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  1. If a location isn't doing $X I will pull it?

    The number for pulling a machine is a variable number really. As you start out, you want to keep as many machines working as possible, and you can handle the lower payouts. But as you grow, your time becomes more valuable, so the amount you should accept should increase. It doesn't hurt to consider the bottom performing 20% of your locations to be on the chopping block. Do the math, and see how it would have affected your last service cycle. How much time would you have saved, and how much income would you have lost? A good practice is to expand, attempt to improve the poor performing locations, and pull the worst ones, and repeat. Those bottom 20% are probably 20% of your time, at least, but they might be 5% or less of your income. The nice thing about constantly cutting the worst performers is that how much you earn per hour of work keeps climbing. When you are growing, you want to cut fewer locations than you are expanding. Every time you gain 5, you might want to cut 1. When you are struggling for time, cut out the worst performer every time you gain a location. If you don't mind a little math, and record keeping, figure out how much you make an hour, and then figure out how much you make servicing each location. (Adjusted to an hour, or similar number.)
  2. Mobile site acting different

    BTW, the updated theme is supposed to be ready sometime next week at the latest.
  3. VENDiscuss 10 Year Anniversary

    Hey caserri. Nice to see you drop in. I've had those bumper stickers for awhile. Decided to get them out, and take a picture of them. I had hoped to prepare something bigger for the 10th anniversary, but time flew, life got in the way, and it snuck up on me. T-Bird Johnny is still missed. I started reading his forum after I started, and ended up going back and reading through the whole thing. I did find the link to the Gravy Lounge post. https://vendiscuss.net/index.php?/topic/2048-the-gravy-lounge/
  4. Mobile site acting different

    Sorry, that's my fault. I just performed an update on the website and forgot to check for compatibility with the theme first. IP boards updated the like button. They added 4 more choices. But the theme I am using is still being worked on to adjust for the changes. They have updated 10 of their 21 themes to be compatible with the update, and unfortunately, ours is still not one that has been updated yet. At the bottom, you can change to the default IPS theme to access the like/sad/confused/HaHa/thanks button. But the theme should be updated real soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Tapatalk Stopped Working

    I despise Tapatalk. It sends me a message almost daily that my plugin is out of date. I just, as I have before, removed the old plugin, and installed the newest one. But it still lists the plugin as being an older version. I sent a support request to Tapatalk. Hopefully they will be more helpful than the last time. I recommend using the mobile site. Since upgrading it has become much more mobile friendly. At least until Tapatalk is back up and running.
  6. VENDiscuss 10 Year Anniversary

    This was before the switch from VENDisuss.com to VENDiscuss.net. I think that happened in 2011. So I believe these are from 2010. When this was the logo:
  7. VENDiscuss 10 Year Anniversary

    Remember these bumper stickers from years back?
  8. 10 years ago today, on July 19th, 2007, caserri created The VENDiscuss Forums. It quickly grew into the single largest forum on vending, and has stayed there. As I write this, we have 8,128 registered members. This forum has helped many people to get their start, and/or to improve their business. When I first came here, it helped me get up and running much more quickly than would have on my own.
  9. Donations 2017

    A thanks to BCB434 for donating to support Vendiscuss.
  10. Donations 2017

    And yet another thanks to Poplady1 (Blue Moose Locators) for once again donating to keep VENDiscuss up and running. We appreciate it.
  11. Supplier Pipeline in the "store"?

    I had a new member buy a pipeline before. I explained what it was for, and refunded his money. petersvending, don't get overly excited about getting into vending. The two problems with getting into Vending, or anything really, is going too fast, and going too slow. The first can get you into trouble, and create mistakes that can be hard to fix. Like jumping into a Biz-Op, or buying a lot of brand new machines before even thinking about how to get them placed. Going too slow affects people the opposite way. They analyse everything to death, and never move. Everyone tends to fit into one of these categories, and can learn a little from the other side. (i tend to be the latter.)
  12. Random thoughts

    Shopping carts go to Walmart to die.
  13. So far this year I have had bronchitis that ended up having me on 3 courses of antibiotics, and bronchial spasms that finally put me on prednisone. Pretty much I was coughing excessively for about 2 months. Last month I thought I broke a rib, but that turned out to be a badly bruised chest muscle. And yesterday, I cut off the tip of one of my fingers. (About a 3 to 4 mm thickness.) The doctor sewed it back on, after numbing every part of the finger except where it needed to be. Not seeking sympathy, just whining,
  14. Donations 2017

    A thanks to Jchunn28 for donating to VENDiscuss.