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  1. And yet another thanks to Poplady1 (Blue Moose Locators) for once again donating to keep VENDiscuss up and running. We appreciate it.
  2. I had a new member buy a pipeline before. I explained what it was for, and refunded his money. petersvending, don't get overly excited about getting into vending. The two problems with getting into Vending, or anything really, is going too fast, and going too slow. The first can get you into trouble, and create mistakes that can be hard to fix. Like jumping into a Biz-Op, or buying a lot of brand new machines before even thinking about how to get them placed. Going too slow affects people the opposite way. They analyse everything to death, and never move. Everyone tends to fit into one of these categories, and can learn a little from the other side. (i tend to be the latter.)
  3. Shopping carts go to Walmart to die.
  4. So far this year I have had bronchitis that ended up having me on 3 courses of antibiotics, and bronchial spasms that finally put me on prednisone. Pretty much I was coughing excessively for about 2 months. Last month I thought I broke a rib, but that turned out to be a badly bruised chest muscle. And yesterday, I cut off the tip of one of my fingers. (About a 3 to 4 mm thickness.) The doctor sewed it back on, after numbing every part of the finger except where it needed to be. Not seeking sympathy, just whining,
  5. A thanks to Jchunn28 for donating to VENDiscuss.
  6. Everyone has a 4 MB storage limit, (5 for supporters,) though I made the mistake of thinking posts were separated from that max, but they aren't. The reasons for the limits are because if our community hits our storage limit, VENDiscuss automatically bumps up to the next level, increasing our storage by 50%, and our hosting costs by 50%. Posting images as linked images has practically no effect on our limit, as QuickVend pointed out, and it will be longer before we are pushed into a higher bracket. We are currently about 78.5% full. Another option is to reduce the size and/or quality of images before posting them. This is the same image you recently posted, but at 117 KB instead of the 1.09 MB of your original post. (Reduction in size, and quality moved to medium from high.) Almost 10 times as many of these images can be posted here.
  7. Were you trying to upload to a single post, or break the images into multiple posts?
  8. And this is cut and pasted due to the fact that I don't have a Mac, and can't replicate it.
  9. I just fixed my iPhone Safari problem by going to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data. I assume it is the same on an iPad. But I still need to find the steps on a Mac.
  10. Well, I received the following message from IP: Sorry if that doesn’t help. But I did keep researching, and this may also be of benefit. On Chrome, click more. (3 dots in the upper right corner.) Select Settings from the dropdown menu Click Show advanced settings. (Toward the bottom of the screen.) Under Privacy, click Content Settings Make sure Allow local data to be set (recommended) is selected. You could also choose Manage exceptions, and add vendiscuss.net, and select Allow. That might force Chrome to keep you signed in. And now I research Safari... but first I eat.
  11. Bouncy Balls, was that on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad? I have noticed my iPhone won't keep my signed in, and don't have a Mac to test it on.
  12. Bouncy Balls, I passed on your info too. Now a question for both of you, does the problem happen when you switch devices? Say computer to phone, and back?
  13. Another thanks to Poplady1 (Blue Moose Locators) for once again donating to keep VENDiscuss up and running.
  14. Thanks Joe101us for the donation.