them up, they are a foreign company and in inactive status with the state of record.
  2. I am interested in what you would like the partnership to involve? If you would email me at gcarpenter21@tampabay.rr.com, we can discuss what we both would need.
  3. These are cool and lowers my blood pressure, thanks.
  4. And don't forget you need a vehicle that can service that much and a place to store the products.
  5. A dream come true, but what if you paid for the equipment and got fired, happens more than most people know. If you can bear the expense, then jump on it with some really good equipment.
  6. Yes it does matter, are you filling a narrow or wide spot? If it isa narrow you need shim and rod, if you are filling a wide spot just the plastic shims. Just a thought, on the inside of the inside door is there a map that identifies how to set it up, they are on all machines when they are built. If not go to one of the free sites and look at owners manual, very informative for 1st timers.
  7. Where in florida and what kind of help are you asking for?
  8. Also if it is set for bottles, the shim is wrong, you will need a can shim and rod.
  9. Sounds like your timing gear is set for 20oz bottles need to set for 3 drops per rotation. 3 grooves open not two. You can pull it part way out with your finger and move it.
  10. Sounds like the compressor is not working, both fans running meaning power is going that way.
  11. I thought federal law prohibited most vendable products at schools during school hours?
  12. Hey, this guy does a lot of service on machines in your area, Dan, 321-231-6411, he has done well for me. If he requires a reference tell him George from Citrus Vending sent ya.
  13. Is the coke machine leased from Coke is my first question, looks just like the royals they use in florida. Does he still have the shelf that is missing from the snack machine? If he owns all 3 machines outright, not an unreasonable price, but the income is a little low for so much equipment. If it were me I would consider it if all the equipment was owned by the seller and not leased. As a single soda machine owner the cost of the coke products will probably ruin any profit.