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  1. I think there are also a few companies that offer off-line recharge card solutions for staff but am unsure if they are available in the US. I think that NW Global offers something called the MZIP (which may be available thru VEII) NRI also had an offline system but I can't remember what they call it. Sorry... I am busy doing stocktakes at the moment but I may be able to find some more information on them if you are interested and I could send it to you. Cheers
  2. I don't have any experience with Azkoyen machines but I do with one of their other brands names called "coffetek" which are manufactured in the UK. I doubt that they will actually start manufacturing any machines in the US like they are stating in the "Vending Times" article... I would guess that they are more trying to enter the US market with their range of hot beverage equipment.
  3. G'day mate... the error code you are referring to is a "Motor Error" you need to inspect for foreign objects blocking the bill path and clean.
  4. If I was you l would be getting advise from the manufacturer. I know of a guy who thought that he could vend frozen product out of a refrigerated machine... until staff members started getting food poisoning.
  5. The uni-spacers were independently manufactured by an Australian company but were discontinued a couple of years ago.
  6. I am wondering if the forum software has the capability to have a protected section? I remember that there was a professionals area awhile ago that only certain people were allowed access too... just thought it might be a good idea to have an area on the forum that we could discuss things that we may not want to make available to guests/public like "How to break into a machine" ect Not sure if this is possible but I thought that I would ask. Cheers
  7. I agree...
  8. Atleast I will be able to sit back & enjoy watching some football next week without constantly checking box scores... Although I will be quietly cheering for you on the sidelines to take out the championship! Good luck next week mate!!! (not that you need it)
  9. I was hoping that I was just having a BAD dream & that I was going to wakeup & the scores would be different.... No such luck for me!!!
  10. It maybe easier to swap your tray connections going to the board & re-label your trays if you have a label maker available to print out "new" labels.
  11. That's an even easier solution!
  12. I think Capital Vending is the company that sell the 24oz Bottle Rack Kit you are referring too but installing this kit is going to mean that you are going to have to have one less tray. I like your idea of lowering/raising the shelfs if you are not needing to do 24oz bottles on every shelf but keep in mind that if you raise the front (mounting brackets) you will also need to raise the back (support brackets) the same amount.
  13. On the 2x sensor 5591 model I prefer just to use the top sensor unless I am intending on vending glass bottles. The delivery bin sensor was designed to stop vending a 2nd glassfront bottle until the first bottle was removed. So unless you are looking at vending glass bottles you really don't require the bottom sensor in my opinion.
  14. Is it the sensor harness that has been chopped or is it the dual adaptor board harness?