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  1. Well in florida, you would be in big trouble with Dept of Revenue. The amount of tax due is more at POS than when you purchase it. They call it tax fraud. Many do it and don't get caught, like me I drive fast, but I know I am wrong. The penalties for those caught is rough.
  2. Normally by the time a validator gets this bad, trade it with a local dealer ( I do that). But if you have to try it, they sell cleaning cards at almost all dealers, usually have to buy several. When they do work, it usually allows a few weeks of service. Never blow air in it, you will most definitely blow the belts off. Never use any alcohol based products, belts will instantly dry up and break apart. Occasionally, I will take a dry clean rage and wipe the sensors off, both top and bottom. My dealer charges me $100 to trade like units. Hope this helps.
  3. In the machine that will only take $1.50, what is the highest priced item in that machine? Coin changers reject everything over the highest price.
  4. Can you switch a row boat to a nuclear submarine. It probably can be done, BUT, you would have to redesign the entire machine. Probably could buy two or three good used machines for the same cost. Put that one on eBay and let the antique dealers mess with it. Because of the volume, you would never get ahead of the expense. Me, I would pass on this deal.
  5. What area are you in? Healthy does not do well in my areas, always sounds good, but no sales.
  6. Got a new problem with a recently purchased DN 276e. After about 6 months on location and working perfectly, it just started selling the wrong sodas. Upon entering service mode, it displays SS-1, SS-2, SS-3, SS-4, SS-5, and SS-7. I cannot see any visual damage to anything and the codes wont clear. Try unplugging for 2 minutes yet it does not change anything. Sells column 1 correctly, but all other buttons except 6 sells me a column 6 soda (All 12oz cans). Any suggestions?
  7. Replace it or take it apart and apply a coat of cheap car wax (wiped off when dry).
  8. Been in it for more than 10, I say, If you ain't growing, your dying. Always looking for the next stop. A rule that I live by. I keep a small warehouse full of working units, so I can say "I'm ready when you are".
  9. Whatever you get, looks are important, when you get to the machine put coins and bills check every column, ensure they work and give change. Most of the common machines are worth a try. Who does the sodas? I usually demand that a soda machine pays for the snack machine....worth a try.
  10. Wow....what is that? Only been vending since 1996 and only own about 35 DN E models, repairing my own, never seen that.
  11. Are these guys legit? Try looking them up, they are a foreign company and in inactive status with the state of record.
  12. I am interested in what you would like the partnership to involve? If you would email me at gcarpenter21@tampabay.rr.com, we can discuss what we both would need.
  13. These are cool and lowers my blood pressure, thanks.