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  1. Yea - I am working through the "weeding". I have a range of machines profits. Some of the weeding is out of my control. For example I have a office building that has a soda machine grossing $70 in the break room and another in the copy room that grosses like 4 dollars a week(ha). They requested the machine so I sort of have to eat it. There are some tiny accounts that I would rid myself of. Is your normal steps to prospect a better location and move the machines, or do you normally just sell the location/machines to another vendor?
  2. Hey All, Few questions for everybody. I am working to create a plan of refurbishing and upgrading machines month over month to improve the overall value of a route. I have read a lot of writing that you all have on this but want to get your thoughts on the plans or hear how you do it. I'll start with Soda. If you have a high traffic location with ancient soda machines(like a non MDB Dixie Narco single price) that stops working or you want to get to MDB/Card Reader how do you do it? Would simply get a newer/used machine to place? If so what is your strategy of disposing of the old single price(Craigslist?, Scrap?). On Snack I have read a lot about upgrading AP6000 AP7000 Studio 4 etc. Is my understanding that getting a InOne Board to replace it free's up the option to add a card reader while continuing with the current Coin and Bill validtor. Is that your experience also? The revision doors seem to require starting over and adding MDB Coin and Bill Validators. If its the right location I can see how spending 1k for the door, Adding 500-600 in coin, bill, and card reader could make sense. Is there a easier way to upgrade snack machine? Is it better to just sell the machine off and buy a non placed upgraded newer machine to replace(maybe the answer is both). Thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies. Just for some more details to hopefully clear up some of the questions. AZ - 50k gross is already in place and I am running on my own 2 days a week. The additional 350k gross is what I am considering buying. The combination of the two routes would result in 144 soda machines, 130 snack, 30 snack/soda, 1 frozen, 2 "rotating" foods, 12 bottles. On the repair cost. The primary machines would be AP6000/AP7000 for snack and Dixie Narco on cans. For longevity I would try to determine a balance of upgrading and repairing. I would likely look to combine this budget and try to exceed my repair budget(whatever it lands on) to proactively upgrade higher volume accounts that have risk of needing repair. From a yearly budget standpoint(I know all routes are different) does anybody have a formula off upgrade/repair planning? I am working on a spreadsheet playing with estimates based off 100 machines and categorizing them as Soda "Non-MDB", Soda "With MDB" and same with snack/combo but would be interested in someone doing yearly budgets and how they look at it. Angry Chris - That is meant for cash flow not taxes. I am playing around with what the investment would be upfront(probly 40k or 20%). Just wanted to get a gauge on the cashflow until that is paid off. My estimates are that cashflow would be tight for first 5 years and after that I could open up the upgrade budgets. Thanks for the note Southeast on the coverage for the driver. Some of that would have to be me stepping up but the other consideration is to hire two drivers for 3 full days(24 hours). My thought is that I can run two drivers with two trucks on opposite ends of the week(M-W & W-F). This would also free a van for me on 4 of the weekdays and using my personal vehicle if needed on Wed. I also would minimize my risk of a driver quitting and having little to no support(I could pick up the other half until hiring again). Has anybody had situations like that? Or is better to just focus on one solid driver that you work to retain long term? Also the sales tax would have to be backed out. Do you have a recommendation of a VMS program? What type of cost does a good program have monthly? Thanks for reviewing guys
  4. Hey All, Great site. I have learned a ton from this site over the past year. I got into vending by buying a close friends route as a part time job. Since then I am now weighing out the options of scaling to a very large size. I want to open up the question for vendors that have large routes and need to hire a driver(s), create budget, etc. The primary information I am looking for is a understanding of your gross income and a percentage breakdown of your yearly budget after that(I don't care about your real numbers just want to get a understanding of your pay to employees vs. net income, repair, upgrade etc). For just a snapshot here are some numbers I am playing around with. The route would be roughly 150 stops ranging in cashflow with 330 machines. Yearly Budget 400k Gross (Assuming 200k loan w/5 year payoff - 6% interest) Gross Income - $400,000 COGs - $204,000 Loan Payback - $46,000 Employee Wages/Taxes - $43,000 Van/Insurance/Maintenance - $5,000 Mileage - $10,000 Vending Upgrade - $12,000 Vending Repair - $8,000 Accounting/Tax Prep - $5000 Net - $67,000 Following the 5 year loan payoff and reducion of transportation cost(assuming can save there), I would be increasing the overall take and increasing the upgrade budget. I would likely carry a $1000 month loan forever to expedite those efforts. Can anybody tell me from experience that these numbers are way off(not enough labor cost, vending repair, etc)? Thanks!