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  1. 38$

    Thinks for all the info guys
  2. I tried rockstars but they did not sell
  3. 38$

    I only put two sets cause I don't feel the employees need there own machines
  4. Thank you.
  5. 38$

    His last name is Patel
  6. 38$

    I told him that same thing
  7. 38$

    They want a set in the show room a set in service and a set for employees I took the account they did not have a vendor there already they had one coke machine that they filled but The thermostat went out
  8. Thank you.
  9. Acquired a new well used dixie narco 522E The third column when you make a selection it takes about five minutes for that selection to actually fall the other ones are fine this is my fifth 522E it is the only one doing it first time I've experienced it
  10. Ok I get my for about $1.40 and I charge $2.50
  11. If I may ask what do you charge for them
  12. The original for me I have them set for 2.50 apiece sell like their water
  13. 38$

    I've found a car dealer ship but they want 3 soda and 3 snacks don't think it will support that many machines
  14. 38$

    That's what I'm doing tomorrow I'm removing it