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  1. Well I guess that is the issue. Will not work with old mech either. Thanks for the tips
  2. Hi azvendor Tried the settings as described and no change (literally). I also did the test with the door open and the service button pressed and the same message appears on the coin mech. Acceptance disabled by VMC. Anything else come to mind Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks...I did not try it with the switch depressed. I am not sure it will solve the problem but I will go test it out. Thanks!
  4. Tanks for the reply. The machine is on those settings. I looked at the coinco manual and tried a few different settings but still doesn't give the correct results. Anyone have any experience with the guardian changer settings? What puzzles me is the "acceptance disabled by vmc" message
  5. Hi, I am attemting to Add a bill acceptor to a Vendo v480p to use as a change machine in my location. The specs of the setup are: Mei Vn2612 bill acceptor Coinco Guardian 6000xl changer The machine has VEC 5.1 1061 and it has been set to change machine option. When the bill is inserted and accepted, the amount is displayed on the front. The changer indicates "acceptance disabled by vmc". If if press the coin return, the bill comes out instead of having change. If I vend a selection, the correct change is released. Any suggestions as to how to configure this and is it even possible. Thanks **Moderator comment - duplicate thread removed