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  1. I recommend Gumballs.com
  2. Tomorrow morning, I am going on my first attempt at locating solo. The location is a restaurant that caters to family, lots of family seating and kid's meals, etc. The intent is for this machine to be a charity machine that donates to a local non profit that provides lots of great services to the community for free or super cheap (shelter, free bus line, section 8 housing, etc.). I've read all I can, and even done some practicing, but I would love any extra advice you guys can give me!
  3. I love this! I've edited it pretty heavily to add in things I wanted, a color scheme I prefer, etc. That said, this gave me such an amazing start.
  4. Route Evaluator View File Nice simple tool for evaluating the value of a route, based on value of machines, upkeep costs, income, and length of service. Submitter questionmark693 Submitted 04/14/2017 Category Vending Tools  
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Nice simple tool for evaluating the value of a route, based on value of machines, upkeep costs, income, and length of service.


  6. Keep your relationship with locations as good as you can. Lots of people struggle with maintaining locations; our company doesn't and I attribute that largely to us making sure the machines dont generate omplaints, and the location owners like us. Good luck!
  7. Definitely primarily arcade machines. That said, it is a redemption center, where people win tickets for prizes. But our bulk vending does jsut as well ther as elsewhere.
  8. We have half a dozen locations, and an on the cuff estimate is 60000 gross monthly between them all. Before percentages, cost of goods, etc. But we us far more arcade machines than we do bulk vending machines.
  9. That makes so much sense! Because the company has the best spots, so if anybody tries the other spots, they'll show more of the numbers you guys are talking about.
  10. We definitely are selective, we make sure locations have the right demographic before approaching them. To reiterate, I do believe you, I'm just really confused; if I were in a big city it would make more sense I guess.
  11. We have two seven head bulk racks that do that. 2 20 head gumball racks that do 5-600 a piece. A four head that does about 300. In addition, wehave only one arcade machine out of about five dozen that does less than 2-300 a month. I'm not trying to anger anybody or say anything said is untrue...but my experience is incredibly different than those shared on this site.
  12. That looks great!
  13. I work for a company that has a half dozen locations, and I collect and service machines for the owner so he can focus on other things. When he started out, he was doing it all himself, but he began to hire out over time, and now I have that job, and it seems to be working pretty well for him. Like orsd said, theft is a big concern. He has me collect, and another employee count, and then he checks that against meters in machines that have them, against merchandise movement in machines that have them, etc. I support your decision to start small and not hire out yet though!
  14. Glad you found us too!
  15. So I'm new to this forum, and I'm sorry in advance for breaking any customs or whatnot. But you guys quote numbers low af. We run arcade machines and bulk vending in half a dozen locations, and where you guys quote $20 a head for buulk vending, we easily get $50+. That's our low end. We're located in Montana, so I know we don't have some magic high traffic location you guys don't have. So the question I have, is why am I seeing this discrepancy? Because I want to take advice from you guys and learn from your experience, but it feels like a lot of members here don't expect this industry to make money anymore, despite what I see at the company I work for.