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  1. Okay
  2. 1.25
  3. I have a hotel requesting a Dixie narco 522E they want 16.9ounce bottles sold for a dollar each they have 32 rooms and they are full to Capasity would anyone recommend me taking this account
  4. What kind of Marchand name and model
  5. Yeah I'll just stick with 16.9
  6. The hotel request 12 oz bottles
  7. They vend but about every 50 th jams
  8. What setting do I need to vend 12 oz bottles from my dn 522 E
  9. Mine has I mark says don't fill past here
  10. Yeah but they are ranging in a lot of different prices for the same machines
  11. Where is the best place to get one and about how much
  12. I stack mine as high as the fill Line
  13. Where is the best place to buy used snack machines
  14. I buy the 20 oz gatoraid there and it vends just fine in my dn 522E
  15. Hey anyone near Polk county have any snack machines they want to sell cheap though I'd ask here before going to Craigslist or fleabay rather give the guys that helped me the last couple weeks my money over someone else will travel up to 100 miles