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  1. Hello fellow Texans, I'm new to this vending machine world and was hoping someone could help out with the legal side. I'm going to be placing a handful of 25 cent machines around Austin and would like to know what is required in order to start. Below are a few questions I have. Feel free to answer all or some. 1. Going through some research I've found that 50 cent machines and below are tax exempt but what and how does this come into play when you are reporting your earnings at the end of the year? 2. Do I have to get a business license in order to start this small venture? 3. Do I have to get a permit for each machine? 4. Are there any quarterly taxes that need to be paid? I'm not looking to build this into a big business, rather I'm looking to grow this into a nice steady stream of passive income. Any help would be appreciated and please feel free to chime in on anything else that I didn't mention. Thanks!